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PPLD Awarded El Pomar Challenge Grant for 21st Century Library Campaign

PPLD Awarded El Pomar Challenge Grant for 21st Century Library Campaign

At a special event held at Penrose Library on Wednesday, February 13, El Pomar Foundation announced it had approved a challenge grant of $750,000 to support the Library’s Tri-Building Project to create a 21st Century library system, which will bring significant improvements to Pikes Peak Library District.

The funds from El Pomar are earmarked for use at PPLD’s Penrose Library, but the funds will allow for wider District-wide improvements at PPLD, including renovations and upgrades at PPLD’s East Library and the opening of a new facility in 2014 at 1175 Chapel Hills Drive as well. PPLD’s new facility will feature content creation areas for creative professionals, business incubation and hoteling space for small businesses and nonprofits, enhanced areas for job seekers to find career assistance, and much more!

El Pomar’s generous grant will allow the Library to move forward on construction and renovation in 2013, with a projected opening of the new facility in 2014. The challenge grant is contingent upon The Pikes Peak Library District Foundation raising $3.15 million by January 1, 2016.


Finding a library book by title or author

What happened to the format where I could see if a certain book is available? I have spent an hour trying to figure out how to do this with a new format that makes no sense. I was searching for "When the Cheering Stopped: The Last Years of Woodrow Wilson by James Smith. I have looked through 27 pages of titles by authors that have either the name of James Smith, James, or Smith and that is of no help.
It was a very user friendly format before. Now it is useless.

Hi there. The book you are

Hi there. The book you are looking for is not a part of our collection. It was published in 1964 and is authored by Gene Smith, not James Smith.

However, we can get this item for you on Interlibrary Loan (ILL), if you would like. It usually takes around 6 weeks for an ILL item to arrive. If you would like to do this, please contact us at 389-8968 and we'll take care of you.

We're sorry you had a bad experience with the Catalog. Overall, we find that patrons are very happy with it. However, it can be frustrating when we don't carry a title. Feel free to refer to this page when you can't find a title:

I hope this helps!

IT needs to look at the business kicking off the newest glinch

On the first day of spring March 20th About 230 PM I found the computer on the end of the meeting room opposite the bathroom side open. I lost my work because the computer kicked me of when I had 9 minute and some seconds left, before using my 58 minutes. I lost my computer Because someone made a reservation. He treated me I like I was the interloper when I returned from the bathroom and getting print outs. And the machine was restarting.

There was a mother yelling at her daughter and making the youngster cry across from me she left, after about 10 minutes. Leaving me the second to last to enter use of the computer. But the others stayed the first computer which you can fully see as walking by Business section, in front of the librarian desk. Each the guy and the woman had a special built no arms for fast transfer wheel chair parked long the section. so their was no mistaken they were there when I walked up. I started to write a page newsletter. What I lost, because of the glinch. The others I past, had been there since I sit down.

I told a librarian Dan, that the machines goofed that I was improperly kicked off. The second to last on and the first one off, before my time was up. He seemed to understand and said he would report it to the IT dept. I went back onto the other computer in the room. Where it said I had something like nine minutes and 36 seconds from my first 58 minutes. After a minute I went out and two different guys were one with a pony tall, or long brown hair pulled back I talked to the other guy. Who MISTAKENLY told me the computer acted right in kicking me out before giving me time to send the work to my email. I got loud and explained that Dan who had been there a minute ago, at least understood the flaw. His tone improved.

Now unless the goof is known, it cannot be fixed. Those two where at the the computer as were the people I walked by when I got printed matter, when I got kicked off. This might not be the first time it happened. It is my first time being the second to last on and first off. But someone else told me they were the first kicked of after using here entire 58 minutes. I did not use my entire first 58 minutes! If this happens to someone with money you are going to have a pissed person there who might be able to afford a lawyer- So its better to fix it now then wait for an perturbed person.

Thanks for reporting

Thank you for reporting this problem to us. I will have my staff take a look at it and make sure the program is working correctly.


Carolyn Coulter
Information Technology and Virtual Services Officer, PPLD

A thought

It would be really cool if you had a video showing how the 3D printer worked.

3D Printer in Action

It's a great thought and something we can easily do. Watch for new footage in the coming weeks.

El Pomar challenge

This challenge grant offers great opportunity to keep the library's goals in public view.