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Friends of Cheyenne Mountain Library

For those of you still mourning the loss of real bookstores, the library has an added perk besides its free books to borrow. Donations brought in by our patrons are sold at the Friends of Cheyenne Mountain Library Book Store located just inside the quiet reading room. The library is wonderful but there are times you just want to own that book you take on vacation or underline for the book club. While you can’t count on finding a specific title, the serendipity of exploring for unexpected treasures has its own rewards and you can’t beat the price of a dollar paperback for the pool or plane ride.

Prices: $3 for hardbacks, $2 for large paperbacks, $1 for small paperbacks and 50 cents for magazines. DVDs and CDs are also sometimes available.

It’s a great place to shop for your reading pleasure!

We accept donations of gently used adult and children’s books.The proceeds go to support our children’s programs, buy craft supplies, and fund hospitality needs for our Senior programs and volunteers. The Cheyenne Friends have also donated funds to the Cheyenne expansion into our present location and other district building projects.

Click here to learn more about the Friends of the Pikes Peak Library District.


What's New!

Summer Adventure Survey

We want to hear from you! From July 15 - August 11, the Library is running an online survey to understand how patrons benefit from summer reading and activities. Your feedback will help us provide resources and services that are valuable to the community. The survey is anonymous and does not collect any personally identifiable information.

Thank you for your time!

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PPLD invites you to participate in our 1st Annual Bumps, Books, ‘n Babies Resource Fair on Sat., Sept. 28 from 1:30 - 4:30 p.m. at Library 21c.


Click here for vendor application form.


Parents of babies and those who are expecting or trying to conceive:

Connect with local resources and services that make the parenting journey easier and give babies a bright beginning! This free family event will feature a variety of local exhibitors representing baby- and pregnancy-focused community groups and businesses from a variety of sectors, including wellness, safety, early literacy, parenting groups, and playdates. Talk to resource professionals and get giveaways!

There will be lots more fun to be had, including a maternity/family photo shoot with the Library 21C Studio green screen, mini massages, Q&A Panels and presentations on a variety of topics, and mini programs too!

• Baby Time
• Babywearing Dance Party
• Baby & Me Yoga
• DIY Baby Toy Crafts
• Baby Sign Language

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Join Dr. Wanda and Ron Cousar for an interactive program on the history of the Blues, including writing a Blues song.

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Sidewalk Chalk Festival

The community is invited to join us for our 3rd Annual Sidewalk Chalk Festival! We will have face painting, food trucks, and chalk artists along the sidewalk in front of the Cheyenne Mountain Library and neighboring businesses.

  • When: Sat., Aug. 3, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • Where: Cheyenne Mountain Library, 1785 S 8th St. #100
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    Maker in Residence Chloe Brown: Zines and the History of Independent Publishing

    Have you ever heard of zines? Zines are a type of self-published, hand-assembled booklets often used for self-expression and idea sharing. This course will introduce, discuss, and briefly outline the history of American independent publishing, followed by a hands-on demonstration in which attendees will create their own zines!

    Please help ensure that other patrons have the opportunity to participate in this program by only registering for one session.

    Please also visit with ChloeBee Brown and create more zines in a drop-in setting at Library 21c for Meet the Maker in Residence on select dates from July 8 - August 14!

    For as long as ChloeBee can remember, she has expressed herself creatively through art. As a multidisciplinary visual artist, professional tarot reader, and performance artist, ChloeBee needed an outlet for her diverse creative expression and found her niche with zines. Chloe's mission is to empower workshop participants to use zines as a means to highlight their thoughts, feelings, art and communities; to educate others on the importance of free speech; and, to display all the ways we are creatively inclined.

    Class Dates:

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    Summer Adventure

    Have an adventure with Pikes Peak Library District this summer! Kids and teens (ages 0 - 18) can win prizes through reading and activities, and we will be hosting many free, fun events. You can track your progress online or with game cards available at all PPLD locations.

    The adventure runs from June 1 - July 31. You can register now at

    Be in the know! Sign up to receive weekly event emails for ages 0 - 18 in June and July. Unsubscribe at any time.


    Game Cards

    You can track online, pick up a game card at any location, or print one of these black-and-white game cards and get started.

