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PPLD Announces John Spears as New Executive Director

The Board of Trustees of Pikes Peak Library District is pleased to announce the selection of John Spears as the next Executive Director of the district. “Over the past 5 years, Pikes Peak Library District has earned the reputation as a true pioneer of 21st century library services,” said PPLD Board of Trustees President Ken Beach. “Our vision of elevating these services to the next level requires a ‘unique’ individual to lead the Library forward from this point. Understanding the importance of the decision, the Board has spent 15 months in the search process and we are pleased and excited that John Spears has accepted our offer to lead PPLD to that next level. John is a groundbreaking visionary and exceptional leader.”

John Spears is the current Executive Director of Salt Lake City Public Library. He leads a staff of 325 employees in a seven facility city library with an operating budget of $17.9 million. While at Salt Lake City Public Library, Spears:

  • Created a Library Service Model Team that examines and continually recommends improvements for library operations
  • Partnered with the Salt Lake City School District to allow parents to obtain a library card for their children as a part of online school enrollment
  • Oversaw the creation and implementation of the Library’s first digital media studios and makerspaces
  • Worked with more than 30 social service and governmental organizations to create “Project Uplift,” a semiannual resource fair for those experiencing homelessness

“The Salt Lake City Library District is a bit smaller and more compact (area wise) than PPLD, but the reality is that John has been guiding the district on a path similar to that of PPLD with our vision around 21c. I am quite sure he will hit the ground running with no problem,” Beach said.

Prior to his tenure at Salt Lake City, Spears was Executive Director for Naperville Public Library. Spears obtained his Masters of Library Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Mr. Spears responded to his leadership role at the El Paso County-wide Pikes Peak Library District by saying, “My career has encompassed this role in a variety of libraries – rural, suburban, and urban, and I am well versed in the specific traits that make each of these unique.”

Added Beach, “John’s extensive experience across the spectrum of library land is a perfect fit for PPLD. He understands that the service needs for 21c are different than the needs for example of those at say Monument, High Prairie, and Sand Creek.”

Spears will now lead a library district comprised of 14 community libraries, three mobile libraries, 475 employees and an operating budget of $29 million serving a population of over 600,000. The mission of Pikes Peak Library District is to provide resources and opportunities that change individual lives and build community. Spears will begin his new position in late January.

Welcome, John!


Cell Phone Usage

I love this library. I utilize the Penrose branch because, like so many others around me, it's warm when the weather is cold and the shelter (for those of us who are homeless and in the shelter system) won't allow us to stay in the shelter.

I am thankful that cell phones are allowed here, personally. We are not allowed to use them (if they have a camera in them) at the shelter so the library is the only place to conduct business. I DO agree that there's a time and a place and IF a person has to use their phone, they should be cognizant of the people around them, not talking all loud and crazy. Being polite and using common sense is important so I'm glad that "Annonymous" brought it up. One function of security is to enforce that the phone usage is kept to a reasonable volume and tone. They do this very well, from what I've seen.

I sincerely hope that the library does NOT shut down the cell phone allowances-for those of us attempting to find or maintain work, we need a place to be able to do this...from myself, personally, I shall be very careful how much I use it- what I say and how I say it.

Cell Phone Usage at Sand Creek


I am sorry to hear that your recent visit to Sand Creek Library was disappointing. We do allow cell phone use in the computer area as there are many situations where someone may need to be discussing something that they are handling on the computer. However, we also ask that all patrons be mindful of those around them. Staff will ask patrons to lower their voices or step away if we receive a complaint or someone is inappropriately loud. The next time you are in Sand Creek, please feel free to speak with a staff person if you are next to someone who is overly loud, and we can address the situation.

Thank you,
Becca Cruz
Sand Creek Library Manager

New Catalog

I love your new catalog. Esp. the "My Lists" feature. It's so nice to not have to worry so much about writing down everything I want to check out in the future ( list inevitably lost), so that everything won't come in at once. I have been using the Fountain Branch for 20 years now, and have always been so very happy with the staff. They are always very friendly/sociable. Thank you guys for doing such a great job!

new catalog

whatever happened to the saying "If it ain't broke,don't fix it!" Why don't you bring back the catalog card drawers? Did you have complaints about the old catalog? I doubt it. Makes me want to go to the Pueblo library, the catalog there is easier with same rsults as our old catalog. Don't waste money on this when new books are more important. More CD's more movies on DVD's, or more copies. Have enough books on certain subjects that you don't need to have an interlibrary search, hoping that some library has it.

