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CyberShelf - eMusic

Download up to 5 songs a week for free. The downloads on this site are all in the MP3 format with no DRM. This service will work with any MP3 player, including iPod, and can be loaded into iTunes. It works on both PCs and Macs. You will need a PPLD library card that starts with a '4' and a PIN to access this service.

Download the App: (Android, iOS)

Click here for instructions

Check-out Limit: 5 songs/week
Loan Period: Unlimited

Start using hoopla digital today to begin borrowing free digital video and music with your library card. Gain access to thousands of titles – available for instant streaming or temporarily download – and watch on your smartphone, tablet or computer. There’s no waiting to borrow and hoopla digital’s automatic return eliminates all late fees.

Download the App: (Android, iOS)

Need help? Try these instructions or contact hoopla help.

Check-out Limit: 10 items/month
Loan Period: 1 week


Aye yall got futures new

Aye yall got futures new album?

If you are talking about

If you are talking about Beast Mode, then yes.

Freegal not working

Having problems with Freegal - I can log in and download without problems, but when I click on a song to hear a sample, either nothing happens or there's just a circle that spins for a few seconds and a sample is never played. I have not changed anything with my computer or my internet access, all of this used to work just fine.

Freegal not working

Check your flash settings. I had the same problem for some time, I only just realized that my computer was blocking flash.

Hi there! Sorry that you are having trouble with Freegal.

Hello, Sorry to hear that you are experiencing trouble with Freegal. If you would like, please send me an e-mail or call the CyberClinc at Library 21C (719-884-9800 x6300), and I will be happy to help. Thank you.


for over three weeks now, the site would 1/3 times allow me to log in and download,

1/5 times now it will let me log in

it won't let me download at all..the page just resets to log in-- and won't allow it

I am very frustrated, I have attempted from my mothers computer with her log in-- same thing. it won't work

will this be fixed soon?

thank you

Hi there, sorry to hear that

Hi there, sorry to hear that you are having problems with Freegal. I have tried to recreate your problem, but an unable to do so. What browser are you using? If you are using Internet Explorer, I would suggest downloading Chrome or Firefox and see if that clears up your issue. Also, if other people in your home are using Freegal also, make sure they do logout completely before you log in.

There may be a setting on your computer that is preventing you from logging in to Freegal Music. There are a couple things you could try that may enable you to get through.
Try clearing your browser history and deleting your browser cookies. How to clear the browser cookies and history varies from browser to browser, but typically, you can do it by opening the browser, and clicking on the Tools menu. From there it might be under a “Delete browsing history” option (if you’re are using Internet Explorer) or “Clear Recent History” (if you’re using Firefox). From there, you should see options specific to browser history and cookies. If you are using Internet Explorer, you may also try putting your security settings back to default.
Internet Explorer setting
If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or 8, you may need to adjust how your browser treats temporary internet files. You can get to this option by following these steps:
Open Internet Explorer
Click on the Tool menu
Select “Internet Options”
In the General tab section, in the “Browsing history” area, click on the Settings button
In the “Temporary Internet Files and History Settings” dialog box, select the option for “Every time I visit the webpage” (by default “Automatically” is selected)
Click the OK button
Click the Apply button
Click OK
Close Internet Explorer and then re-open it and try accessing Freegal Music again
Firewall setting
It’s possible there’s a conflict with any antivirus or firewall settings you have on your computer. If you are comfortable with doing so, please try turning off your antivirus and/or firewall settings and try accessing Freegal again.

Been running into the same

Been running into the same kind of login issues with it. It'll let me log in, and then when I try to download anything, it logs me out. It works ok now, but now I'm having issues with the search engine. It sometimes takes forever to load.

Anyone else running into issues like this?

Hi there, Are you still

Hi there,
Are you still experiencing problems with Freegal? I have used both a PC and the app and it looks like everything is okay. If you are still having problems, please contact me at and I will contact Freegal.

Login to Freegal, but then

Login to Freegal, but then when trying to navigate, the login is lost and need to re-login again. Repeats, leaving me logged out or at least not logged in.
Hope this is temporary.
Thank you.

E-music and video

Too bad you don't use Overdrive for music and video. They work very well elsewhere. Might consider it.

Hi there. We do use

Hi there. We do use Overdrive for eVideos:

I'm pretty sure they don't offer eMusic, yet. Thanks!

Freegal Issues

I had a hard time logging into the program today, and once I was able to log in it said that I had met my limit for downloads. I check my download folder and though I had not downloaded any songs, there were songs in that folder that I never downloaded, sampled, or searched for. Was my account hacked? Or is anyone else having this problem?

Freegal Issues

Hi there,
I'm sorry you are experiencing issues with Freegal. Could you email me your library card number and PIN, and I can contact Freegal with the problem?
Christine Dyar
Adult Services Librarian, Library 21c


I downloaded the Hoopla app. My question is that the PPLD website states that audiobooks are available; however, when I attempt access to the Hoopla audiobook service a message appears stating that this library doesn't support audiobooks. If that's the case you need to change the wording on the PPLD Hoopla statement. Respectfully, Dale A Auer

Oh, sorry about that. I

Oh, sorry about that. I fixed the statement to just say video and music. Thanks for catching this!