    Summer Adventure Game Prizes

    Please pick up your prizes from any PPLD location no later than Wed., July 31.

    Children (ages 0 - 3, 4 - 7, and 8 - 12)
    12-year-olds can choose to play either the Children’s game or the Teen game.

    • 1st Prize: Summer Adventure book bag
    • 2nd Prize: Galaxy Squishy Dough (0 - 3) or Mars Comet Slime (4 - 7 and 8 - 12)
    • 3rd Prize: Book and an entry into the grand prize drawing
    • Grand Prize Drawing*: Six-month gift subscription to activity crates from (participants can continue reading after game completion to earn up to four additional entries into the grand prize drawing).

    Teens (ages 12 - 18)
    12-year-olds can choose to play either the Children’s game or the Teen game.

    • 1st Prize: Teen drawstring bag
    • 2nd Prize: Teen book or journal
    • 3rd Prize: Teen t-shirt and entry into the grand prize drawing
    • Grand Prize Drawing*: Chromebook™ (participants can continue reading after game completion to earn up to four additional entries into the grand prize drawing)

    *Each age group will have multiple winners throughout the District.

    How to Play the Game

    Ages 0 - 12

    1. Earn points by reading or doing activities! Earn one point per minute read or 30 points per activity completed. Participants may finish the entire game through reading, or a do a combination of reading and activities.
    2. Participants must complete all three levels to finish the game. Visit any library to redeem points and pick up prizes. Please pick up prizes no later than July 31.
    3. Once finished, participants are also automatically entered into the grand prize drawing!
    4. There are four bonus levels. Participants must continue to read after finishing the game in order to complete the bonus levels. For each additional 180 minutes read, participants get their name into the grand prize drawing again. Finishing all four bonus levels means that a participant has a total of five entries in the drawing.
    5. Participants may use either their game card or their online Beanstack account (or both!) to log their points, both for the game and the bonus levels. Library staff and volunteers can help with online logging, if needed.

    Ages 12 - 18

    1. Read books or complete activities to earn points.
    2. Record time or books read and/or activities completed on the game card.
    3. Add up your points under the rocket on the game card to track your progress and see when you have won a prize! You earn a prize after earning 500, 1,000, and 1,500 points.
    4. You can log your progress at or come to the library and staff or volunteers will log for you.
    5. When you win a prize, come in to any PPLD location to pick up your prize.
    6. Finished the game? You are automatically entered into the grand prize drawing! Then keep reading. For each extra 180 points you earn, you get another entry to win the grand prize: a Chromebook™! You may earn up to four additional entries into the grand prize drawing.

    Beanstack FAQs:

    Have more questions about Beanstack? Email

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    Join Glenda Crawford, a certified KonMari Consultant, for programs on minimalism and home organization.

    A Look at Minimalism: Simplify your Life and Home
    If you are overwhelmed and stressed by your life, have too much stuff in your home, and want to regain control, you don’t want to miss this presentation. Come join us for an informative session on minimalism, how to simplify your life, and declutter your home. Registration required.

    Marie Kondo Tidying 101: Bring Joy and Organization to Your Home
    Find out why you can’t keep your house in order and why decluttering room by room or little by little doesn’t work. Learn how to tidy your home using the KonMari Method - decluttering and organization techniques for lasting results that will transform your lifestyle and bring you joy. Registration required.

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    Pikes Peak Library District is pleased to announce the selected titles for All Pikes Peak Reads 2019!

    Our selected adult title is TransAtlantic by Colum McCann. The book explores themes of crossings, peace, multiculturalism, identity, friendship, and memory. PPLD will use these themes while planning programs of community interest.

    We have also selected a book of poetry, Citizen Illegal by Jose Olivarez. Our young adult and children’s title is Nowhere Boy by Katherine Marsh. Both the selected Young Adult and Children's title and book of poetry explore similar themes.

    This fall we will again present a variety of programs to the community including author visits, film screenings, community discussions and panel presentations, theater productions, workshops, music programs, and more. We will be undertaking many of these with our community partners.

    We are delighted that our selected authors will be able to join us in the Fall. Colum McCann will be visiting in October, Katherine Marsh will visit on Oct. 24, and Jose Olivarez will visit in November.

