The C3 Studio 21c, formerly the Center for Public Media (CPM), at Library 21c combines technology and training in audio and video production for patrons of PPLD. The resources of the media center are designed to build skills, encourage enterprise, and create and disseminate new local content. Patron use of Center for Public Media space and equipment is entirely optional and voluntary and is for purposes of recreation, education, and/or self-improvement.

Studio personnel are on site to support use of the studio. Their assistance is limited to providing or coordinating training opportunities, scheduling equipment and spaces, and overseeing operations while these resources are in use.

Completion of a Studio Orientation Class is required for anyone wishing to utilize studio space or equipment. Additional classes, tutorials, and learning opportunities are available and may be required prior to patrons booking independent studio time. Certifications are granted in specific areas related to use of the center via educational and skill-building opportunities. Certifications are noted on a patron’s library card following the registration and completion of a studio course. The number of courses required prior to booking independent studio time or checking out studio equipment is specific to each patron and project and depends on skill level and project goals. Patrons wishing to check out equipment more advanced than a Go Pro camera or Zoom recorder must take a Studio Camera Class.

Patron appointments for studio time and equipment check out are made via online forms. Reservations for studio time and equipment check out must be submitted at least 7 days in advance of the date of request. There is no guarantee of the availability of studio time or equipment. Patrons may have one studio session scheduled at any given time, not to exceed 8 hours per month (excluding classes and trainings). Set-up and tear down of sets and equipment must occur within the timeframe of the studio session. Patrons must complete a Project Log prior to the end of their studio session, and must return each piece of equipment used to the A/V cart provided by staff by the end of the session. Please wrap cables, pack microphones with their accessories, and return equipment to its proper resting place.

Patrons ages 14 and older may attend training, receive certification, and book studio time. Patrons ages 9 and older may use the equipment in the studio. Patrons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or adult. Equipment for check out is available to patrons age 18 and older. Patrons under the age of 18 must have an adult sign for equipment loans.

Patrons must have a valid PPLD library card. Colorado Library Card users (card numbers beginning with a 7) may attend classes and book studio time but cannot check out equipment.

Covered drinks are allowed in the Studio. Please keep them away from equipment. Food is not permitted.

PPLD reserves the right to halt, delete, or disallow the creation of items that violate PPLD policies, including those that involve weapons, pornography, or other illegal material.

If a patron sees that any piece of equipment is unsafe or in a state of disrepair, the patron must immediately discontinue use of the tool and notify PPLD staff. The patron must report any accident or incident that occurs in the Video Studio or Director’s Booth to a staff member.

The patron is responsible to pay any charges or fees for use of equipment, material, and supplies provided by PPLD, and for all loss or damage to PPLD property or clean- up expense. PPLD is not responsible for any damage to, or loss or theft of, the user’s property. See PPLD’s Lost and Found Guidelines.

All patrons utilizing space and equipment in the Center for Public Media must have a signed agreement and release of liability on file. Patrons under the age of
18 must have a legal guardian or legally responsible party sign.

Video Studio & Audio Booth

The Center for Public Media houses a video production and audio recording studio, audio isolation and voiceover booth, and director’s booth. Training in these spaces includes studio lighting, studio sound, camera operation, audio recording and mixing, directing, and producing. A current list of training sessions can be found here.

Audio & Video Editing

Library 21c provides both Mac and PC terminals for audio and video editing. These stations have an array of software options for public use. Reference materials and online tutorials are available for all software options. Small group training sessions are offered on select software applications. Online tutorials are also offered for PPLD patrons via Lynda.com.

Editing bays are reserved through PPLD’s computer reservation system. The terminals can be reserved for a 6-hour period once daily, with an option for a second session if unfilled. The editing stations can be reserved up to a week in advance. After patrons log off the computer, the memory will be cleared. Please be sure to save your work externally. PPLD is not responsible for equipment or files left behind.

Equipment Check Out

The Center for Public Media has equipment available for check out. Use of the equipment requires certification in camera operation and other skills as appropriate. Loan periods and terms vary.

  • Go Pro Mountable Camera contains a small Go Pro camera and accessories.
  • Mobile Video Kit I contains a professional video camera, tripod, wireless microphone, light, and editing laptop.
  • Mobile Video Kit II contains a professional video camera, tripod, and microphones.
  • H4n Zoom Recorder Kit contains a handheld digital audio recorder and accessories.

The Venue

The Venue is a versatile meeting and performance space available to the public. It is equipped with professional lighting, audio, and projection systems and accommodates groups as large as 400. Supported by the Center for Public Media, PPLD offers trainings in the Venue in theater lighting, theater sound, and production management.

PPLD Broadcast and Webcast Policy

Programming for PPLD TV comes from a variety of sources: acquisition from local or national distributors (paid or unpaid), donated by an individual or organization, produced by PPLD’s Center for Public Media, or contracted through an outside producer. The following considerations must be met for all content:

  1. All programming must have free and clear broadcast/webcast rights and will be selected in accordance with ALA's Library Bill of Rights and PPLD's Collection Development Policy
  2. Content must be appropriate for broadcast, in keeping with FCC guidelines, and of interest to viewers in the Pikes Peak region.
  3. Must be non-commercial in content as specified under the cable franchise.
  4. Cannot contain a solicitation for monetary or electoral support for any organization or individual.

Procedure for Use of Studio 21c Film Collection

The film collection and other historic material in the Center for Public Media collection are available to the public to use through the following procedures:

  1. All material and transfer costs will be paid by the patron making the request.
  2. If the material is to be used in a video or multi-media production, a fee of $1 per finished second will be charged for use of the material. This fee will be waived for use by any local television stations, partner organizations, or government entities.
  3. A credit that states "Historic film provided by Pikes Peak Library District" must appear in the credits.
  4. A video copy of the finished program must be provided to PPLD with documentation for use for programming or archival purposes.

Policy for Producing PPLD TV Programs

Requests for video production support are considered using the following criteria:

  1. All production projects must advance the mission of PPLD.
  2. All projects must be non-commercial, with no solicitation content.
  3. Availability of resources and priority of projects will be determined by PPLD. Internal PPLD requests receive priority status for review. They are considered based on archival value, broadcast value, and strategic value of the project.
  4. Community-based or partnership production requests are considered based on
    1. Appropriateness of program content for broadcast.
    2. Pertinence of subject matter to viewers in the Pikes Peak region.
    3. Archival value of program content.
  5. Collaborative value to PPLD.
  6. A signed Collaboration Agreement and all appropriate release forms and waivers must be executed prior to any production work.

Procedure for Producing Programs

  1. A completed Collaboration Agreement is required for a project to be considered.
  2. A meeting with the Center for Public Media Team to determine project timeline, resources, and client requirements must take place before work begins.
  3. Once the request is approved, appropriate release forms and waivers must be secured in order for production to begin.


Under "Audio & Video Editing" above, it's mentioned: "Online tutorials are also offered for PPLD patrons via Lynda.com."

Are tutorials beyond this subject available to patrons from Lynda.com?

Today I found out that at Library 21c, ages eleven and under have to have an adult with them. I am a very good and responsible nine year old. But when I was off to charge my tablet, a security guard stopped me and asked how old I am. So I said I am nine years old. Then he said I have to be with a older guardian. And now they are following us and watching us from afar. And I thought this place was wonderful!

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