InformationAll PPLD facilities will be closed on Mon., July 4, in celebration of Independence Day.
Old Colorado City Library will be closed Sat., July 2 - Wed., July 6 while their floors are refinished.

How to Use the Makerspaces at Library 21c

Want to use some of the nifty machines featured in Library 21c's makerspaces? Here's some general information:

Library 21c has two makerspaces, Make and Make II.

InformationIn order to use any machine in either space, you must first contact us to make an appointment.


  • Make is intended for creative projects that do not require hand or power tools
  • Make is open to the public, but you must first check in with staff
  • Users must have a library card
  • Users must sign a liability waiver

Make II

  • Make II is intended for fabrication projects that require hand or power tools, emit fumes, or use advanced machinery
  • Make II is used by appointment only
  • Users must have a library card
  • Users must sign a liability waiver AND take the Makerspace Safety Class

Click here for more information about our makerspaces
Click here to visit our Creative Computer Commons (C3) website


Video room

I can't find any information on the video room at 21C

Hi there. Please visit this

Hi there. Please visit this link for information on our Center for Public Media:



I don't understand why the Safety Class and most other events are only on the weekday. This new library looks awesome, but too bad I can't fully use it.


Hi Julia,

Thank you for letting us know you're interested in us offering classes on the weekends. We have been trying to find as many ways to make these spaces accessible to as many people as possible. One of the reasons we started off with classes during the weekdays at all different times was because we have a few more staff available on those days. We will try to get weekend classes up and available as soon as we can.


While this is intriguing, what exactly do you offer here? no list of machines or services provided seem to be on your site. What nifty machines?

Hi there. Here's a link to

Hi there. Here's a link to our equipment in the makerspace:

Sorry I didn't include that information on this entry. I'll add a link to the entry now. Thanks for the heads up!