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All movies are free, no registration needed, and include light refreshments.


The Colorado Springs Senior Center is located at 1514 N Hancock Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. Their phone number is 719-955-3400. Thanks so much for asking.

There is a free Mind Fit class starting this Wednesday for next 6 weeks at Senior Center. It is from 1-2 p.m. Call 719-822-1229 for more information about the class.

Hello....will you all be hosting a Social Security class this year? If not, would you know who facilitated the class so I could reach out to them? THANKS so much for your assistance.

Most of the Social Security classes that are held in our branches are community organizations or businesses that are using our meeting rooms. We do not a list of those organizations. I'm sorry I cannot be of more assistance.

Do you have a class on the ends and outs of Medicare?

The library does not offer classes on Medicare. However, the Pikes Peak Council of Governments Agency on Aging does have classes on this topic. They are the local experts on helping navigate the Medicare system. The next class is on March 19 from 9-11:30. Please call 719-471-2096 for more information and to register. Thanks so much for your question.

the movies have not been updated since last summer, I like looking on line to see what is showing. Please keep this information up-to-date so I can plan ahead. Thanks very much.

Thanks so much for letting us know that some of our movie lists are out of date. We will work to get them updated. I would like to point out that there is an easier way to see all our senior movies on one screen. When you are on our main ppld.org screen, select programs from the top menu, select "for seniors" or all library programs. Next, put movie in the keyword search box on the left and press the enter key. The next screen will show the movies on this month's calendar. You can also see the movies in the future by going to the next month. I hope this helps. Thanks so much for attending our movies!

The 1:30 movie for May 24 is 2 hours, 16 minutes long and there is no intermission. The city parking meters which run until 6:00 pm are good for up to 2 hours. I just called and was told there is no free parking within walking distance. Therefore, to attend means parking and risking a ticket, using a commercial lot which kinda wipes out the value of a free movie, parking in the outskirts and taking a bus or walking and walking, missing ~10 minutes to feed a meter or...
Any suggestions? Thanks.

The parking meters in the lot behind Penrose Library (west of the building) have a 4 hour limit. If you park there instead of on the street, you should be able to get enough time all at once to cover the movie length. We look forward to seeing you at our Senior Movies!

Good day.
Movie listings for Cheyenne Mountain (2nd Mon) and Penrose (2nd Tues) are outdated by several months.
Listings for these locations are current for Sep-Nov/Dec: East (4th Wed), Penrose (4th Fri), and Ruth Holley (3rd Wed). (Yay!)
Thanks your attention.

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