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PPLD TV music video honored

Zooglobble, a popular and comprehensive website for kids' music news, reviews, and interviews, has selected a PPLD TV production as one of the Top 10 Kids Music Videos of 2011: "Bartleby Finkleton Will Not Take a Bath”, written and performed by Colorado Springs musician Steve Weeks.


Way to go, Weeks!

We love Steve Weeks, and this video is funny! I liked his standing next to the dumpster with the trash flying out and the creativity of Bartleby making a "trash guitar"--super ideas!

We enjoy listening to him on satellite radio "Kids Place Live." Congrats on the honor, Steve!

PPLD, please let us know when Steve is going to be performing in the Springs! Thanks.

He'll be performing at the

He'll be performing at the MAT April 7th and 8th.