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Toshiba Tablet

Actually I found it was the browers so I switched to Foxfire and it works fine now. Hope this helps someone else.

Trouble logging on

I can't log on to my Overdrive Account. I just get the evil circle of death. I don't get an error message; it just never goes to the page.

Hi there. OverDrive seems to

Hi there. OverDrive seems to be working now. Please try it again and let us know if you still have trouble getting it to work. Thanks!

Is the system down? I can't

Is the system down? I can't seem to log into my account, and it keeps saying it is having trouble accessing the library server.

Hi there. I think it might

Hi there. I think it might have been down for a short while. It's back up now. Please try it again and let us know if you have any problems accessing OverDrive. Thanks!

Logon Trouble

I updated my library card as suggested below. And, I still get "Privilege has expired" when I try to log into Overdrive. There's "Click here to return to the sign in form." option and it takes me right back to the login screen and I'm caught in a loop.

Can you help?

Logon Trouble

Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear the system is still giving you troubles. Could you email me your library card number and PIN at, and I will take a look at your account?


I keeping getting an error telling me there is not format to download multiple stories at oneclickdigital. I have in the past done it so what is going on?

Privilege expired

I keep getting an error when I try to log into Cybershelf that says the privilege has expired? I can log onto the rest of the libraries site. How do I fix this?

Privilege expired

Hi there,
Library cards are set to expire every three years. If you take your card and a picture ID to your local library branch, they can renew the card for you, and you will be able to access Cybershelf.

Kindle Fire

I am trying to download an e-audio-book wma-format on a kindle fire. I can get the sample to play but when I try to download the book, it says that there are no formats available for this device and it doesn't give choices for different formats.

Kindle Fire

Hi there, sorry to hear you are having troubles. May I have the title you are searching, and I can take a look at it?

problem logging in

for some reason, i cant type in my password. is it a regular issue?

Problem solved

Hi! You cant type your password with the numbers in the corner of your keyboard, you have to use the ones in the top...:)

Hi there. Actually, if

Hi there. Actually, if that's the case, your NumLock might not be on.

Hi there. As far as I know,

Hi there. As far as I know, everything should be working. If you are still having trouble logging in, please call 719-389-8968. Thanks.


How can I find a list of e-books that I have? I just had an e-book expire because I couldn't find a listing of my book to check the expiration date, other than the hardback ones.

Also, I requested the e-book again but didn't get any note of whether it went through or not, and now I can't download it. I checked on the book again, and the answer was that it had been borrowed.

Nook Glowlight

I have spoken to a couple of people who work at various libraries in Colorado about how to transfer books on the various Ebook reader devices. I know people get frustrated but it is not the libraries fault. Most it's the software that the library has no control over. Anyway, I had the latest edition of Adobe Digital Editions installed on my Surface Pro 3. I keep getting the "Error! Check Activation", message. I searched online. I found How To Change my Adobe ID. Also I uninstalled Adobe Digital Editions and installed the 3.0 version. I know this sound a lot for my non tech savvy folk but hang in there. I had deauthorize my computer using Ctrl, Shift, and D. It come up with a message to erase authorization. I signed back in with my Adobe ID and password and it worked. Don't give up on these gadgets that you spent your hard earned money on and be thankful that we have access to such get material from our Libraries.


Hello there,
The best way to check on your eBook checkouts is to go to Cybershelf. Then you can choose eBooks, in the green box. After clicking on that, you can choose OverDrive. This will take you to a search page. Near the top of the search page is a place that says "Account." Click on that, and you will be able to login using your library card number and PIN. This will take you to your Bookshelf. This screen will show you what books you have checked out and when they expire.
Hope this helps!

How to check your account

Hi Patricia,
I'm sorry you've had difficulties with Cybershelf. I'm assuming you are probably talking about books you have checked out from Overdrive. If that is the case, you'll need to click on Cybershelf from the PPLD home page, then ebooks, then Overdrive. From there, you'll see a person icon at the top that says "Account." Click that, log in with your card number and PIN, and you should be able to see a list of everything you have checked out, along with due dates, as well as ebooks that you have on hold. I hope this helps!

Cyber Page

Please make your cyber shelf home page FRIENDLIER. My mum, son and I are new to this whole "E" stuff. A beginners page and introduction would be awesome and explaining how everything works and what to expect. We should not have to assume or infer what is supposed to happen or is going on. Older persons get nervous when they are sent to another web page that is not your page and think they have done something wrong.
Each of your cyber offerings should have an introduction to explain what it is, what will happen when you click on it ...what you should expect and need to enter and use this offering. etc etc ...You main page should give an over view of what's inside ...and how it works etc..My mum get nervous just clicking away at stuff not sure where she is going or how to get back etc and my son has no instructions of what to do and if he is doing it right ...and I don't have time to figure out what I want and then figure out for them both as well ...reading front page comments indicate much difficulties for your patrons ...which is funny since the site should be set up specifically for your users ...who else?!?!?! That should be the #1 goal; you aren't getting your money's worth from your vendor and upsetting your patrons. we are in the 21st Century and it's still too hard to access your systems your vendor they are not up to par; get a better competitor. ( Just saying :) ) thxs

