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Interactive Book Sites


    A global "book club" that leaves books for others to find.

  2. Figment

    "Share your writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors."

  3. GoodReads

    Keep track of what you've read, get book recommendations, and find trivia and book quotes.

  4. LibraryThing

    Catalog your books online, share reading lists, rate and review books, connect with others of similar reading tastes, and much more.

  5. Reading Trails

    Find books, create "trails," and read reviews.

  6. Shelfari

    Share what is on your bookshelf with others.

  7. Small Demons Storyverse

    Catalogs people, places, and things mentioned within books, and find connections to other works.

  8. Wattpad

    Articles and stories from published and new authors.

  9. What Should I Read Next?

    Enter a book or author you like and you will be given suggestions on new books to read. Register for free, enter your own books and recommendations and receive custom searches.