Teen Book Reviews

Book Review: Wings
Pike, Aprilynne
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

This whole series is simply put... AMAZING!! You just cant help falling in love with both David and Tamani, and you feel like you really are in Laurels shoes! This author did a GREAT job on her books, and the only thing negative I have to say is that the series is over... :( Stephanie Meyer, watch out!!!

Book Review: Monument 14
Laybourne, Emmy
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

I loved this book! It had just enough drama that is was never boring, enough action to battle the old romance story cliches, and a plot that sent chills down my spine. I guarantee you will not be able to put this book down.

Book Review: Waiting for You
Colasanti, Susane
3 stars = Pretty Good

This book is a classic teen novel. If you are single this may be the book for you. :) "Waiting For You" follows the struggles that a 15 year old girl has with her recently broken up family, her sometimes confusing best friend, her struggling (and puzzling) love life, all while conquering her anxiety-turned-depression. The author has vague vocabulary when describing the scenarios, which makes sense for this type of book. However, it didn't help with the "it" factor for this book. The issues that were faced by the characters were very relatable, which made the book bearable. It could definitely be better, but it is a fun book to pass the time away.

Book Review: Boy Meets Girl
Cabot, Meg
2 stars = Meh

Meh. This book isn't worth reviewing. It's very run of the mill chick lit. But I read it, so it didn't completely suck.

Book Review: Far Far Away `
McNeal, Tom
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

I loved this book from the opening lines! I enjoyed all of the characters, the mystical elements of the green smoke and the legend of the cake, the twists and turns, and especially the voice of Jacob Grimm. Utterly unique, dark, and yet fun.

Book Review: Eldest
Paolini, Christopher
3 stars = Pretty Good

Okay...I LOVED Eragon, the first book in the Inheritance Cycle, but then I read Eldest. I feel like the author wanted to put in so much about some things I lost interest. In this book, Eragon looks at all the different religions in his world. I mean, that's alright, I guess. Just not for me. I actually didn't exactly read the Elves religion. There were highs, though.

You got to see more to some characters that I really like. It switches perspectives from Nasuada, Eragon, and Roran, which I think is good because it got old sometimes when I was reading ALL of Eragon or ALL of Roran. I enjoyed meeting new characters, such as King Orrin, but not others, like Oromis, who seemed too much like Brom, a wise, old person who knows SO much and has a depressing back story. Just not the kind of character that I like.

There are also some parts with Eragon's love interest, which I found awkward and weird. For one thing, Eragon is WAY too young for the elf girl. Then, when she tells him this, he gets morbidly depressed. Not the kind of thing that is good for a story- at least not for this one. I enjoyed the first book, but this one was just a little too bumpy for me. I still can't decide if I actually liked it, or if I just liked the parts with my favorite characters. Overall, it was ALRIGHT, but not as good as the first book.

Book Review: It's a Magical World
Watterson, Bill
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

Ah, Calvin and Hobbes. What's not to love? It's the best comic strip ever written, IMO. Timeless and super clever. Calvin and Hobbes occupies a special place in my heart.

Book Review: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
Rowling, J. K.
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

I love love loved this book! I've never read it before, and would recommend it for anyone! My second fave out of the Harry Potter series (first is Order of the Phoenix!)

Book Review: The Fault in our Stars
Green, John
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

This book, like all of John Greens books, was absolutely fantastic!
It's basically a romance novel about a girl living with cancer. It was funny and heart wrenching and inspirational. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

Book Review: Ender's Game
Card, Orson Scott
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

While some may despise this terrific sci-fi novel, I absolutely loved it.
Sure it is a bit mature, but it is really for a understanding audience. I enjoyed the battle games and Ender's resourcefulness. This is perhaps one of the best sci-fi novel I have ever read

Book Review: Angelfall
Ee, Susan
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

This book takes a refreshing approach to the theme of angels vs. humans that in now way leaves you thinking you just read a young adult story. Great drama, excellently managed with great timing and suspense. A 17 year old is responsible for her emotionally challenged mother and physically challenged younger sister in a post apocalyptic era brought on by...warrior angels. The younger sister is kidnapped by two of the angels and the 17-year old has to find her while her mother deals with her emotional issues as best she can..good read.

Book Review: Revolution
Donnelly, Jennifer
4 stars = Really Good

This was an engaging read. The parts about revolutionary France were particularly interesting. The protaganist was only mildly annoying which is good for a teen book. I also liked that it touches on music history and theory, French Revolution, and genetics. Overall, I'd recommend this book.

Book Review: Ender's Game
Card, Orson Scott
1 star = Yuck!

I despised this book. Although I respect Card's mastery in the sci-fi genre, this was not one of his wonder-books. He failed to capture the personality of the childrens' ages, and parts of it were beyond gruesome, especially after you realized it was a 6-11 year old participating in those actions. The time-frame was speedy; the child went from 6 to eleven years old within 100 pages. Also, the Locke and Demosthenes part was plain confusing. Not a fan.

Book Review: Leviathan
Westerfeld, Scott
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

This book is the best in the entire world. A mixture of steampunk, history, and mystery, it made me fall instantly in love. I loved how it took World War I and turned it into a sci-fi-ish adventure following the perspective of two teenagers from completely different backgrounds and motives. You should most definitely give this one a try!!!

