Teen Writing Contest!

Teen Writing Contest!

The deadline for submission to the Teen Writing Contest has passed. We got some great entries this year! Thanks to all the participants.

Winners will be contacted by phone on or before August 8, 2014.

For more details, take a look at the submission form below.

Teen Fiction Writer's Contest 2014 Submission Form.pdf195.53 KB


And I'm allowed to enter more

And I'm allowed to enter more than one story, right?

Only one

I'm pretty sure you are only allowed to enter one story.

Teen Writers Contest

There is no rule against more than one entry this year, although that may change in the future.

Number of Contestant

So how many people do you estimate have entered?


We've had over 50 entries!

Number of Contestants

I was going to ask the same thing. I would love to know!

Question about copies

I have written a historical fiction story about post-WW2 Germany and I had a few questions. I know that I need to submit two copies, is it alright if one of those is in Swedish or German? Or should that be a separate copy from the two original copies? OR should I just disregard the translated copy?

language of essay

Sorry for the delay of our reply. We need both copies of the essay in English.

Hi, I turned in my story

Hi, I turned in my story yesterday at the east library. I don't think the librarian in the teen center knew what to do with it. Is there a way to confirm that it indeed was turned in to the correct place?

Last year when I submitted my

Last year when I submitted my story I got a similar reaction, but the judges at Rockrimmon definitely received it. I wouldn't worry if I was you. :) Good luck!


I am most definitely going to win this!!!!

An Epic Writer


Are there aloud to be any mild cuss words?

Teen Fiction Writers Contest

There are no particular rules regarding strong language. However, since the winning stories will be posted on the PPLD website, you may want to consider substituting non-offensive terms. Thanks for your interest!

Is it 2,500 words with

Is it 2,500 words with spaces, or without?

Hi there. Just count the

Hi there. Just count the number of words in the story. Spaces don't matter.

Oh! So it's just counting the

Oh! So it's just counting the words, not the individual letters? That makes everything a whole lot easier. :D