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Self-Check Machines Will Require PIN

Beginning on Monday, December 3, 2012, all PPLD self-check machines will require the use of your patron PIN.

Why do I need a PIN?

A PIN (Personal Identification Number) protects your library card from unauthorized use. In the event that your card is lost or stolen, we have provided you with an extra layer of protection. The Library enabled this feature to help ensure the privacy of your Library account.

Your PIN is required when you:

  • Login to My Account on the Library‚Äôs web page
  • Check out items at a self-check station
  • Login to reserve and use a Library computer
  • Place holds on items


Not Actual Security

Maybe you shouldn't say it protects from unauthorized use given that anyone can check out with a librarian, no PIN necessary. I found this out the hard way today when someone stole my daughter's library card and used it to take out items, and I learned that now I'm responsible for any fines.
This false sense of security led me to believe that if she lost her card they couldn't use it, because they wouldn't know the PIN. Maybe you should do a better job informing people that there is no real protection from fraud here.

It is important to report

It is important to report that the Library card has been stolen immediately so that staff can make sure it is not used again at self check or at the circulation desk. If the card is reported stolen, no charges accrue. Please contact Sean at 531-6333 x 2388 to give him more details so that he may be able to assist you further.

Sydne Dean
Associate Director of Public Services

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pin required for checkout

I don't mind having to put in my pin to check out books at the self-check machine, but the touchscreen does not allow for any privacy. It is very easy for anyone to see your pin.

PIN security

I felt very vulnerable as I entered my PIN code at self-checkout for the first time last week. This very visible screen goes against all the cautions we have been given about keeping PIN codes private. Good to learn about the circulation desk option. I think that may be the way to go.

Pin on checkouts

Unfortunately, the nature of these self-checks makes it difficult to hide the screen and still be able to see it for use-they just aren't designed like an ATM machine. However, in order for anyone to compromise your library account, they would need BOTH your library card number and your PIN, which isn't likely to happen. If you are still nervous about the process, you may go to the circulation desk to check out.


Carolyn Coulter
IT Officer

I like the idea of more

I like the idea of more security. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be too difficult to get someone's account number from a hold slip and with the pin being so easily visible at the kiosks, there is certainly room for mischief. I'd feel better if the holds slips didn't have our account numbers on them and the pin entry was more private.

Thank you for providing such an excellent library system, which is always improving and offers so much to the community! In spite of my concerns here, I must say how much you are appreciated!

PIN's needed for checkout

Good news: Library acct #'s are not on hold sllps, so someone's pin and a hold slip cannot allow access to someone else's account.