What's New - Non-PPLD Homeschool Events

RSSDo you know of a community program for homeschoolers? Is your group holding an event that is open to all homeschoolers? Do you want to hear about upcoming opportunities for your family in the Colorado Springs area? If you answered “yes!” to any of these questions then this is the place for you! This blog is for homeschool programs, classes, etc. not sponsored by PPLD.

To have something posted contact Corrie at cbaker@ppld.org. She will need all the necessary information two weeks in advance. Be sure to include: what it is, who can attend, when it is (date and time), where it is, and who to contact. If any pertinent information is missing it will not be posted.

Preparing for disasters and emergencies is hard work – and many students are up to the challenge. We’ve seen students help their communities prepare for disasters and emergencies by volunteering at health centers or with their local Medical Reserve Corps Unit, learning first aid and CPR, developing an emergency plan, preparing an emergency kit, and much more.

Now we want to see what students in your communities can do!

We are encouraging students to show us how they help their family, friends, and community protect their health during disasters and every day. Please help us get the word out to any students who rely on your library.

Who can enter?
Anyone between the ages 14 and 23. You can create a video on your own or do it as a team. Your choice.

How can they enter?
Submit a short video – up to 60 seconds long – telling us how you prepare your family, friends and community for a disaster. Entries are due on March 28, 2016 at 11 p.m. EST. Your video will be evaluated by a panel of expert judges and we’ll post the top entries online so that other people can vote on them. Check out the challenge website to learn all about the guidelines.

For more information, visit https://www.challenge.gov/challenge/my-preparedness-story-staying-health...

Got questions?
Contact Elizabeth Jarrett at Elizabeth.Jarrett@hhs.gov.

Back for the fourth year, this contest encourages Colorado teens (13-18) to create a 30- to 90-second video promoting reading over the summer and using libraries to other teens. Teens can work alone or in teams to create their video, which should include some interpretation of the 2016 summer library program teen slogan “Get in the Game: Read.” The video submission deadline is March 20, 2016.

This is part of a national contest from CSLP (Collaborative Summer Library Program) in which each state that participates chooses a winning video that any public library in the country can use to promote summer reading to teens (there is no national winner). For the past 3 years, Colorado has received the most video submissions of any state; we’re hoping for repeat of that this year!

Teens in previous years have been highly creative with their videos and have reported that a great deal of fun was had by all! And this year, the contest will run through Teen Tech Week (March 6-12) and is the perfect way to celebrate the week and engage teens in a fun, real-world tech project.

Why participate?

--Actively engage teens at your library and in your community

--Promote reading and library use to teens

--Provide teens with a real-world opportunity to strengthen essential 21st skills like teamwork, digital literacy, communication, and leadership

--Promote Teen Tech Week, March 6-12 --Encourage teens to be creative and have fun --Provide an engaging project for your teen advisory board or other teen groups --Establish or further partnerships with local schools, after school programs, nonprofits, and homeschooling families --Put that video camera in your library to a great use!

--Allow teens from CO to get national exposure and receive a cash prize! The winning teen or teen team will receive $150!

--Receive an incentive for your library! The library that sponsors the winning video in Colorado will get an Upstart gift certificate worth $50!

How can you participate?

--Find all the contest details and forms at http://www.cde.state.co.us/node/3167

--Promote the program to teens in your library and throughout your community, and encourage them to tell their friends

--Promote the program to local high school librarians and teachers (several AV teachers have made the contest a class project in the past with great success)

--Provide interested teens with video production resources to help them get started, and assist with music copyright questions as necessary

Every Kid in a Park is a new program available starting today that’s designed to introduce America's youth and their guests to federal public lands and waters. This national program seeks to connect four million 4th graders with our country's treasured places in the 2015-16 academic year, coinciding with the National Park Service Centennial celebration. The simple form is available at www.everykidinapark.gov.

This is an amazing, first-of-its-kind opportunity to help get kids and families outside in national parks—including the excellent parks right here in Colorado—that may not be able to go without a free pass, and a great way for your library to provide the many opportunities that come with the passes!