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CyberShelf - eMagazines

ComicsPlus: Library Edition
An online streaming service that provides libraries with access to thousands of digital graphic novels, comic books to virtually any mobile device, tablet or PC. The catalog currently includes over 7,000 digital graphic novels, comic books and manga from over 80 major publishers catering to all ages and interests. Available genres include fiction, nonfiction, historical fiction, memoir, biographies, classical literature, mystery, horror, fantasy, romance, and, of course, superheroes.

Currently ComicsPlus is working on an app for their Library Edition. Until it’s available, please enjoy these comics in your browser. We’ll post a link for the app here as soon as it’s ready.

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Check-out Limit: 5
Loan Period: 1 week


  • Full digital copies of your favorite magazines
  • View magazines on your computer or mobile device
  • Unlimited access to our entire collection

Download the App (Android, iOS, Windows)

Need help? Try these instructions!

Click here for Zinio's Technical Support Tips OR call RecordedBooks (Zinio) Support: 1-877-772-8346.

Check-out Limit: Unlimited
Loan Period: Unlimited



Would love to see you renew the Juxtapose subscription. That is my favorite cybershelf magazine. Thanks!

Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for your comment. We will look into whether this is something we can still get. No changes can be made until our next subscription cycle, so it would not show up until next year if it can be added.

Unable to Use Comics Plus

My friend told me about Comics Plus, so I figured I would check it out. When I click on Comics Plus, it takes me to the digital gateway, I enter my library card and pin number, and then it takes me to the Comics Plus website. I click "Register" as the instructions tell me to do, then I select "Pikes Peak Library District" from the dropdown. Then Comics Plus gives me an error message that reads "Your library uses the RB Digital Gateway. Please visit your libraries website for information on how to register for a RB Digital Gateway account." I can find no such information on PPLD's website. Can you please upload the instructions for doing this? Also, I think your Comics Plus instructions need to be updated.

Thank you!

Good catch. I'll look into

Good catch. I'll look into this and let you know when it's fixed. Thanks!

Figured It Out!

If you click on the Zinio link, it takes you to the RB Digital Gateway from which you can access Comics Plus. So the Comics Plus link just needs to be changed to whatever the Zinio link is.

Thanks again! Happy Holidays :)

Cool. I actually updated the

Cool. I actually updated the link to ComicsPlus as well so it now goes directly there. Thanks and Happy Holidays to you as well!

The new issues for Star

The new issues for Star Magazine, Us Weekly and National Enquirer are not up yet. Thank you.

The new issues should be

The new issues should be there now. The server needed to refresh for the new issues to show. Please let us know if you do not see them.

Thank you.

current magazines not available anymore?

i tried to download some magazines, and was routed to the Zinio for Libraries. I downloaded the new app and there is only 1 current magazine available and 2 that were dated Jan 2015 for a total of 3 magazines. What happened to the current magazines?

Seems that Star magazine and

Seems that Star magazine and US weekly are not being offered anymore? I hope that's not the case.

Hi there. I logged into

Hi there. I logged into Zinio and was able to view both Star and Us Weekly. Please try again and let us know if you still can't access them. Thanks!

Us weekly is updated but the

Us weekly is updated but the last issue for Star magazine is from two weeks ago.

I just checked and the new

I just checked and the new Star Magazine is on Zinio now. Sorry for the delay!

Many magazines no longer available

It looks like Zinio has stopped providing a large number of business and news magazines to PPLD. Is this temporary or permanent?

Hi there. We have just

Hi there. We have just re-subscribed to Zinio for Libraries for another year. We have continued the same subscriptions as previously where possible. Unfortunately some publishers have decided to discontinue participation in the product, which means some titles are no longer available. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are at the mercy of the service.

Inform when new Magazines arrive


I set the zinio app to notify me when new magazine issues come, but although these new additions are available for download, the app is not telling me when a new issue comes.

How can I fix this?

New Magazine notification

Hi there,
Sorry to hear that the notification isn't working properly. Here is a link to Zinio's help page, they will be able to assist you further.


What happened to the HELLO

What happened to the HELLO magazine? I sure hope it hasn't been removed from the digital selection.

HELLO! Canada available

Just an FYI: Hello! Canada is now available through Zinio. This publication is similar to the standard Hello! magazine, but oriented a bit more toward Canadian readers. It may meet your requirements, however. Check it out!

Hi there. Zinio did

Hi there. Zinio did discontinue some titles, of which HELLO was one. So sorry!

Big kudos

Worked at PPLD five years ago and amazed how far you have all come with your digital offerings. Awesome job offering such great resources to our community.

unable to get account setup...

I have an e-mail into zinio support, unable to get my account setup also.

Looks like a nice service if only it worked.

Hi there. Zinio's support is

Hi there. Zinio's support is very responsive. I'm confident they can resolve your setup issue quickly.


I had a few problems getting my Zinio account to work but the Zinio customer service people were very helpful, and now everything works great! Thanks for offering this service!

Zinio - available magazine keep changing?


I usually check the list of magazines available every few days. I've noticed that some magazines are available for a period of time but then disappear. For instance, Bloomberg Business Week was available for 2 weeks but is no longer displaying.

Is it possible to recommend magazines? If so, could you please add Forbes and Fortune?