Book Review: The Bully Book
Gale, Eric Kahn
4 stars = Really Good

This book was really good. It was a fast read and was very engaging. There's even some advice to parents to ask their kids if they are being hurt or made fun of in school. Asking specifically may open the door for a hurting teen to confide. But mostly this is a great mystery for young people about bullying.

Book Review: How to Draw More Manga
Coope, Katy
1 star = Yuck!

I checked this book out because I thought I could get a good tip or two out of it. I was sorely dissapointed.It was positively full of misinformation!Avoid this one-definitely.

Book Review: The Raft
Bodeen, S. A.
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

When you start reading this, you can't put it down, kinda like the Hunger Games. I would recommend this to people who like to read action/adventure. This is about a girl who goes on a plane and it crashes and all she has is a raft, a total stranger named Max, and a bag of Skittles.
They have no water and there are sharks in the area and no sign of help. Will they survive?

Book Review: Out of the Easy
Sepetys, Ruta
4 stars = Really Good

Out of the Easy follows the story of Josie, a sixteen-year-old girl living in 1950's New Orleans whose mother just happens to be a prostitute. But don't let that turn you away! This book is far from gross; it's actually really good. You see, Josie desperately wants to lose the title of "The Prostitute's Daughter", so she applies for college and tries to scrounge up all the money needed for such an endeavor. However, to find out what happens next, you'll have to read the book!

I loved this book because it really showed how strong of a character Josie is. The plot line was very well-developed and its obvious the Ruta Sepetys knows how to write! I highly recommend this book to kids older than twelve.

Book Review: Black Bird
Sakurakōji, Kanoko
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

the black bird series has fifteen books so far and they are really good i have read them over and over again. the sixteenth one is coming out on may 7th. i would suggets reading them if you like romance.

Book Review: The Star Shard
Durbin, Frederic S.
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

I first read The Star Shard in my sister's Cricket magazines. It was a ten part issue with fantastic drawings and a writing style so unlike what I had read in the other short stories in Cricket. We couldn't wait till the next issues came out. Then a year or so later when we heard it was being made into a book, we bought it right away. It was even better than what we saw in the magazine.

The story is about a young girl named Cymbril who lives on a massive moving city-like wagon, called the Thunder Rake, where she is enslaved to a rich man named Rombil. As the Rake moves from town to town, she must sing at the markets to attract customers and gain money for her master. Since she is Rombil's slave and even her clothes are owned by him, her only true possessions are beautiful hair clip from her mother and a smooth turquoise stone from her father. When Rombil one day buys another slave named Loric, her life is changed. She finds that Loric is one of the Fae, a race of elvish magical people. Loric tells her that she is half-Fae and even her hair clip and stone have magical properties. Her stone is a fragment of a star that fell in Fae lands. Now, with this knowledge in her mind and her parent's gifts close, Cymbril promises herself that she will sacrifice everything to grant she and Loric freedom.

Although not too well known, I ask that you give this book a try. You will be surprised. It is a very charming and beautiful book.

Book Review: Chomp
Hiaasen, Carl
4 stars = Really Good

I really enjoyed this book. It was textbook Hiaasen, which is a good thing. It's aimed toward younger readers and I plan to give it to my nephew for his birthday.

Book Review: Skulduggery Pleasant
Landy, Derek
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

Skulduggery Pleasant throws you into a magical universe where the classic fight between good verses evil is exercised. Thrown into a new world, Stephanie learns to adapt and explore magic with the help of her mentor Skulduggery Pleasant, a dry humor irish detective skeleton.
It's simplistic enough that a 12 yr old can understand but advanced enough for a teenager to enjoy as well. Kept me laughing all the way.

Book Review: City Of Fire
Yep, Laurence
2 stars = Meh

It was alright- especially in the beginning. I thought that is was interesting with all the fantasy with San Francisco a few decades ago. The main characters have to go and leave San Francisco after they are attacked and travel across the sea to avenge the deaths of certain people who were very important in their lives. They are attacked even more and come up against a lot of roadblocks. Laurence Yep incorporated a Hawaiian goddess who was crazy and nice. Yet, I thought the story was just a little undeveloped, maybe because it was the first book in a trilogy. I felt like it was trying to wrap up everything while introducing new ideas and plot twists at the same time. I didn't connect with the book, but that it just my opinion. It is good for the ages eleven to twelve or thirteen.

Book Review: The Magician's Nephew
Lewis, C. S.
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

Favorite book EVER! Great characters! Good, good, good! Great story, characters, and moral. Great fantasy mixed with our world and putting the Bible retold into it. Amazing story, good for all ages.

Book Review: Among The Brave: A Shadow Children Book
Haddix, Margaret Peterson
5 stars = Curiosity Mars Rover Awesome!

One of my favorite books of all time! Great characters with good development. A very interesting story line with lots of bumps and twists and turns. Good for all ages, from ten to adults in my opinion. But it is in a series of books and is near the end of the series, so reading it without the other books would definitely put a damper on how good it is. But really amazing book!