Hi; One of the problems with

One of the problems with all of this eMaterial in libraries is that the publishers tend to make it more difficult than it needs to be, in my opinion. The vendor we use, Overdrive, is the only one that has contracts for eBook usage with Kindle eReaders, for instance. Penguin will only deal with 3M. Macmillan won't sell to ANY library vendors. You can read more about that on our Facebook page: With the situation as it stands now, there really isn't an option in a lot of cases to just switch vendors-there aren't vendors providing the same services. Kindle eReader downloads (not Fires) are about 38% of our downloads every month. We have to stick with the only vendor who offers them, or disenfranchise those patrons. ALL libraries, not just PPLD, are facing these issues.

That said, our vendor realizes that they need to refine their process, and they are attempting to do so. You will be seeing some changes coming in the next month or so that are supposed to make the process easier all around-and allow us to allow patrons to download books in the library, something that is currently not allowed to us.

We have done quite a few help tutorials, and they are available at: (under the "help" tab on the cyber shelf page). There is also a link there to email Overdrive help directly-they will respond within 24 hours and are generally very helpful.

I will take your suggestions to our team and we will consider refining our page again. I do appreciate your input and patience. I sincerely hope that the publishers and the vendors can work this out among themselves soon-libraries are increasingly finding themselves in the middle of this fight, trying to provide service to patrons and having to do so using arcane strictures forced on our vendors by the content providers.


Carolyn Coulter
Information Technology and Virtual Services Officer


How do I return an audiobook? The Overdrive instructions show to "delete" then choose "return". There is only "Delete" and nothing else. So I have deleted 3 audiobooks but they still show on my account as being checked out. I am hoping they will disappear from my account at the due date, because I am out of options.
Checking out ebooks through Amazon is pretty easy, but the audiobook checkout is a different story!


Hi Sandra,
Can you tell me what sort of device you are using to access your audiobooks?

freegal issue

I have a library card for this library yet when I went to log on to Freegal for music, I got a message indicating I needed to be a resident to use the service. Why is that?

Hi there. Does your card

Hi there. Does your card number start with a '7', by any chance? If so, that means you live outside of the district and are not eligible to use the Freegal service. If this is not the issue, than please let me know and we will pursue this further.

Your services

I was searching about the kindle format and somehow I came on this website. Within seconds I got interested because I love reading books and I especially love reading using my Kindle. So I looked for information what is cybershelf, what is library etc. but honestly I couldn't find the basic information on what they are and what are the differences between the services. I had to read everyone's comment to see what it(cybershelf) does etc. I think it would be great if I could find the information easily on the homepage or individual page for each service. I'll look around a bit more.
By the way I'm an ESL student so I'm glad to know and appreciate that you have provided ESL classes as well. :)


Your overdrive provider has taken a simple process and turned it into a nightmare. Look at the number of comments made about the difficulty people are having with your cybershelf. It would be a wonderful service if the average person could use it. Please simplify your cybershelf.

Hi there. We agree that

Hi there. We agree that OverDrive (CyberShelf) can be a bit tricky to use initially. But we do encourage users to stick it out and once you've got it figured out, it is a great service. Unfortunately, we have no input of the inner workings of the product, but we do keep OverDrive apprised of patron feedback.

Thanks for Cybershelf and Overdrive

Dear PPLD,

Thank you very much for the Cybershelf / Overdrive service. It has allowed me to get Kindle books while deployed to Afghanistan. We don’t have access to a library or bookstore so this is a great service.

Regarding the comments about problems using Overdrive, I encourage those PPLD users to stick with it and learn how to use Overdrive. It was difficult to understand at first (checking out from Overdrive but then getting and managing checked out books through “Manage my Kindle” at Amazon), but once you figure that out it works well.

Thanks again,
Billy Pilgrim

I actually purchased the

I actually purchased the ebook, read it but later on, I wish to return it after a thorough check on it. I have attempted many times to obtain the homepage for the digital library, login, get a set of ebooks looked at, etc. But it is often quite a lengthy procedure. I really need to lookup in the primary directory to locate an ebook, pick out it just before I can actually arrive at just where I wish to proceed. After that I needed to login the 2nd time! It must be not complicated like this.

Hello there, I'm sorry to

Hello there, I'm sorry to hear you are having some troubles with Cybershelf. Am I correct that you purchased a book and want to return it?

Cybershelf main page

Finding a book with the App is very painful. I like the search you have on the web cybershelf a lot better than the App. The new cybershelf doesn't seem to have a link for my Cybershelf Account anymore. Instead it's been replaced with "Find a Good Book". Where am I supposed to find my Cybershelf account?

