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Old Colorado City Library will be closed Sat., July 2 - Thurs., July 7 due to floor refinishing. Hits 10,000 Entries! has reached a major milestone: 10,000 entries! PPLD staff has contributed a staggering amount of information to the website in the three years it has been around in this iteration, making an accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive representation of Pikes Peak Library District as a whole. Join us in congratulating our hard-working staff on this great accomplishment!


Using Catalog

I'm not impressed. The catalog is almost useless for browsing subjects, it seems to be corrupted, or entries listed by people unfamiliar with subject matter. For example: type in the phrase "new poetry" and you get three pages of books that are teen fiction and other irrelevant entries, with about 6 books of poetry, none of them published within the current year... Unless I know the author's name or book title, using your catalog is useless to me.

Hi there. You can search for

Hi there. You can search for new poetry by selecting 'subject' as the search field and typing in poetry. You can then limit your results to publication date 2012-2013 on the left side of the page towards the bottom. Then you should get about 230 results. For more search tips, click here:

Just to clarify, this entry regarded, not, which is run by an outside vendor and is much larger than 10,000 entries.

I like it!

I just thought I'd say that I think the "new" catalog is awesome!!! It makes so much more sense now with all the limiting options.


Well done, PPLD!!! I'm so proud of how far you've all brought your services! Truly the best sanctuary in town for all of us Bibliophiles!