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Our Mission

Providing resources and opportunities that change individual lives and build community.

Seek. Engage. Transform.

Message from the Interim Library Director:

The Pikes Peak Library District’s Board of Trustees is conducting a nationwide search for a new Executive Director. Former Executive Director, Paula Miller, has accepted a position with the Baltimore County Library system.

The Board of Trustees, the Leadership Team, and the PPLD staff will miss Paula’s guidance, but also look forward to a new chapter in the Library’s history.

Library 21c is open and many exciting activities are taking place at the new facility on the corner of Chapel Hills and Jamboree. Be sure to visit the Creative Computer Commons (C3) and check out the Makerspace. There are opportunities to create and edit videos, design 3-D prototypes, create logos, utilize sewing machines, write software, and much more. PPLD's Business & Entrepreneurial Center is a great resource for budding and even seasoned entrepreneurs. Words cannot adequately describe the children’s area. (My great grandson did not want to leave. Apologies for the noise, but he just turned 3). And of course the teens have their place to study and meet and game.

The Venue at 21c hosts many exciting programs – be sure to check the programs/events page for Library 21c activities as well as all of the programs, classes, and meeting opportunities occurring in all of the Library’s facilities.

The Library Board of Trustees and staff are continuing to work on the rest of the Tri Building Project. East and Penrose Libraries will receive updating and will have Library 21c spaces and activities. The Community Libraries are hosting many programs and classes related to the Make programs developed at Library 21c. It is an exciting time to visit a library.

Of course new library materials – books, audio books, playaways, CDs are arriving every day and are on the shelves for perusal and check out. In addition, the eMaterials collections, CyberShelf, are also available for free – music, video, books, and magazines. Our staff can help you download items from the library’s collections on any device that allows it! Be sure to take advantage of these materials.

The Library’s Adult Literacy/ESL/GED Program offers GED, ESL, and basic education classes.

If you have never done so, explore Databases A-Z. There are so many subjects to try. Use Mango to learn a language and hear pronunciation. Twenty two languages are available. There’s a live homework site (Help Now). Business Decisions provides GIS data; market research, demographics. There’s a job search database and Alldata available for fixing your car. There are too many databases to list here.

Recommended Websites are selected by PPLD librarians and include local government information; databases for budding authors; wildfire and flood information and again many more.

And did you know that you can Book a Librarian for in depth research and use Ask a Librarian for quick research? Of course you can still call and visit to ask reference questions.

Visit the Carnegie Library downtown. If you follow the historic photographs in the Gazette, you will note that those are owned by Special Collections at PPLD. There are many more where they came from. The Genealogy collection at PPLD’s Special Collections is also popular and can help you search for your ancestors wherever they lived.

I could go on and on, but I better leave something for the new executive director to say.

Sydne Dean
Pikes Peak Library District
Interim Executive Director


eHold 72 hour requirement doesn't work

Went to check out eHold title at 70 1/2 hours . . . no longer available. If 72 hours isn't sufficient, then it shouldn't be used as the minimum. Why is there a difference between regular shelf holds (7 days) and eHolds (3 days)?

library webpage

Your webpage is unusable. The page is set up so that when you try to click and find out when branches are open, the information, including the phone number for the branch is covered by a box with icons for Kids Web, Teen Zone and Senior Connection. Your web people are not doing a good job. What is the point in having a web page if there is no way to access the information posted in it?

We are sorry to hear you are

We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems viewing the library website. We spoke with our IT department, and we have some suggestions for how to make the site properly viewable on your computer screen.

In Internet Explorer:
Click on the View menu
Hover the mouse over Zoom, and you should see different settings for how to view your screen.
Set the zoom to 100%.
While on this menu, you may also need to check the text size. Medium is the recommended size for the text.

In Firefox:
Click on the View menu
Point to Zoom, you can either zoom in or out until you can see the website properly, or click on Reset, which should reset your view screen to 100%

Both of these settings are easily changeable if you should like to change them back afterwards.

Finally, the computer screen resolution could be affecting the way the website appears on your screen. If the resolution is set for 640x480, the website will not display properly. Any higher resolution should work properly.

This information is all we are able to suggest because we do not know the configuration of your computer. You may want to consult your owner's manual or online help for further screen resolution information.

Location of meeting rooms

Dear Ms. Miller,

I am passing along the following comment that I received after I emailed the local Great Books that I knew the name of our meeting room in the downtown library for but not its location within the library.

A member of the group wrote: "Isn't it strange that the PPLD web site does not have a diagram of each branch library, especially East and Penrose? They even list the meeting rooms at the Penrose branch but do not give the dimensions and layout and location of each. But, they do have lots of rules, like what you can't do...."

Please consider remedying this omission. After all, you're the information place!

Many thanks for all you do,
Wendy Demandante, longtime patron

summer reading program

From the ppld.org homepage, if you click on PPLD/TV there is a (very cute) short summer reading promo spot that gives information about the summer reading program. Take a look! Let's get all our kids reading this summer!

I LOVE PPLD and Summer Reading

As a fellow librarian, I am always amazed and thrilled to see that the East parking areas are always so full, and people line up outside to get in in the AM. What a wonderful service you provide to the community!

If I were to buy all of the books that I read, I wouldn't have any space in my house to move around, AND I would bankrupt myself. :) So, I turn to PPLD to see if you have the titles that I am interested in, and you almost always do--thank you so much!

On another note, I find the new interface very cluttered and without much contrast, so I wasn't able to find any info about your summer reading programs. I would like to put links on my school library page, if possible, and have my Reading teachers talk about them. I hope you can help!

Lorna Stiefvater

Hi Lorna. Summer Reading

Hi Lorna. Summer Reading will run from June 1 to July 31. We should have some info up on ppld.org soon. Sorry for the delay.

PPLD rocks!

PPLD rocks!