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Can't Find It?

I searched the Catalog and can't find the item I'm looking for. What do I do now?

  1. Please make sure you have thoroughly searched the Catalog. Thoroughly searching the Catalog first helps us serve you faster. Here are some search tips. Also, feel free to contact us for help.
  2. If you still can't find the title you are looking for submit a request through our Request It service (Interlibrary Loan and Purchase Requests).
  3. If you can't find a title in CyberShelf, please follow the instructions on this page:


Tracking new book requests

Hi there- I appreciate the library acquiring new books and new authors as able. I also appreciate the fact that when I make a request for purchase and the library approves the request, the book is automatically put on hold for me. However, I just realized that I haven't been tracking my requests and I can't remember what I requested - as there is a 5 book per month limit I haven't always been able to request and entire series as that would put me over the limit. I am happy to track my requests moving forward, but is there a way for me to confirm what I have requested up to this point? I appreciate your time for this.

Continuing an author's series

I use the library frequently and have sometimes had trouble finding more books in an author's series. For example: Candace Robb. In her Owen Archer series you have eight of the ten books.You do not have The Guilt of Innocents or The Vigil of Spies. In her Margaret Kerr series you have the first book of the trilogy but not the last two, The Fire in the Flint and A Cruel Courtship. She now has a new series started. You have the first book, The Service of the Dead, but I am wondering if you will continue to purchase more as they are written.

Kristen Ashley Books

Good Day-

The library has Kristen Ashley books but she is very popular. As it is very difficult to actually find a book or download available without placing a hold and getting in line for hopefully less than 3 weeks, it would be great if you were able to have at least 2 copies of her books. It appears that in many/most cases, you only have one copy.

Thank you

Kristen Ashley Books

Thank you for contacting us. The Library can only budget to maintain a one copy to five holds ratio for CyberShelf titles. Rock on!

Beau Geste

Would it be possible for the library to order a hard copy of Percival Wren's novel Beau Geste? Only audiobooks seem to be available.

Mauritius Command

The book "The Mauritius Command" by Patrick O'Brian is present in the catalogue, but there is only one copy and it seems to have been unavailable for quite a long time. Could another copy be ordered?

Mauritius Command

Thank you for your inquiry. Just checked the catalog and there is an active copy. Please place a hold on it.

"A Beautiful Mind" Soundtrack

Hi. I love the soundtrack to the film "A Beautiful Mind" (and many other people enjoy it, too), but I don't see it in the catalog. I was wondering if it could be ordered.

Thanks for your consideration.

Consumer reports website access

Does ppld have a way to access Consumer Reports online?
Thank you

Hi there. Why yes we do:

Hi there. Why yes we do:

You will need a library card and PIN to access it, though...

Books by A. J. Waines

Thank you for adding this author to your book choices. I would like to recommend 2 more books by A.J. Waines
No Longer Safe ISBN 1517350719

Dark Place to Hide ISBN 1514132370

For fans of mystery/thrillers her books are a great read.

Author Suzanne Wright

Good Day,
I see the library doesn't have any books by Suzanne Wright. I would love to know if you may be able to order her books.
I am interested in The Phoenix Pack series.
Books include
Feral Sins
Wicked Cravings
Carnal Secrets
Dark Instincts
Savage Urges

She has at least one other series as well.

Thank you

Childrens Book Sally Sandy Sees Something: Something By the Sea


I put in a request for the children's book, Sally Sandy See's Something, Something By the Sea but haven't heard back from anyone yet...

Has it been ordered?

Children's Book Status

This book does not meet our collection criteria so we will not be adding it to the collection. Please see link for the Collection Policy:

Thank you.

Dudley Pope

PPLD has no books by Dudley Pope at all. I hope you will consider purchasing a number of his books. I can donate many of the Lord Ramage series, but I get the impression that books I've donated are just sold, not added to the library.

Richard Yates

There's very little in the PPLD catalog from this highly respected author. Any chance the library could order his books that are currently unavailable?

No paperback/book copy

I notcied that many of Jamie Mcguire books are only ebooks... is it possible to get hard copis of the books available to be checked out?
Namely "Something Beautiful" and her upcoming book to be released in January "Beautiful Burn"
Thank you!

No paperback/book copy

Beautiful Sacrifice and Something Beautiful will be ordered before the end of the year. Beautiful Burn is not yet available for pre-order from our vendor. I've marked my calendar to keep checking back for it.


2 new films on DVD

Within the past year, there are two films now available in DVD that got high critical ratings that would be a good addition for PPLD:
Blind (2015) directed by Eskil Vogt, about a woman who goes blind.
The Tribe (2014) directed by Miroslav Slaboshpitsky, about deaf students.
Thanks for looking into this.

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

I would like to read this book, but the PPLD doesn't have a copy, interlibrary loan doesn't have a copy, and none are available through Overdrive. I think it's more than 2 years old. Can you purchase one anyway? I thought it was a fairly popular book, any reason why it would be so difficult to access?

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

Thank you for your request. A copy of this title is being purchased for the collection. Please check the catalog in the next week or so to place a hold on it.


Thank you for ordering a copy--I have put it on hold!

The Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr

I noticed that The Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr is only available as an ebook. Is it possible for the library to acquire a paper-and-ink copy?

The Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr

Thanks for letting us know that the title is missing from the collection. Look for it in the catalog later in the week and place a hold on it.

Patrick O'Brian Novel

O'Brian's novel "H.M.S. Surprise" used to be in the catalog, and it was checked out for months, but it recently disappeared from the catalog. Is there a new copy being ordered?

Patrick O'Brian Novel

Check now. You should be able to place a hold on the title. Our copies were stolen or lost. I have more copies on order. Thanks for letting us know!

