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A&E and PBS Videos Have Arrived at PPLD!

A&E Videos Have Arrived at PPLD!

New A&E and PBS Videos Have Arrived at PPLD!

PPLD has expanded its digital collection with the addition of new titles to the over 400 A&E downloadable videos. This collection features popular shows like The History Channel’s Modern Marvels and Biography, as well as Food Tech, Clash of the Gods and Haunted History.

The PBS video collection has close to 600 titles. This collection includes several award-winning series by Ken Burns such as Jazz and The National Parks, as well as titles like The American President and Carrier. There are also children’s titles like Zoboomafoo and Cyberchase.

These titles are available for patrons to check out from PPLD at The videos are always available for simultaneous use, meaning that any number of patrons can check out these titles at the same time.

Users can browse, check out, and enjoy titles on their computer. To check out these A&E and PBS titles, users need a valid library card, computer, and Internet connection. At the end of the lending period, titles automatically expire and are returned to the collection.


So sad not for Mac Users

I was SUPER excited to hear about this as a homeschooling mom! :D However, I was saddened when I clicked through and every video I saw (not sure if all of them are like this) were NOT for Mac users. :(

Mac Users Unite!

Good for you for sticking up for Mac users. Yes, Microsoft has the larger market share, but I switched to mac and never looked back. It frustrates me to no end when someone says they don't support Apple products. Have you ever been in an Apple Store compared to a Microsoft Store? It's like a mob at Apple.

It's my hope that the great PPLD library staff will always make having Apple compatible products available to its patrons a priority. And making sure any vendors that it does business with also knows that this is a priority.

I do not and will not ever go back to Windows... and everyone I know feels the same way.

Hi there. That is a bummer.

Hi there. That is a bummer. Sorry about that but unfortunately we have no control over the format of the videos.