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Book Club Collection

The Book Club Collection provides twelve copies of four titles to book clubs, other libraries and organizations.

Book Club Collection List

How to Reserve a Set

limit search resultsClick here to find a set and place a hold on a title.
Click on the button that looks like this to find titles that are available:

If the title is needed for a future date, place the hold and then suspend it. Follow these instructions to suspend holds.

Sets are not available the same day that the hold is placed.
You will be notified via email, text, or postcard when the set is ready. The library will hold the set for seven days after notification.

Rules for Use

  • Each set checks out for six weeks with one renewal of six weeks if there are no holds on the title.
  • The borrower is responsible for returning all set contents.
  • Book club members must return their copies to the borrower, not to the library.
  • Incomplete sets will remain on the cardholder’s account until all twelve copies are received.
  • The fine for lost or damaged items is $15 each. Items can be replaced with an identical new copy to avoid the fine.

Only titles on the above list are available as book club sets.