The primary reason that the

The primary reason that the catalog was changed was to make searching easier for patrons. The number one complaint about our "old" catalog interface was the search mechanism, which did not allow for spelling errors or provide "did you mean", Google-like capability to the patrons. The new catalog does this, and provides other features which patrons have long requested, such as "faceted" searching (the ability to limit searches effectively from the first page, not having to go to an "advanced" search page, etc). We have had many positive remarks about the new catalog, as it addresses these issues. This newer technology will continue to be improved by our vendor, whereas the old interface will not be improved and will remain the same, as the vendor is putting their resources towards continued development of their new software. Regarding the cost question, the Library actually was able to upgrade to the newest version of the software without cost, which does, indeed, leave more money for materials and services. However, if you do not like the new catalog, the old interface is still available to you, and we will maintain it as long as possible. You can use the old catalog at


Carolyn K. Coulter
Information Technology and Virtual Services Officer

Teen Scene book lists

I'd say that I have to laugh each month when I receive the "Teen Scene" book list, but it's really no laughing matter. The selection of titles is, every time, a sad commentary on the times. Rarely do we find even one title on the list worth pursuing. Is this really the best today's authors have to offer our youth? Feeding their minds with such fodder, junk, and poison is asking for a future of limited intellect and diminished principle. Simply being newly published does not make a book worthy of attention, much less the time required to read it. I am dismayed for the families that rely on the Teen Scene lists to select reading material for their youths. It would be encouraging to see librarians use more discernment in making recommendations to teen readers. Of course, that would take much more effort than simply regurgitating a list of new trash put out by the publishing machine. But let's strive for that higher bar......our youth deserve it!

The Teen Scene email

The Teen Scene email newsletter is a product that the library subscribes to through EBSCO. The choice of books for any of the NextRead newsletters are based on reviews from trusted review sources, as well as the expertise of EBSCO bibliographers, who are all Librarians by profession. The lists created are certainly not all inclusive of any genre but are meant to be representative of what’s new and popular, as well as older titles that might be of interest. We know that the recommendations won’t be to everyone’s tastes or sensibilities. These lists are trying to reach a broad audience. Our intent is not to regurgitate every title that publishers put out, but to give a small representation of the best reviewed titles, as well as the most widely purchased by public libraries, in any given theme. NextReads also offers a “Tween Scene” newsletter with titles that are generally a cleaner category with perhaps less controversial titles.

We will try to offer a wider variety of suggestions in the Teen Scene newsletter.

PPLD has also created many teen booklists that are available at

Thank you for your feedback,

Kaitlin Hoke
Teen Services Coordinator

new library page

I do not like the new library catalog. I find it hard to use and understand. I feel that you are trying to reach out to the younger patrons but are forgetting us older ones. The ones that have a hard time with technology. I have been spending the past 20 minutes just trying to put a book on hold.


Hi there. We're sorry you

Hi there. We're sorry you are having a difficult time adjusting to the new Catalog. However, we feel the new search mechanism is vastly superior to the current one and have not taken to this change lightly. Perhaps the following instructions will help you place items on hold:

We appreciate you taking the time to write us. Please call the Library at 389-8968 if you require further assistance.


Virginia Franklyn

eAudiobook vs CD Book

I think the eAudiobooks are great, but why have the amount of CD Books in the locations become so limited? I have a long drive to/from work and the eAudiobooks don't do me any good. Is there a way to request a CD Book be ordered to a certain branch??

Hi there. Absolutely. Just

Hi there. Absolutely. Just follow these instructions to place an item (in this case, a CD Book) on hold:

Please call the Library at 389-8968 if you require further assistance. Thank you for your message.


Virginia Franklyn

library hours

I had a great idea to start studying at my local branch every morning. But then I realized they don't open until 10am.... I don't know about other library customers but I just find 10am to be very inconvenient for people who get up early and want to start their days and not wait until 10 to hunker down on studying. If I go at 10 I don't have a lot of real study time before I need to leave for lunch and going back and forth between my house and the library is kind of a hassle. Plus walking in the hotter 10am weather in the summer is a drag. I like studying there but it just became an inconvenience. Why do the libraries not open earlier?

Library Hours

Hi, Caitlin,

There are several reasons for the current start at 10 a.m. There is a lot of preparation time in the morning that staff must accomplish before we open. We also have meetings that are held in the morning before we open and we have long hours as you know until 9 p.m. The staff also conduct many classes particularly computer classes and story times prior to 10 a.m.

That said, we have begun to talk about opening at 9 a.m. and are trying figure out if that would mean closing earlier. Our staff is limited and we are not in a position to add staff so we probably would have to cut hours somewhere else. We noted that the 8-9 hour in the evening is slow at most sites, except for computer use. We will study use patterns and at some point probably survey patrons about new hours.

Thank you for posing this question.