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    Two free downloads. Text syncya to 25827

    SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens that gives away two complete audiobook downloads a week!

    Check out what titles are coming up this summer and sign up for alerts at! You can also text SYNCYA to 25827 to receive alerts about new titles!

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    Pikes Peak Library District is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Jean Ciavonne Poetry Contest for Children:

    Colin Bevan - "Bahamas"
    Mayah Bolenbaugh - "The Essence of Warmth"
    Eva Goroski - "Bioluminescent Beach at Night"
    Brody Karr - "Papayalulu Paradise"
    Sally Peterson - "The Mystical Land"
    Jana Yuschalk - "Darkling Dwabidisador"

    By Colin Bevan

    Fisherman rip tonight’s dinner from the ocean
    Bloody hands filet the dead fish
    Smells of fresh fish turns my head
    Salt fills the air rusting old boats
    Charcoal beach fires cook todays catch
    Warm water surrounds my feet
    Small birds run from the waves
    Boats dot the horizon for miles
    Paradise, I hope I never leave

    The Essence of Warmth
    By Mayah Bolenbaugh

    Firewood receives the spark
    Steam rises from the bread, fresh from the oven
    Soft snuggle from a purring kitten
    Sip a large mug of cider under a changing tree in the fall
    Enter a cabin to kick off winter’s freeze
    Submerge in hot springs as the snowflakes dance
    Comfort and serenity, as the shower pours through your hair
    Earth is nourished by the elements
    Now the sand takes in the sun
    The day’s last hour bathed in dark orange sunshine on a summer’s day

    Bioluminescent Beach at Night
    By Eva Goroski

    Twilight creeps up the coast
    Waiting for the moon to come with a gleam
    Shells adorn the beach like jewels
    Stars twinkle and glimmer like diamonds
    Tide pools shine with a radiant beam
    The ocean has an eerie glow
    Bioluminescent dinoflagellates show off in a chain of lights

    Papayalulu Paradise
    By Brody Karr

    I dream of a land called Papayalulu
    It’s a tasty paradise for me and you-you
    It’s hard to get to - this is true-true
    First you must make a papaya canoe-noe
    Row your canoe-noe to the end of the sea
    And soon Papayalulu you will see

    As papaya trees sway in the papayamint breeze
    You can paddle down to the Papaya Juice River with ease
    You can even lean over and take a sip
    But better take care - your canoe-noe might tip
    Look out! What’s that I hear?
    It’s Papaya Juice Falls - better stay clear!

    Safe at last upon the shore
    What’s that sound I cant ignore?
    It’s the singing papaya birds high in the trees
    A song so sweet my ears it does please
    I think I’ll stay a while in this land
    Papayalulu is oh so grand!

    The Mystical Land
    By Sally Peterson

    I know a place, not far away
    It glistens and it gleams.
    I go there every time I sleep
    It’s called the “Land of Dreams.”

    So when I sleep I don’t count sheep
    Or toss and turn in vain.
    I just fly to the “Land of Dreams”
    In my one-man twinbed plane.

    Each night I fly right out the door
    And pass the moon and sun.
    I’m going to the “Land of Dreams”
    To have some dream like fun.

    And when I land on snow white sand
    A lovely sight I see.
    A wondrous civilization is
    Stretched out in front of me.

    A mountain looms above you
    If you look to the west.
    On the east there is a river
    And a town where you can rest.

    There are bubbles in the air
    That are floating in the breeze.
    You can smell the scent of honey,
    And hear the rustling trees.

    Then my views were interrupted
    By a woman clad in white.
    She was the noble Queen
    Of this land of truth and right.

    “Welcome” she said. “Welcome
    Won’t you come to my estate”
    And she pointed to a castle
    With a shiny marble gate.

    “Of course” I said, “how gracious,
    How could I refuse?”
    We started towards the castle
    And she told me all the news.

    We walked into the town
    Where the buildings stand so tall.
    Everything is vibrant
    From the big to really small.

    The people there wear brilliant robes
    Of many different hues.
    There are feathers on their hats
    And feathers on their shoes.

    Aromas that are new
    Are wafting towards my face.
    I wonder what the food is like
    In this amazing place.

