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Pro tools would be incredible, a small/affordable USB interface, simple pair of speakers and you bypass studio time and truly learn at your leisure and pace.


We actually have ProTools available in our recording booth, and you can reserve it as if you are reserving Studio 21c. All you need is a library card and to take our Studio Orientation class. You can find the next course at

Hi, I have worked in TV and cut my teeth on Final Cut Pro. I am just now getting into the latest version of Final Cut 10.3. I know there are classes at 21c specifically for Adobe Premier. Is there anyone there who would be willing to go through the basics of the latest Final Cut 10? I am hoping there is a class that has been added for FC10 or that someone there has knowledge of it and would be willing to answer a few questions. Thank you to anyone who knows about FC 10 at Studio 21c. I am really looking forward to being a part of the program there. -- Meteorologist and Videographer Greg Berman

Hi Greg,
My name is Roland Clements and I am one of the editors here at Studio 21c and I am fairly proficient in FCX. I would be happy to assist however, I am about to go on a long needed vacation and will be out for a bit. Usually, when folks ask me about Final Cut X I direct them to this excellent on-line instructional video that I feel covers the basics very well (as good if not better than I could). Here is the link If you are interested in checking it out.

Additionally, I also recommend checking out through the Library. If you have a PPLD library card you can access it for free. If you are not familiar with then you need to check it out. It has thousands of professional video tutorials on editing, camera, lighting , audio etc. I highly recommend it. The link for through the library is below

If you have additional questions or want to just do a one-on-one session contact me back at and I would be more than happy to help.

Best to you,

Do allow MMO plugins such as glyph and arc so that people can play games Such as Archeage or World of Warcraft?

MMOs are not installed on the systems due to the high number of updates needed for these games. The systems would be off line for extended periods to perform these updates on a daily basis, and cut down time for all patrons to access them.

Any plans to add Adobe Captivate to the tools available at the library? This would be a great tool to have.


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