Sydne Dean
Associate Director of Public Services

Your goofy site

PPLD website is not user friendly. What on earth do you mean by "Homepage" above, for example? Most likely you bought the site as a package with mildly customized graphics. But, the functions are neither obvious nor reliable, so far as I have been able to tell. Part of the problem is the graphics: SHOUT CHECK OUT, don't hide it. Another example: I truly doubt the library has no books by Justice Scalia. If you have them, why hide them? And if you don't have any, then maybe there is a problem there also. The search function is just painful. I have no confidence in any result. Where is the button to send this comment? Is it the "Preview" button? That is not an obvious choice, at least to me. From the rejection of my comment, I deduce that you are asking if I have a homepage. Sorry, I don't. What does that have to do with making a comment? Your site is like a Swiss Army knife without a blade.

Hi there. Homepage means

Hi there. Homepage means your website, if you have one. It is not a required field. I'm not entire sure what you mean by 'shout check out'. Links to the Catalog and My Account are on every page of the website. If you do a basic search for 'Justice Scalia' you will get 3 items in the results. Preview is required of all comments so you can review your work before you submit it. All comments are moderated, which is why you didn't see this comment appear immediately.

We've done extensive usability studies on this website and have had overwhelmingly positive feedback on it. I'm sorry you found it difficult to use. Please feel free to contact me if you need further assistance.

Virginia Franklyn
Web Developer
719-531-6333 x1129


Oops! We were evacuated due to the Waldo Canyon fire and didn't get all of the library materials out of the house. Assuming we have a house in a few days, can we do anything about DVD and book fines? I imagine we aren't the only ones in this situation, sadly.

Hi there. When you get the

Hi there. When you get the chance to return them, just let us know what happened and we'll take care of it. So sorry you are evacuated.

Local Author Donations


My novel TWISTED ROOTS is being released June 19, 2012. However, I would like to donate copies around to the local libraries, and I'm not sure how to go about it.

The book can be searched on Barnes and Noble's website--listed for pre-sale orders. I do have my pre-release copies to donate if possible. :-)

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for letting us know

Thank you for letting us know about your book.

To find information about getting your book added to PPLD, go to our website. On the left side of the screen use the pulldown menu under "How do I?" Click on "Get my book added to PPLD". Donations are subject to the same criteria as items considered for purchase.

Interlibrary loans unavailable to me

I feel like a third-class citizen. I have lived in this community for twenty-five years, and I have used various branches of the Pikes Peak Library, but this is the first time I have tried to get a microfilm loan from another state. I was informed in no uncertain terms that I am not allowed to ask for an interlibrary loan because I live in Widefield. Why am I able to use the library at all, if I don't pay taxes for it? El Paso County takes their share, Security takes their share, Widefield School District Three takes their share, but I can't look at microfilm? Even if I pay for it? This is ridiculous. Why do you even have a branch in Fountain? They aren't in Colorado Springs. They are always friendly and helpful, but I won't be patronizing them anymore - wouldn't want to use someone else's tax dollars. Andrew Carnegie is probably rotating in his grave.

Interlibrary Loan

Dear Ms. Treat,
When the Pikes Peak Library District was formed in El Paso County, two communities elected not to join -Widefield Security and Manitou Springs. The Pikes Peak Library District does not receive funding from the County or from the City. The library is supported by the tax payers who are part of the District. Citizens from Widefield Security and Manitou Springs pay taxes to support the Manitou Public Library and the Security Widefield Public Library. You may use your 700 card to check out items from PPLD. That is part of a statewide library card initiative. However, Interlibrary Loan and the databases each library purchases are not covered under the state wide library card. The Security Widefield Library can obtain the Interlibrary materials that you need. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Care of Books

Since my kids were little, I have taught the value of treating books with care so others might enjoy them. As a baby boomer before there was so much electronic media we needed to make them last. Now they are teens and have integrated this value into their actions. So to my surprise, as we were leaving the Rockrimmon library one day, we observed a PPLD employee, possibly in her 20's, tossing books and media between the return bins, with little care of possible damage or awareness others might see this as wrong. My thought and response to my kids was PPLD probably needs to train the new younger generation of employees what a precious recource books are. PS-You're library system is still number one on my list!

I am sorry that you saw an

I am sorry that you saw an employee not taking care of library materials. People who work in a library also share your values of taking care of our books and other items. In fact that is why many of us decided we wanted to work in a library. We wanted to share the joy of reading, and we value the importance of preserving information for future generations. When we are looking at large volumes to process, we can at times forget about the care that is needed when trying to get to the bottom of the stack. Thank you for your comments and reminder that we need to take care of our materials so that they may be enjoyed by all for a long time. I will be reminding staff about the proper treatment of materials.

Julianne Rist

Library card catalog

I use PPLD's library resources daily and enjoy putting items on hold. One of the problems I have experienced is not getting a good description of a book when considering what to put on hold or to recognize whether I have read that particular title already. I will go to another library's web-site and look up the title there to get a good description. Is there any improvements that can be made to PPLD's card catalog to achieve this?