Hi there. CyberShelf can be

Hi there. CyberShelf can be confusing. There's the CyberShelf home page that includes large links to eBooks, eAudios, etc... which is where you likely were when you saw the 'Find a Good Book' link. This page is merely a portal to the many vendors we use for your eMaterial needs. Our OverDrive vendor product is also called CyberShelf, which is were you get your eBooks. If you go to OverDrive, which is (or click on the eBooks image on the CyberShelf portal page and choose OverDrive), you'll see your 'eAccount' listed in the top nav bar.

Clear as mud? Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


It is very convenient to have

It is very convenient to have the facility so thanks to PPLD for making ebooks available. However, I have to say the site is not user friendly. The printed directions available at the library especially for the epub books do not help much. You have to figure out how to download the adobe digital media by yourself. Also, downloading kindle books is easier than epub books if the Kindle book does not require a usb cable.

The search criteria is sometimes helpful, sometimes shows the wrong items.

Hopefully these glitches can be corrected as you get more user feedback.

Hi there. We're sorry you

Hi there. We're sorry you had trouble downloading ePub books. We have a Help form you can fill out and the vendor can walk you through the process:

We realize the OverDrive search mechanism leaves something to be desired and also hope that as time goes on the vendor will improve the website and the search interface.

We appreciate your input.

Well I sure had a hard time

Well I sure had a hard time this am trying to check out a book on my kindle and thanks to the wonderful patience of one of the librarians at the Sandcreek library I was able to do it. So thank you librarians!! I sure couldn't have done it without you!

where are MY books?!

I'm sorry to say that this (Cybershelf) is the most cumbersome, user-unfriendly thing I've ever used.

When you go to HOME for almost any program, you can find "MY ACCOUNT."

Not here.

I have somehow managed to check out 2 e-books from the library, and now I'm back and wondering how on earth I return the e-book.

It's simply annoying and aggravating. and I'm a long-time computer and e-mail and internet user (since the beginning of internet, okay?!)

I will not be using cybershelf again. It's too annoying to try to find the secret place they put your books.

We're sorry you are having

We're sorry you are having trouble using CyberShelf. It is a product we purchase from a vendor and we have very little control over how it works. If you click on the eBooks button above and choose OverDrive (CyberShelf), you'll get into CyberShelf. Then click on My eAccount in the upper toolbar to access your account. Hope this helps.

Help Please!

I have tons of songs on my computer right now. I am thinking about getting a new laptop. Is there a legal way to transfer all of my songs to a new computer of mine?

i keep losing my holds

several times i have gotten the email saying i had a e hold available for check out, when i click get hold it goes strait to the e cart and say the it is empty, then the title that was selected is gone from my account. i am getting frustrated with this and the fact that the cyber shelf as a whole is one of the most difficult sites i have ever come across and every time it is updated or improved it gets more and more difficult.

I'm sorry to hear about your

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with retrieving holds in CyberShelf. Can you tell me if you noticed how long it was between when you received the email saying a hold was available and when you clicked to check the title out? Just like our holds for physical items, our holds for eMaterials are only kept on hold for a fixed period of time. Physical items are kept at your community library for 7 days. eMaterials are kept in your queue for three days after you receive the email notifying you that your hold is available. If the items are disappearing before your three days are up, please send an email to me at with your library card number and the items that disappeared from your account. I will try to troubleshoot with you.


Very awesome site! just ran into this from google but I see a lot of goods and will for sure bookmark to look at later. This is what I love about the internet, mishaps can turn into goldmines... =D


I have fiddled with the Freading App or as I am tempted to say Freading CRapp, for a hour now, I cannot get it to connect with what I have already downloaded. I have a Kindle Fire and followed all the steps. I think it would be better if you have one exculsive app that you worked with, so you could test and re-test it for functionality..

Hi there. Did you try these

Hi there. Did you try these instructions?

If so and it didn't work for you, please call 719-389-8968 for assistance.

Can I renew ebooks?

Within the past month I checked out an ebook from the library to read on my Kindle. It worked great, but I am approaching the expiration date for this download. When I look at "My Account" it does not show that I have this ebook checked out. Is there any way for me to renew an ebook that I have checked out so I have some more time to finish reading it?

Renewing eBooks

Hello there!
At this time, it is not possible to renew an eBook. If the eBook has expired, you would need to follow the checkout process again. If someone else has it on hold, you will not be able to check the book out, but rather will need to place a hold on it. If no one has the book on hold, you will be able to check the book out again. The system does not allow renewals.
Hope this helps you out!

Unfriendly site

I have to agree w/comment below. This site is just awful. Sometimes I'm able to locate the section where ebooks are located and other times I cannot. The last three times I've attempted to find ebooks, I've been unsuccessful. Frustrating! This should not be so hard. PLEASE have your webdesigner address this issue.

i AGREE this site is very

i AGREE this site is very user unfreindly. you put in a title or a authors name and you get every thing with any word that your selected title or author has in them. for me that is just a pain in the hands

Hi there. CyberShelf is

Hi there. CyberShelf is actually a product provided by OverDrive. We will inform them of your discontent. We appreciate your input.