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OverDrive CyberShelf Downloads now available on Kindle


Pikes Peak Library District is excited to announce that its eBook collection is now compatible with the world’s bestselling eBook reader, the Amazon Kindle. Patrons can now download popular and classic eBooks to a Kindle device or any mobile device running the free Kindle app, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and more. To get started, visit

PPLD also offers eBooks and audiobooks for use on a PC or Mac computer and popular mobile devices such as a smartphone, MP3 player, and eBook reader like the Barnes & Noble Nook and Sony Reader.

Kindle users can browse PPLD’s collection of bestselling and classic eBooks from a PC or Mac computer, check out titles using a library card, and select “Get for Kindle” to deliver eBooks to their Kindle device or any device running the free Kindle app. Users who enjoy eBooks on Kindle will benefit from Amazon’s Whispersync technology that synchronizes notes, highlights and last page read between their Kindle and free Kindle apps.

Watch the video below for a tutorial on checking out eBooks from PPLD’s CyberShelf Downloads onto your Kindle. You can click here for printable instructions.


i can also still check out

i can also still check out regular books and Kindle books, right? thanks!

Yes indeed!

Yes indeed!

kindle question

Thinking of buying one but a friend of mine says; you can borrow from the library free but even when you return it early can't get another one till that due date has expired? Is this right?

Kindle Question/Limit on Kindle downloads?

You can actually have up to 20 things checked out from the cybershelf at once, so this information is incorrect. Your friend MIGHT be thinking of the Amazon Kindle Owner's Lending Library. At PPLD, you can borrow 20 at once.


great, it was a big move for

great, it was a big move for PPLD :)

waterproof camera

e reader

is this just for kindle or can nook users use this too?

Nook users can use CyberShelf

Nook users can use CyberShelf as well. Click on this link for more information:

Hello, Thanks for adding the

Hello, Thanks for adding the Kindle to your list of eReaders. I had two questions. 1.) how often do you add new books to be loaned out? 2.) May we make specific requests for books that you currently do not have available? Much thanks!

New eBooks

Thank you for your inquiry. We generally add books a couple of times a month. You can search for new books by selecting advanced search and using the drop down menu for date added.

To suggest a title, please go to the main page of the website. Click on *Get Titles Not in The Catalog* under the question on the left *How Do I?* Select the link under question #3 and log in with your card number and last name. Under format, choose CyberShelf eBook download or CyberShelf eAudio download.

Some publishers and authors do not make titles available for the library market. There are many titles that are available from vendors that we cannot purchase. Hopefully, the titles in which you are interested will be available.

Thank you again.


I may be missing something either here or at Amazon...but how do I renew a book for another 3 week term? Or do I need to return it and check it out again? Thanks!

Returning books

You can also return books through your Amazon account.

Kindle return date

I can not find the due date for returning my Kindle library book. Where should i look? Thanks!

Kindle books

Thanks so much for giving us access to books for our Kindles. I've used it already and I think it's a great addition to a great library.

Kindle eBook Return

I asked this question while at the library - about how to return an eBook on Kindle.
I went home and downloaded several Library Books.. and found that in the Manage your Kindle area, the books show up.. and under the Action buttons... there is an option to Return the book.

Also.. for they other persons question... when I clicked the Cybershelf button Get it on Kindle.. my browser
(Chrome) opened a new tab to my Amazon Account and a page showing the book I had selected...
There was yello button to the right that said Get Library Book.. and when I clicked on that.. it took me to a new page that said my book had been downloaded (My kindle flickered almost immediately)
The last page.. was a page full of 1 Click purchases... you don't want to click them.. or you will buy them.

Anyway... I thought I would let you know.. since this program is so new..

Thanks for having Kindle books at the Library!!!

Kathleen Sheridan

Early return


I just bought a Kindle and was wondering if I finished a book before the due date, is there a way to return the book "earlY'.

kindle book check out

When I clicked on "get for kindle" it went straight to my amazon account and had a 1-click check-out, which I did (my mistake). I was charge 4.99 for the book. What did I do wrong? THanks!

Hi there. Give us a call at

Hi there. Give us a call at 389-8968. Perhaps there were two buttons with 1-click: a 1-click purchase button and a "get library book" button and you clicked the wrong one?


I may finally have to buy a Kindle. Can you answer some basic questions about this service...

1. Is it free?
2. How large is the selection of books?
3. How long can you keep the books on your Kindle?

Yeah the kindle actually

Yeah the kindle actually looks pretty good nowadays. I think I might have to get one too. Soon. kat

Hi Al, 1. Yes 2. 5122 Kindle

Hi Al,

1. Yes
2. 5122 Kindle titles, 2403 are available right now.
3. You can choose to keep the title for either 1, 2, or 3 weeks.

Hope this helps!

YES! Thank you for being at

YES! Thank you for being at the forefront of technology! My wife and I have been dealing with major issues with the OverDrive app and now don't have to mess with it. Love this!


I've already checked out a book using this. It's very easy and quick!


Thank you for this. I've heard about this service but didn't know how to use it. Thank you so much for putting these instructions on here. I really appreciate it.