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Check Out eMagazines on CyberShelf with Zinio!

Check Out eMagazines on CyberShelf with Zinio!

Zinio, offered by Recorded Books (RB Digital), provides thousands of publications on a wide range of topics- a digital newsstand – with complete content from cover to cover. Public libraries can select and subscribe to publications of interest to their communities. Simultaneous access is included. Everyone in town could be reading Consumer Reports free through their public library using their library card. Access is available on any internet-enabled device. Patrons can download a title or many titles and will be notified when the next issue is available.

In addition to Consumer Reports, other titles include The Economist, HELLO!, Car and Driver, Food Network Magazine, House Beautiful, Holiday Baking (Yes, it includes special publications!), Publisher’s Weekly, Science, US Weekly and many more!

Click here to access Zinio now!


Zinio confirmation email

I have tried several times registering but never receive a confirmation email. Help please

This is a great service!

This is a great service! Thank you for getting this for our library district.

Automatic Downloads of new magazines

Is there a way to automatically download new magazine issues of your favorites from PPLD Library collection to Zinio's My Library? Or do I need to click from PPLD to My Library each time a new issue is released?

Issue downloads

Due to publisher restrictions you need to come to the library website to download the next issue when it is available. Zinio is still working on making all issues visible and available, current and past issues. They have encountered some programming problems that they have not yet been able to resolve.

Zino account email confirmation

I have gone to the PPLD Zinio account registration and have submitted several times for the confirmation email to be resent, yet I never receive an email at
I have verified that it has not been captured in my spam folder also.
What gives? I would like to complete my Zinio account sign up through the PPLD. Please help.

Hi there. We received word

Hi there. We received word that the email confirmation is now working. Please try one more time and if it doesn't confirm properly contact Please let us know as well so we can bug them too. We're so sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we try to resolve this matter.

Zino account email confirmation

I have just successfully received my email confirmation, and completed the registration. Thank you much for the assistance.

I can't seem to find how to sign up for a subscription

The only place subscriptions seem to be available is by clicking on subscriptions in Zinio and when I do that it doesn't recognize that I'm coming in through PPLD. Thanks for your help!

Are back issues available?

I really like the service; thank you very much for providing it. My question involves back issues. Whenever I select a magazine, I only have the option of reading the latest issue. (The one exception seems to be Hockey News.) Does the PPLD agreement include access to any prior issues? If so, how can I read last month's editions? Thanks.

Zinio back issues

PPLD's agreement with ZINIO covers only from the date of purchase and going forward just like a print subscription. If there are some back issues available that is a gift.

can't set up zinio

Well, I know I've talked to their server because it has associated my library card with my email, but the confirmation email that allows me to use the app never arrives. Tried a bunch of times.

No, it is not in the junk/spam folder. Wasted 45 minutes.

Hi there. We just got an

Hi there. We just got an email from Zinio that their email confirmation service is experiencing difficulties. They are moving to a new mail server and should have access restored next week. So sorry for the inconvenience!


I'm delighted magazine titles are available via PPLD through Zinio; an emagazine service I've enjoyed using for over ten years.

Is there a limit?

First of all, what a great service. Thanks for offering this! I have successfully added 15 titles and have had no problems looking at them on my iPhone. However, now when I go to add more titles, I consistently get the following error message:
Sorry. This magazine offer or download page cannot be found.
Please make sure you copied the complete URL into your browser. This URL can be found at the bottom of your issue notification email. If that doesn't work, contact Zinio Customer Support for assistance. (Reference message #UNF - Secure URL not found.)
You can also click here to see more digital magazine offers at

I am running Safari on a Mac and have had no problems up to this point. I am accessing the titles through the "Library Collection" so I assume I am requesting titles that should be available. Is this likely just a glitch or is there a limit on how much one can "checkout"?
Thanks for any help!

Hi there. I think your best

Hi there. I think your best bet in this case is to contact Zinio's support team at Thanks!

Register for Zinio Access

Tried to register and it asked me for a Barcode.

Is this right?


Hi there. Yeah, they mean

Hi there. Yeah, they mean your library card number. We've asked Zinio to change this wording, so hopefully they will soon.