    We came to a kiosk
    Where a man was selling food.
    The food was shaped like balls
    Some were red and some were blue.

    They tasted sweet and juicy,
    And suddenly I knew!
    They were little berries,
    And in the fields they grew.

    A woman selling flowers
    Gave me a bouquet.
    It smelled just like sweet roses
    In my wildflower spray.

    The red flowers were the largest.
    The blue flowers were large, too.
    The yellow flowers were tiny.
    My favorites were the blue.

    We entered a cute clothes shop
    Filled with rows of silk,
    They were soft and they were comfy,
    And smooth and cool like milk.

    I chose a robe with red, blue, and yellow
    For they would match my blooms.
    I got nice shoes and a fine new hat
    With fluffy little plumes.

    Next we went to a pet shop
    And saw a little dog.
    He was not like mine at all, though.
    My dog is brown like a log.

    But this dog had new colors.
    This dog was so bright!
    So were all the other dogs.
    It was a crazy sight!

    I thought the cats were normal
    Until I heard them speak.
    They spoke such perfect English
    I fought the urge to shriek!

    A bird screeched in the background
    And I turned in surprise.
    The bird that was behind me
    Had creepy human eyes.

    The castle was our last stop
    And it was getting late.
    I was getting pretty tired
    When I walked up to the gate.

    The gates were swiftly opened.
    We ran to a bench and sat.
    It was nice to calmly sit there
    And hear the robins chat.

    Said the Queen “Oh heaven help us.
    The feasts about to start”
    We raced inside the castle
    And I couldn't calm my heart.

    I changed my clothes and entered
    The room of the great feast.
    There were many fruits and veggies
    And for meat they had roast beast.

    Many fancy people
    Were invited here to dine.
    Some were very famous.
    All were very fine.

    They all told me hello
    Then sat and ate and ate.
    I listened to their stories
    As I cleaned off my plate.

    A toast was to be done.
    I lifted my cup.
    Then “beep” went my alarm clock
    And quickly I woke up.

    Darkling Dwabidisador
    By Jana Yuschalk

    To bed I went on that ordinary night,
    Not knowing in the morning what I may fight.
    I woke up on a pile of hay,
    Wondering what would fill my day.
    Surprised and frightened, I immediately felt.
    Suddenly, I wished I could just melt.
    It seemed so sunny without any rain.
    Smells of sweat hovered over the plain,
    From jumping creatures who seemed insane.
    The so-called “Dwabis” had a mane.
    No animals were there.
    Not even a bear.
    I was informed, this was Dwabidisador.
    Wow, I really need to study by geography more!
    The Dwabi’s legs were awfully long.
    They jumped then fell, I am not wrong.
    The sound of jumping pounded the ground.
    Their favorite hobby was jumping. That I found.
    The language they spoke was also Dwabidisador.
    At least I don’t need to study my languages much more!
    “Dwabi fell down,” they said over and over again.
    “English without pronouns,” I thought. Until then,
    A young Dwabi who was probably only four,
    Came up and said, “Why don’t you enter that door.”
    I did as he commanded only to find,
    A Dwabi whose name was Filabind.
    He bought me a cupcake with sprinkles on top,
    The smell was so sweet I thought I would pop!
    All that was better than the taste, was the smell.
    It looked and smelled like sweet caramel.
    The taste was Dwabilicious.
    Red velvet without mush.
    After I finished my delectable cupcake,
    I was sure Dwabidisador wasn't fake.
    Then we departed and walked a long ways.
    We entered a place called “Dwabi’s Good Maze”.
    Since Filabind was my guide, he led me through,
    A portal that said, “How do you do?”
    Filled with wonder and awe, I heard a loud, “MOO!”
    Before I knew it, I was back home on our farm.
    Lying in my bed was my noisy alarm,
    Trying to wake me up from my-dream?
    What it was, it filled me with gleam!

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    The Teen Art Contest is for teens and by teens. Teens create the art, and teens determine the winners.

    The theme for our 2019 Teen Art Contest was "Opposites Attract! "

    All of the artwork will be displayed at either Penrose Library, East Library, or Library 21c during the month of April.

    Here are this years winners, which you can also view below!