Zinio - available magazine keep changing?

Hi there,

I'm not sure why you are unable to see Bloomberg Businessweek. I can see it this morning under the Title pulldown menu in the library collection. If it is still not appearing for you on your own device, you might consider contacting Zinio's customer support directly by phone Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. PST at 888-946-4666 or by their webform here:

The request for additional titles has been passed on to our collection department. At present, we don't make the choices offered by Zinio, but in the event that they do allow us to request what publications are available, we will certainly pass on your suggestions!

Thank you for your interest!


Shannon Miller
Information Services Specialist
East Library

Cannot Acquire an Account

Have tried numerous times to create an account following the user guide and the video. I keep get the message "email sent," and nothing arrives. There was -- in the PPLD blog - discussions about configuring my email to receive emails from some account - that didn't work.


Cannot Acquire an Account

Hi Mr. Morlan,

I hope my suggestion below will be of some assistance to you. I'm sorry to hear that this has not been a smooth experience for you, and I appreciate your patience with the new product.

Please keep in touch and feel free to contact me. We do want you to be able to use Zinio!


Shannon Miller
Information Services Specialist
East Library

Zinio access is great

This access to emagazines is great. Thank you PPLD for providing this. I did watch the video first so I didn't have any problems with the setup. It is a little confusing that you need to set up two different accounts but since I had watched the video I was prepared for it. I highly recommend watching the video.

My only question is: will the particular magazine issue stay on myzinio indefinitely until I delete it? I assume they will and then when I receive an email telling me the new magazine issue is available - the new issue will be separate from the previous issue - again until I delete it.

Folks might not know that NOT all the magazines PPLD subscribes to is available on zinio. For example Family Treemaker & Atlantic Monthly.

Thanks again for a wonderful service.

Confirmation Email

I made an account, but never received a confirmation email. Hit the resend button multiple times, but nothing yet. It doesn't show up in my inbox, or the spam folder. Any ideas?

Zinio confirmation email

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback. I wonder if you might try checking the security settings on your email account. Set your email account to receive emails from and then try to register your account again. You should receive that confirmation within minutes after completing the registration.

Let us know if we can help with anything further.

Thanks again!

Shannon Miller
Information Services Specialist, East Library

How do you configure your email to get emails from mail.rbdg@gma

Ms. Miller - this is way too complicated. I've had nothing but utter frustration following the instructions. Nothing is working. If you know how to configure my gmail account to receive emails from mail.rbdg(at)gmail(dot)com. please give me a call.

Tom Morlan

How do you configure your email to get emails...

Hi Mr. Morlan,

I apologize for not calling you; I did not see a phone number to reach you. If you would prefer, you can contact me through the main PPLD phone number (719) 531-6333 and ask for me at the East Library. I also can be reached via email at smiller(at)

To add the email to your list on gmail, you will need to add as a contact. That should enable your account to keep it from coming up as spam. If the problem persists, you may want to contact Zinio's Help email form here:
They also have telephone support Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. PST at (888) 946-4666.

I hope this helps!

Thanks again!

Shannon Miller
Information Services Specialist
East Library

Confirmation Email

I'm having the same problem- I've tried multiple times and checked every folder in my email but have not received the confirmation. I also tried using different browsers but have had no success.

Confirmation Email

This sounds immensely frustrating! I appreciate your efforts to get Zinio to work.

It sounds like you may want to add the Zinio email mail.rbdg(at) to your contacts. Sometimes that is sufficient to get your email account to understand what you want. If not, please contact Zinio's help desk at Monday-Friday 7am-6pm PST at 888-946-4666, or using their webform here:

Please keep in touch; we want this process to work for you!

Thank you for your patience.


Shannon Miller
Information Services Specialist
East Library


Thank you for providing access to Zinio. This is an example or our tax dollars well spent!

Zinio E magazines

I am confused.
How do I access the magazines through PPLD.
I followed the directions and set up an account.
When I select a magazine, it asks for payment.

The real question, can I view the magazines for free with my library membership?

Zinio E magazines

Hi there,

I hope that I might clear up the confusion. Access of PPLD's eMagazine collection is available here:
It sounds like the Zinio account you set up is an account that allows you to use the online reader (you will need this account to look at the magazines that you check out).

In order to view PPLD's eMagazine collection, you will need to click on "Create Account!" at the page listed above. This will require use of your library card. After you complete all the required fields (library card number, email address and password), you will need to log in to your email account to confirm your access. From your email account, you will be able to click a link that will allow you to complete the account process. This is a one-time only sign-up. It should be easier after this!

I hope this helps!

Shannon Miller
Information Services Specialist, East Library


System is terrible and library doesn't appear to give clear and concise directions on how to use it. It is not clear how to get to the magazines through the library. When you go to select a magazine it asks for an acount and then says "that account already exists." The help pages from the library appear to be direct from Zinio that don't really help.

Suggestion: PPLD needs to put on their web page CLEAR and step by step instructions on how to use this system.

I agree. Zinio is a great

I agree. Zinio is a great service, and is really popular-however, it is new and the download procedure is pretty convoluted. I will take your suggestion to my team and we will work on some tutorials that make more sense than the ones offered by the vendor.

I appreciate your input.


Carolyn Coulter
Information Technology and Virtual Services Officer