Learn Language Quickly with Mango

Learn Language Quickly with Mango

Did you know we have a fun, fast, and easy language learning program called Mango Languages? It is available for free to Pikes Peak Library District patrons.

Mango is the easiest and most effective way to learn to speak a foreign language and is available in two versions:

Mango Basic:
Perfect for a foreign language beginner, Mango Basic teaches every day greetings, expressions of gratitude, goodbyes, and helpful phrases in a short period of time. The courses, which require only two to five hours of time to complete, are currently available in 22 foreign languages and 14 English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.

Mango Complete:
Mango Complete offers a 100-lesson course that digs much deeper and is designed to provide a more complete understanding of the entire language and culture. It is available in nine foreign language and three ESL courses. Foreign language courses include Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. ESL courses include Polish, Spanish and Portuguese.

You will need a resident PPLD library card and PIN to access Mango Languages.

Click here to try Mango Languages!


Not enough.

Their are not as many languages in Mango Complete as I was told, their only happen to be two of the five languages I want to learn, German and Russian.

Hi there. All languages in

Hi there. All languages in Mango include Basic and Complete 2.0 courses.

Mango Basic teaches simple, practical skills for common, polite conversation situations in only a few short hours.

Complete 2.0
Mango Complete 2.0 teaches in-depth and comprehensive language and grammar skills.

Some languages also include additional content in a Complete 1.0 course.

Complete 1.0
Mango Complete 1.0 courses are aimed at students who want to move beyond basic language skills.

What are the other 3 languages that you would like to see have the additional Complete 1.0 courses? We can check with Mango to see if that is something they are working on.

Mango also welcomes patrons to contact them. If you would like to contact Mango, below is a link for their support site. You can email or call them. Hearing from you might help them decide to add more content.


Thank you for your comment.

Mango Link not working

When I clicked on the "Click here to try Mango Languages!" link above (http://ezproxy.ppld.org:2048/login?url=http://libraries.mangolanguages.c...), I received the following error message:
Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to ezproxy.ppld.org:2048

Are there certain browser requirements? I am using the latest version of Google Chrome.


Hi there. It seems to be

Hi there. It seems to be working now. Please let me know if you still have problems accessing it.

Mango Languages link

The Mango link isn't working. I clicked it on 3 different pages for ppld, and it all said the same thing. It's not working. :) Would it be possible to fix it? Thanks.

Hi Kristen. It seems to be

Hi Kristen. It seems to be working fine now. Try it again and let me know if you still have problems. vfranklyn at ppld dot org.