    Best In Show
    “Poseidon’s Goldfish” by Cole R.

    High School - First Place
    “Opposites Attract” by Isaiah R.

    High School - Second Place
    “A Spectrum” by Preston S.

    Middle School - First Place
    “Steamy” by Teddy K.

    Middle School - Second Place
    “Concrete Jungle” by Ava K.

    Coordinator’s Choice - High School
    “Calm Before the Storm” by Lydia M.

    Coordinator’s Choice - Middle School
    “Strong and Courageous” by Chloe H.

    You can view the winners here:

    Teen Art Contest 2019 Winners

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    Are you thinking about retiring in the next few years? Are you unsure about how health insurance and Medicare will affect you once you turn 65? Are you helping your parents navigate their Medicare coverage? Join us to learn about Medicare and your health insurance options. Come get unbiased information from AAA Senior Insurance Team to help you successfully navigate your transition to Medicare and retirement.

    Registration is required.

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    Pikes Peak Library District sparks development, opportunity, and inspiration for everyone across El Paso County. Whether you've got a young one who's learning to read, or you're a lifelong learner looking for a new skill, the library has something for you.

    We are excited to share stories of how the Library positively impacts the lives of our patrons.

    To tell your story, click here to take our short survey or use the hashtag #shareyourspark on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


    PPLD sparks inspiration. In this video, hear Price Strobidge's story about how the library helped him become Poet Laureate of the Pikes Peak Region.


    PPLD sparks your opportunity. In this video, hear Allan's story about how the Library helped him improve his English language skills and provide him with GED test preparation. Read more about Allan's personal growth and development through the Library in this article from The Gazette.


    PPLD sparks your development. In this video, learn about how our children's areas are free, safe places that encourage development and growth.

    Stay tuned to learn how PPLD can spark your opportunity and your inspiration.

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    Have you heard about auto-renewals? Beginning Mon., Feb. 11, PPLD will save you the step of renewing your checkouts.

    The day before items are due, the library’s system will automatically renew them if there are no holds and they haven’t already been renewed twice.

    There are some exceptions to the materials that can be automatically renewed, including:

    • Rapid Read, Rapid View
    • eBooks, eAudios
    • Equipment
    • Interlibrary Loans

    Patrons will receive an email notice letting them know what, if anything, was renewed as well as the new due date.

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    Overdue books? Fear not. Pikes Peak Library District will no longer charge you for being a little bit late on your returns.

    The library will officially eliminate overdue fines Fri., Feb. 1, just in time for a county-wide celebration of Library Lover’s Month. Patrons will no longer be financially penalized for books that are late in returning to the library.

    “Our mission as an organization is to eliminate barriers to information and resources, not create them,” said Director of Library Services Tim Blevins. “We had a trial run of eliminating overdue fines and didn’t see longer hold times for patrons, but did see a positive impact on borrowing. It makes perfect sense for us to permanently eliminate these fines.”

    Fines, Blevins says, are particularly prohibitive for the community’s most vulnerable families. Plus, overdue fines accounted for less than one percent of the library’s overall revenue in 2017.

    There will still be fees assessed for lost or damaged materials. Materials are considered lost if they are 21 days overdue.

    Additionally, Pikes Peak Library District will roll out automatic renewals later on in Library Lover’s Month. The day before books are due, the library’s system will automatically renew them up to two times, so long as no other patron placed a hold on the material.

    There are some exceptions to the materials that can be automatically renewed, like rapid reads, e-materials, and equipment checkouts.

    “What we’ve seen here, and in library facilities across the country, is that by taking these steps to increase ease of access to materials, use of library resources and checkouts is positively impacted,” Blevins said. “We’re here to help people access the resources they need to achieve their goals. This is just one more way for us to do a better job of achieving that mission.”

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    We want to celebrate your successes! Pikes Peak Library District is looking for stories about how our resources and staff have helped enrich minds, fuel learning and growth, spark imagination and ideas, build community and connections, and/or achieve goals.

    To tell your story, click here and take our short survey.