Hi there. We're sorry our

Hi there. We're sorry our descriptions are substandard for your needs. Unfortunately we purchase this data from a third party vendor and have no control over the content. What library website are you visiting aside from ours, may I ask? If they use a different vendor I could pass that information along to the staff in charge of the Catalog. Thanks!

Ms. Miller's Message

Thank you for addressing this subject. You are so correct that "reading" is changing. But change is inevitable in any era. However, collecting, storing and dispursement of information is for all time. The library in any community serves so many needs. It would take a "book" for me to list them all. In just my family, our entire life would be completely different and much less rich without the library. Our past 30 years have been spent in many of the PPLD branches for activities, reading, listening, studying, socializing(oops!), cuddling, learning, caring, and growing. The concept of the library enriches a society and makes us better citizens. We can always depend on going to the library and finding a friendly helper/clerk/librarian. In PPLD we have always found every research help and any activity we wanted or needed. I personally know it does not have to be this way. Thank you, thank you so much. Please be encouraged and know we NEED the library and appreciate every single person who does anything to keep it stay active!

Best Library in all my Military Travels

I often tell each library and I use many that it is the best I've ever seen and I have been to many. Your user friendliness from computers, to e-mail reminders, to being able to do business interchangebly all over town--PPLD is made for the mondern lifestyle.

My home library is Rockrimmon--just a small matter but I am sure easily fixable. While my home computer has been in the shop I have been using the library computers. Their new placement near the employees desk is very distracting with all the loud employee conversations with each other and customers throughout the whole day. Could someone look at this arrangement.

Again, thank you for all you do for me and my kids!

Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks for the kind words. I'll let Rockrimmon know about your comment.

eHold 72 hour requirement doesn't work

Went to check out eHold title at 70 1/2 hours . . . no longer available. If 72 hours isn't sufficient, then it shouldn't be used as the minimum. Why is there a difference between regular shelf holds (7 days) and eHolds (3 days)?

library webpage

Your webpage is unusable. The page is set up so that when you try to click and find out when branches are open, the information, including the phone number for the branch is covered by a box with icons for Kids Web, Teen Zone and Senior Connection. Your web people are not doing a good job. What is the point in having a web page if there is no way to access the information posted in it?

We are sorry to hear you are

We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems viewing the library website. We spoke with our IT department, and we have some suggestions for how to make the site properly viewable on your computer screen.

In Internet Explorer:
Click on the View menu
Hover the mouse over Zoom, and you should see different settings for how to view your screen.
Set the zoom to 100%.
While on this menu, you may also need to check the text size. Medium is the recommended size for the text.

In Firefox:
Click on the View menu
Point to Zoom, you can either zoom in or out until you can see the website properly, or click on Reset, which should reset your view screen to 100%

Both of these settings are easily changeable if you should like to change them back afterwards.

Finally, the computer screen resolution could be affecting the way the website appears on your screen. If the resolution is set for 640x480, the website will not display properly. Any higher resolution should work properly.

This information is all we are able to suggest because we do not know the configuration of your computer. You may want to consult your owner's manual or online help for further screen resolution information.

Location of meeting rooms

Dear Ms. Miller,

I am passing along the following comment that I received after I emailed the local Great Books that I knew the name of our meeting room in the downtown library for but not its location within the library.

A member of the group wrote: "Isn't it strange that the PPLD web site does not have a diagram of each branch library, especially East and Penrose? They even list the meeting rooms at the Penrose branch but do not give the dimensions and layout and location of each. But, they do have lots of rules, like what you can't do...."

Please consider remedying this omission. After all, you're the information place!

Many thanks for all you do,
Wendy Demandante, longtime patron

summer reading program

From the homepage, if you click on PPLD/TV there is a (very cute) short summer reading promo spot that gives information about the summer reading program. Take a look! Let's get all our kids reading this summer!

I LOVE PPLD and Summer Reading

As a fellow librarian, I am always amazed and thrilled to see that the East parking areas are always so full, and people line up outside to get in in the AM. What a wonderful service you provide to the community!

If I were to buy all of the books that I read, I wouldn't have any space in my house to move around, AND I would bankrupt myself. :) So, I turn to PPLD to see if you have the titles that I am interested in, and you almost always do--thank you so much!

On another note, I find the new interface very cluttered and without much contrast, so I wasn't able to find any info about your summer reading programs. I would like to put links on my school library page, if possible, and have my Reading teachers talk about them. I hope you can help!

Lorna Stiefvater

Hi Lorna. Summer Reading

Hi Lorna. Summer Reading will run from June 1 to July 31. We should have some info up on soon. Sorry for the delay.

PPLD rocks!

PPLD rocks!