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Placing Holds

Most Library items are available for holds. 1

If you are not already logged in when you try to place a hold, the system will prompt you to log in.

A window will appear for you to specify the Library where you want to pick up the item when it arrives 2. Once you have selected the pickup Library, click Place Hold. The system will tell you if the hold was successfully placed or not 3. Note: You can also place a hold on an item by Using the Select An Action Drop-Down Menu.

Once you have placed a hold on an item, you will be able to see it in My Account under the Holds tab.



Why does it say "sorry no

Why does it say "sorry no holds may be placed for this user"?i just got my card the other day and have made a couple holds already

Hi there. I recommend

Hi there. I recommend calling the library at 531-6333 x 2383 or 1382 so that a clerk can review your account with you. Thanks!

p/up location for holds

How can I change the"default" location for my holds?

Hi there. You can change

Hi there. You can change your pick-up location by going to the Catalog ( and logging into 'My Account' with your library card number and PIN. Then in the 'Personal Information' tab in 'Preferences' you can change your 'Preferred Pickup Library'. Hope this helps!

Priviledge has expired

When I log into my account and place a hold, I get a message stating that the priviledge has expired. The last time I placed a hold was a few months ago, but had no problem then.

Hi there. All PPLD library

Hi there. All PPLD library cards expire every three years. All you need to do is come into your local library with picture ID and we'll reinstate it for you. Thanks.


How long do you have to pick up item once placed on hold?

Hi there. Once the item

Hi there. Once the item becomes available you have 7 days to pick it up. Hope this helps!


Is there a way to see the Queue for a book or movie before placing a hold on it? I thought on the old system there was (perhaps not) but I can't find a way to do it now. I am currently at college but I like to place holds in hope that items will be in for me after the time I get back home. So is there a way to see the queue for an item before holding it?

Hi there. The only way to

Hi there. The only way to view the queue is to place a hold on it first, then look in My Account. Sorry we don't have a better solution for you.

placing a hold

There are books I need to put on hold for my children's schooling, but the system won't let me. It says "privilege expired". I don't have any overdue books or fines so I don't understand the problem. Please don't tell me I need to call. With 4 little ones and homeschooling, I don't need to waste time sitting on the phone.

Hi there. I'm afraid we'll

Hi there. I'm afraid we'll need more information to assist you. Please email circnotices(@)ppld(dot)org your library card number and PIN and we'll look into it. Thanks.

I've placed a book on hold

I've placed a book on hold for the East Library but haven't received any confirmation that it's being processed. When can I expect to pick up the book and will someone contact me?

Hi there. You can check the

Hi there. You can check the status of your hold by clicking on the 'My Account' link in the upper toolbar. You will be prompted for your library card number and PIN.

When you can pick up the book will depend on whether or not the title is on our shelves or checked out. You will be contacted when your hold is available via email if you've given it to us, or by phone, text, or snail mail, depending on your account settings.

Please feel free to call 719-389-8968 for further assistance.

Placing holds

Previously I was able to look for a book by clicking author, then putting in an initial, and it would bring up all the authors that I prefer with that initial in their first name. I could then click on the name of the author that I wanted, to see if there were any new books available. This was very convenient, now it seems that I have to put each name in independently, which takes much longer. Am I not doing something correctly?

Reply to Placing Holds

Would you mind emailing me directly so I can make sure I understand the procedure you describe. I am not able to replicate it in the classic catalog myself, however, you can access the classic catalog at and still use your method. If you email your phone number, I'll give you a call.
Jenny - PPLD IT Dept.

Hold Privileges?

I'm trying to place a hold on an item but it wont let me, it says I don't have privileges to do this action, do you know why?

Hi there. Please call

Hi there. Please call 719-389-8968 and we'll assist you with placing holds. Thanks.

new PPLD catalog holds list

In the old catalog, I was able to see my list of holds from the oldest item put on hold in ascending order to the newest item on hold. I can't figure out how to do this in the new catalog. Is this available?

holds information

You can order the holds in "My Account" by your position in the hold queue. Click on the column heading that reads "Place in Queue" to order the list of holds from lowest place in queue to highest place in queue - and click the heading again to reverse that order. I'd be happy to help further if you contact me directly:
PPLD IT Department