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    Linda Riley

    PPLD Maker in Residence for January/February 2019, Linda Riley learned to knit when she was a young girl, taught by her granny when growing up the Chicago suburbs. She continually grew her skills and eventually began creating her own unique patterns. Her original designs have been published in both print and online outlets. Her project portfolio ranges from simple items such as hats and scarfs all the way to full size afghans and cable knit sweaters. Mittens are her favorite item to knit!

    Visit PPLD's Maker/Artist in Residence page for more information about this program.

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    The 2018 Teen Fiction Anthology is here!

    Click the link below to read the award winning stories from the 2018 Teen Fiction Writing Contest.

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    Monique Santos

    PPLD's Maker in Residence for July/August 2018 was paper crafting instructor Monique Santos, a Colorado native and enjoys all things “Colorado”! A perfect day would be a morning hike with a friend, cup of coffee, afternoon of playing with the girls and dinner with the family. When she is not busy as a wife and stay at home mom of two daughters 6 & 4 she enjoys being a part of the Colorado Springs community. Whether it be at her daughters school, community centers, crafting events or the library she is passionate about sharing her love for creating.

    She taught classes throughout Pikes Peak Library District, as well as hosted open studio hours at Library 21c.

    Visit PPLD's Maker/Artist in Residence page for more information about this program.

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    The Teen Art Contest is for teens and by teens. Teens create the art, and teens determine the winners.

    The theme for our 2018 Teen Art Contest was "Hidden Beauty." Teens were encouraged to show us where they have found hidden beauty in the ordinary, everyday world.

    All of the artwork will be displayed at either Penrose Library, East Library, or Library 21c during the month of April.

    Here are the winners!

    Best In Show
    Clear by Isabella Huhn

    High School - First Place
    Letting Go by Celine Hanlon

    High School - Second Place
    Masked by Elizabeth Ward

    Middle School - First Place
    Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder by Connor Murdock

    Middle School - Second Place
    Beauty of the Mountain by Adyline Poirson

    Coordinator’s Choice - High School
    Color through Clutter by Rebecca Gearhart

    Coordinator’s Choice - Middle School
    A Shoe by Adia Byron

    You can view the winners here:
    Teen Art Contest 2018 Winners

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    Repair Café Volunteers Needed

    PPLD's Repair Café is in need of BIKE fixers! Fill out a volunteer application at or stop by your local library!

    Repair Café is a neighborhood initiative that promotes repair as an alternative to tossing things out. At a Repair Café you’ll find the tools and materials needed to repair your broken items, as well as knowledgeable volunteers who will show you how to do it. Repair Trainers will offer a diagnosis and suggested remedy for broken items, repairing items when possible and otherwise explaining what parts you may need to obtain to complete the repair.

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    Best Workplaces 2017

    At an awards ceremony on Mon., Nov. 27, 2017 at the Antlers hotel, Pikes Peak Library District was named Best Workplace by The Gazette in the Extra Large Company (300+ employees) category.

    According to The Gazette, PPLD "ranked high among its employees in social responsibility, providing meaningful work, confidence in leadership, being a place workers would recommend to others for employment and operating with strong values and ethics."

    Here is a video The Gazette created, which was shown at the ceremony.

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    Congratulations to the winners of our first All Pikes Peak Writes, PPLD's adult fiction writing contest. You can read the winning entries by clicking here.

    1st Place
    "I Don't Blame Him for Dying" bu Andrew Beasley

    2nd Place
    "Puddle" by Andrea Malcom

    3rd Place
    "The Photograph" by Jacqueline Peveto

    Honorable Mention
    "Apostrophe" by Ariane Peveto

    Honorable Mention
    "Dr. Luckwood" by Jill Long

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    The Teen Art Contest is for teens and by teens. Teens create the art, and teens determine the winners.

    The theme for our 2017 Teen Art Show & Contest was Transformation Teens were encouraged to show us how art impacts your life, or how it transforms the world around you.

    All of the artwork will be displayed at either Penrose Library, East Library, or Library 21c during the month of April. Questions? Contact Becca Phillipsen at (719) 531-6333, x6336 or

    Here are the winners!

    Best in Show

    "Mirror Reflection" by Aleyah B.

    High School

    1st Place: "My Fantasy" by Elizabeth W.
    2nd Place: "Summer Sunsets" by Kaylee T.
    Coordinator’s Choice: "Hands of Time" by Mary R.

