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All About the New Catalog

Why are you changing the Catalog?

We are excited about the New Catalog and want to share the reasons we thought it was time to make this change.

In the past few years, Library software vendors have embraced the natural language and simple searching that people use on Internet search engines. They have created new mechanisms for searching the Library Catalog that utilize a "simple search" box as well as relevance ranking. Previous limitations to Catalog searching are not in place in the New Catalog and you are more likely to find what you are looking for.

In addition to the improvements in searching the Catalog, we are now able to offer more features in your personal account, including the creation of reading lists and the ability to change your default hold pickup Library.

What can I do now that I couldn't do before?

You can find titles that contain the words A, An, The, Not, and It more easily.

If you search on the word It, you will get the books with that title now. (Stephen King, rejoice!) If you search for the popular title "The Help", the book, DVD, ebook and CDBook by that title will be at the top of the results list.

If you search on a word that is a title of a magazine, the magazine will appear at or near the top of the search results list.

If you don’t know how to spell a word, the catalog will try to help:


Browse and find New York Times best-selling books with the NY Times carousel on the Catalog home page:


When you search on a topic, you can see related magazine/journal articles in one click. For example, if you search on "vegetarian cooking," you will get the catalog results but you will also see the link "Click for Article Results."


When you click on that link, you will see a list of articles, from the Masterfile Premier database, which match the search words. Many of the database articles have access to the full text, and you can click on the article title to retrieve it. To get back to the Catalog results, click on the "Click for Catalog Results" link.


You can still manage your holds, checkouts/renewals and bills in your online account, and you can also maintain personal booklists. These lists will reside in your account and you can add/remove items to the lists, print or email the lists, or place holds on the items in the lists.

In the New Catalog, you can open the detailed view of the title to click on "Patron Reviews, Similar Titles and Authors, Series Info." That will open a tab with links to the "Goodreads" patron reviews on that title, as well as links to other titles in a series and books/authors with similar themes. You can contribute your own review of the title in the Goodreads section:



What browsers work best with the New Catalog?

Internet Explorer 8 or later
Firefox 6 or later
Chrome 20 or later
Safari 3.0.4 or later

Can I create a bookmark for the classic catalog?

Yes. Use this link:


author list

how can I keep my author list from the old catalog?

Favorite authors

If you have utilized the "Tell Me When"/favorites feature in the Classic Catalog, you will need to log on to your account via the Classic Catalog to add to or remove favorite authors/subjects. We have encouraged the catalog vendor to incorporate the "favorites" feature into the new catalog. We will continue sending email notifications of catalog additions that match your favorite selections. You can use this link to log on to your account via the classic catalog:
PPLD IT Department

You had me from...Did You Mean :)

You had me from...Did You Mean :)
i LOVE it!