Soul of Soil

The Soul of Soil: A Soil-Building Guide for Master Gardeners and Farmers, 4th Edition by Joseph Smillie

I have been searching for this book for awhile. I was wondering if this book is available to be purchased by the library.

Thank you for your consideration.

Soul of Soil


Thank you for your recommendation. Due to the age of this title, it is not eligible for purchase for the library's collection. However, you can do an Interlibrary Loan request to borrow it from another library district. Here is the link to the Interlibrary Loan page: If you have any questions or would like assistance placing your request, please contact us either by phone (719-389-8968), email, or text, which you can find on the right side of the screen under Ask PPLD.

Best Regards,
Krista Meier
Selection Librarian - Nonfiction

Requests for seven DVDs

Hi. There are seven films that are excellent and would be a meaningful addition to the PPLD collection:

1) A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945 - directed by Elia Kazan)
2) Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940 - with Raymond Massey)
3) Cutter's Way (1981 - with Jeff Bridges and John Heard)
4) Starman (1984 - with Jeff Bridges)
5) 1984 (1984 - with Richard Burton and John Hurt)
6) Fearless (1993 - with Jeff Bridges)
7) Spider (2002 - with Ralph Fiennes, directed by David Cronenberg)

Thanks for the great job you do, and for your consideration.

Requests for seven DVDs

Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately, most of these DVDs are out of print and unavailable from our vendor. There is one title that we can get - Abe Lincoln in Illinois. We will add that to the collection.

Blu-Ray Discs

I think most people are disappointed that you don't have Blu-Ray discs in your catalog. It would be very pleasing if you bought Blu-Ray disc copies for new movies and possibly even older popular movies. Thank You!!!

Hi there. Thanks for your

Hi there. Thanks for your question. We've contacted the Collection Management Supervisor. She'll be back on Thursday and will respond to you then.


We will be making blu-rays available that are part of combo packs that we receive from our vendor. At this time, we do not have the budget to create a new collection, but we can take advantage of any DVD/Blu-Ray combos packs that we can order. Start looking for these after the first of the year. Thank you!

Monica McCarty Highland Guard Series

Hi there- I see you have The Striker available to download, but no books. Are you able to order this for the series?
Thank you

My sister and I both love the

My sister and I both love the Nancy Drew PC games, we were wanting to play two games in particular, Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice and Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned For Danger, both from Her Interactive games. Could you guys put through a request to order it? Thanks!

Nancy Drew games

Thank you for your inquiry. Stay Tuned for Danger and The Phantom of Venice are out of print in the physical format. The Phantom of Venice is available to purchase for consumers as a digital download for home use.

Suggest 2 titles

Islam is a foreign country: American Muslims and Global Authority by Z. Grewal. New York University Press, 2014.

Conflict in the Nuba Mountains by Samuel Totten. Routledge, 2014.

Video Games

Hello... I have four video games on hold (two for months) that say they are being ordered but never have been. I was wondering if the library was still acquiring video games for their collection. Thank you!!

Video Games

Thank you for your inquiry. Ordering games for the library is a complicated process. The titles you are on hold for are ordered but not yet received. The preparation to make the discs secure and to have them show in our catalog is extensive. The orders don’t ship until all of the copies of a title are secured by our vendor.

We are still ordering games for the library for the Wii U, Playstation 4, and XBOX One systems. There are less and less games available in physical format so you will see fewer games. Thank you again.


Vladimir Tod series

I've asked the front desk people if you have the last book twelfth grade kills but she said you guys didn't have the book so could you order that one.

Vladimir Tod series

We will order more copies of this title. We appreciate that you brought this to our attention.

Thank you!

Lisa Thomas, Selection Librarian

Mlb 2k15

It would be great if you kept up to date games for the Mlb 2k series for Xbox 360 and Playstation platforms. I see you guys have Mlb The Show but that is limited to only Playstation and doesn't give Xbox players an equal option. This would be greatly appreciated by many.

MLB 2K15

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we cannot buy enough copies of most titles to justify purchasing them for the Library.

H.M.S. Surprise

Patrick O'Brian's novel "H.M.S Surprise" is the third in the Aubrey-Maturin series, but it appears to be the only one that the library doesn't have. Could you please order this book?

H.M.S. Surprise

We do have this book but it is currently checked out. I was able to find it in our public catalog. Please email me at I will place you on hold.


Basketball and Football Card Price Guides

It would be nice that you keep up to date price guides of both football and basketball cards as well as baseball. This would be much appreciated to collectors who need quick access to these resources. Beckett Card Price Guides would be preferred with the most recent edition.

Pony Pals

My daughter loves the Pony Pals series by Betancourt, Jeanne, however the available titles are slim. Numbers 1 through 7, 13, 14, 17, 18, 20, 14, 35 and 38 are the only ones available. Is that something that could be filled in more or should we look to get inter-library loans?

Thank you!

Pony Pals series

Thank you for your comment regarding this series. Unfortunately, the titles in this series are no longer available for purchase so I think that requesting them through interlibrary loan is your best option.

I'm glad that your daughter loves reading this series, perhaps she might be interested in books by Marguerite Henry such as the classic, Misty of Chincoteague; the Black Stallion books by Walter Farley or the Chestnut Hill series by Lauren Brooke.

Thank you for your patronage of the library.

Lisa Thomas, Selection Librarian

Ooh. The Black Stallion was

Ooh. The Black Stallion was one of my all time favorite books when I was a child. Just my two cents...

American Girl Grace

Please will you order Book 2 & 3 in the American Girl Grace series: Grace Stirs it Up, Grace Makes it Great? Thanks! :)