Login problem

I entered my card number and PIN to log in to Freegal but it will not allow me to log in. This happens whether I use Firefox or IE.

Hi there. It sounds like you

Hi there. It sounds like you may have an incorrect PIN. Please contact us at 719-531-6333 x1382 to clear this up. Thanks!


For the last couple weeks my downloads have been downloading as VCF files with no other options, I can no longer download songs as mp3, only VCF, and I was wondering why?

Card number vs. Pin

Hello! I just wanted to know what's the difference btwn a card number and a pin. I can't login bcus idk the difference.

Hi there. Your card number

Hi there. Your card number is the barcode number that starts with a '4' or a '7' and is nine digits long on the back of your card. Your PIN is the numerical password that is assigned to you when you get your card.

For more information on how to retrieve your PIN, please consult this link:

Hope this helps!

free downloads

I have been unable to download any songs from Alabama Shakes. It shows up and gives you the option to download but an error message appears or it asks you to login again....


Hi there,
I recieved the same error when trying to download Alabama Shakes songs, but was able to download songs from other artists. I will let Freegal know about the issue


What is the card pin number? I can't get into Freegal because I don't know what it is.

Hi there. Here's some

Hi there. Here's some information on how to obtain your PIN:

Freegal downloads are 0 bytes

I'm using Freegal. I downloaded 2 songs ok on Monday (and never had a problem in the past). I downloaded (or thought i did) a song by Jillette Johnson. It came up as 0 bytes. I had my wife use her card to do 3 from Jillette Johnson (Water in a Whale album) and the same thing happened. Trying to do the re-download from Freegal hasn't helped. I've tried 2 different computers as well. Is it a problem with that CD or something else? Thanks,

Hi there. I couldn't find an

Hi there. I couldn't find an artist by the name of Jillette Johnson in the Freegal catalog. I did download some random songs and they worked fine, so the best I can guess is the recordings you tried to download were malfunctioning and were removed from Freegal.


What happened to the genre list on the left on the Freegal site?

Hi there. There's a 'Top

Hi there. There's a 'Top Genres' tab on the left now, which is the default, so the genres are listed in the main part of the page. There's also a 'See All Genres' button right below.

Hope this helps!


Hi. I can access this website from my netbook but not my desktop pc. What's up with that?


Hi Leann,
I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with Freegal on your desktop PC. Can you provide some additional details? What browser are you using?
Please feel free to call me at 531-6333 x 2309 or email me at


This page is no longer available.

The link is now saying "This page is no longer available." Do we still have access to the free music?

Sorry about that. It's

Sorry about that. It's working now.

Not valid

Fregal is getting to the point of becoming useless. Why is the system telling me that my card is not a valid credential?? I've been using this sorry service for more than a year and it's failing more than working. And please do not tell me if I am entering my card number and pin correctly, because I have....for the past 18 months!


Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with Freegal. Please give me a call at 531-6333, ext 2309, or email me at so we can discuss further.


Can't log in to Freegal because I get "pin is invalid" response. What gives?!!! Same pin I've used for 4 years!

Hi there. We are unable to

Hi there. We are unable to recreate this problem. Please check that your numlock is on. If you are still having problems accessing Freegal, please call us at 389-8968.

What Happened?

After being on vacation for a couple of weeks I have been trying to log into Freegal, either the PPLD site or at Freegal site - both say my card number is not valid.

Hi there. Both Freegal and

Hi there. Both Freegal and the Catalog are working. Please double check your card number and PIN and contact us at 531-6333 x1382 if you still can't get in. Thanks!

I have been trying to log on

I have been trying to log on to Freegal and it says that my card number is invalid.

Trying to log on

Good morning, I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with Freegal. Please feel free to give me a call at 531-6333, ext 2309, and I can help you with the system.


I can't seem to log into the Freegal site. It tells me that my card number is invalid. I've double checked my card number and pin, so I'm definitely using the right ones. I have the apple freegal app, and even logged out of it to try to log on via my home computer. Any suggestions?

Freegal Issue

Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with Freegal. Just to check my understanding, you are able to use the Freegal app successfully?


Yes, the app works fine. I'd just prefer to use Freegal through my computer.


Good morning, please feel free to give me a call at 531-6333, ext 2309, and we will get this figured out for you!

Love this and your ebooks.

Love this and your ebooks. Thanks so much!!


i used free-gal and it wont let me access them it says that the files lost and locate

Hi; It sounds like it has


It sounds like it has downloaded the files but you can't locate them on your computer? Is that the case? If you could call 389-8968 they can probably help you. If they can't, ask them to send you through to me (Carolyn Coulter). Thx.

Freegal link is not working

I have tried accessing the freegal link from the PPLD website: but it is not working, errors out and says I need to access through the library link. That is what I did - the URL where I accessed it from is above and here:

Thank you so much!

Hi there. It seems to be

Hi there. It seems to be working now. Please let me know if you still have trouble accessing it.