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When will you have either a night or weekend class on cyber shelf and using kindle? I see you have one this tuesday, but i work druing the day. Thank you

Hi there. There is a Kindle

Hi there. There is a Kindle class on Saturday, August 25. Click here for more information:

CyberShelf - Kindle Class

Hope this helps!

Nook downloads / Cyber classes

How about having one of the classes out at the Falcon Library. Since PPLD loaned out NOOKS, that was what I purchased, and was VERY DISAPPOINTED to find out how difficult it was to get set-up and do (which I haven't done, since the instructions are so intimidating!!!!)

You are so right, there are

You are so right, there are many steps to follow to set up your Nook or any other electronic device. And, it can be very intimidating. We have created a display with instructions, but it is not enough since you can’t ask questions. At the High Prairie library we have been concentrating in offering beginner computer classes since that is our highest demand. I will arrange to have a Cybershelf class at the High Prairie library in the next couple of months. Please watch our website or library newsletter for the date and time. Thank you for your suggestion.

Julianne Rist

You asked for a CyberShelf

You asked for a CyberShelf class at the High Prairie Library and we now have one scheduled!

Thursday April 5, 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Learn to navigate the PPLD CyberShelf page, download free software, place eHolds, search for eBooks or eAudiobooks to checkout. This class will include a download demonstration for an eBook and eAudiobook as well as instruction on how to transfer to device. This is a demonstration only. Downloading from the Cybershelf must be done outside the Library.

Registration is required. You may register by calling the High Prairie Library 719-260-3650.

Downloading E-shelf books to a Nook


The B & N at Chapel Hills provided me a single sheet with simple instructions on downloading e-books from the library. I'm technologically challenged, but found them very easy and totally unintimidating to follow. Will post as soon as I can, but in the meantime I suggest Nook users contact them. The store has been a great resource and they also offer free classes on "Nook-use".

Best of luck!