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Old Colorado City Library will be closed Sat., July 2 - Wed., July 6 while their floors are refinished.

Finding Your Way Around the New Catalog



You can find navigation links in the upper-right corner of the header 1. Click one of these links at any time to log in, go to the My Account page, or go to the My Lists page. You can also click the Home icon 2 to go to the Library Catalog home page.

In the New Catalog, you can use the "back" button on your Internet browser to return to the previous page.

Selecting a Language

You can select the interface display language from the Language drop-down 3.

Once you log in, the language you select as your default language in the My Account preferences will become the interface display language automatically (See Using My Account).


Using Book Lists

The Library can display lists of titles, including New York Times Bestsellers, which you may find interesting to browse. To view them, select a list from the drop-down 1, and the titles in the list will slowly cycle in the display like a slideshow. To pause the slideshow, click the Pause button 2. Click on any title in the list to bring it up in the display. Use the navigation arrows 3 to move through the list.

Any title you select will display information, like author, publication date, ISBN, etc. For some titles, you can click links to more information, such as a book review or an excerpt 4. You can also click the Find in My Library button 5 to search for the title in your Library.


How to change personal information

I was not able to find how to change my e-mail

Reply to "how to change email address"

You can update your email address when you log on to your account using the classic catalog ( Use the library card and PIN fields in the upper right portion of the page to log on and then click "My Account." Toward the bottom of the My Account summary page, you will see "Update Your Email Address and/or Phone Number." We have asked the vendor for the new catalog to incorporate this feature in a future upgrade. You can also call or visit the library to update your email address.
-Jenny/PPLD IT Department

I've been trying to update my

I've been trying to update my email(I have no email attached currently) using this method, but my email is not being updated. I go through all the steps: entering my email address and then clicking 'Update Your Patron Record', and then and the script gives positive feedback( "Thank you for updating your email and/or phone number"), but when I view my email in the new catalog, the field is blank, and I still receive postcards notifying me of materials on hold.

Hi there. Did you go to

Hi there. Did you go to, enter your library card and pin in the upper right corner, then go to 'My Account' and click on the update email link before you entered your email into the form? It also takes 24 hours for the changes to take place. Please call us at 389-8968 if you are still having trouble updating your email address. Thanks!