    Middle School

    1st Place: "Transportation through Time" by Liberty H.
    2nd Place: "Evolution" by Mikayla R.
    Coordinator’s Choice: "Coy Fish Pond" by Kristine B.

    You can view the winning works here:

    2017 Teen Art Contest Winners

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    Check Out Colorado Backpack

    Reserve your free State Parks Pass and Backpack today by clicking here!

    This program is a partnership with the Colorado Department of Education, State Library, local library systems, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife. It is meant to encourage Coloradans to visit our State Parks and experience all of the great outdoor recreation that this state has to offer.

    Each backpack, which checks out for one week, includes:

    • State park pass hang tag for the rear-view mirror
    • Guide to Your 42 State Parks
    • Binoculars
    • Leave No Trace™ card
    • Colorado Wildlife Guide
    • Activity ideas list
    • Colorado Trees and Wildflower Guide
    • Fishing Basics tip sheet
    • Program evaluation card

    Click here for more information about this program.

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    Books, Beer, & ____

    Pikes Peak Library District and Bristol Brewery are collaborating with a different community organization each month for our Books, Beer, & (____) book club. May is the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society.

    Register by calling (719) 633-6278 or visiting Cheyenne Mountain Library and check out Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    Read the book, then grab a (free with registration) pint of beer at the pub and join us downstairs in the Barrel Room on Saturday, May 12 to discuss the book!

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    PPLD now has Sorenson videophones and Video Relay Service-equipped laptops available for patron use. VRS allows people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-impaired to communicate using American Sign Language through video equipment. It replaces TTY or Text Telephone.

    Videophones are now available at the East Library and Library 21c.

    VRS-equipped laptops are available at the following PPLD locations: Cheyenne Mountain, High Prairie, Manitou Springs, Monument, Old Colorado City, Ruth Holley, and Sand Creek libraries.

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    Beginning Jan. 9, 2017, PPLD will no longer charge fines on overdue children and teen items. Removing overdue fines will provide greater opportunity for children and teens to use the full range of library services. Currently, 15% of children and teen cardholders are blocked from checking out items at the library due to overdue fines.

    Also, overdue fines on DVDs and games will be reduced from 25 cents per day to 10 cents per day.

    PPLD seeks to foster literacy and life-long learning for children and teens. The Library regularly evaluates policies to see what barriers for service exist and evaluates how to eliminate such barriers. The Library’s Board of Trustees approved the new policy at their December meeting.

    Items that will not accrue overdue fines must be designated as “juvenile” or “teen” in the Library catalog. The policy will take effect for any items checked out January 9 or after. Lost item and damage fees will still apply.

    Overdue notices will still be sent as reminders to return Library items. Items not returned within 21 days of the due date will be considered lost, and the full cost of the item will be charged to the patron’s account.

    Click here for more information

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    Add Your Book Review to PPLD.orgHave you read a really great (or really bad) book lately? Tell us all about it! Just fill out this book review form and your review will be posted in the Book Reviews section of

    Happy reviewing!

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    Jo Hart

    PPLD's Maker in Residence for November 2016 was Jo Hart.

    Yearning for a change from her Midwest living Jo moved to Colorado less than 18 months ago. She earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics and a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications. She has worked in the art and design fields throughout her career in the corporate, private, ad agency and not-for-profit sectors. Jo primarily works in clay making sculptural objects with a focus on feminine concerns. Recently she has been making utilitarian pieces and mixing multiple surface decoration techniques to create a balance between discord and harmony. Jo likes to make everyday and if she can’t she is sad.

    Visit PPLD's Maker/Artist in Residence page for more information about this program.

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    The Cheyenne’s Creative Community (CCC) Art Project will be on display for National Arts Month – October 1-29, 2016, at the Cheyenne Mountain Library. This call is open to all 2D and 3D forms of art created by residents (18 years and older) in the 80905 and 80906 zip codes. Please submit up to 3 images by Friday, September 2nd and remember that art that is exhibited in any PPLD library gallery must be suitable for all audiences.

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    PPLD would like to thank Major General Mike and Elinor Ingelido, Carnegie Society Members, for their gift to the children of Cheyenne Mountain Library.

    Thank You

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