All Pikes Peak Writes

All Pikes Peak Writes

Pikes Peak Library District is excited to announce the call for submissions for All Pikes Peak Writes 2021! All Pikes Peak Writes is PPLD’s annual fiction writing contest for ages 12+, and seeks to highlight writers in our community through one contest. This year’s contest will have three categories for Middle School and High School (ages 12 - 18), Young Adult (ages 19 - 24), and Adult (ages 25+). Please see the guidelines, rules for entry, and submission form for each category below.

Submissions will be accepted Sat., May 15 through 9 p.m. on Thu., July 15.

All Pikes Peak Writes is open to El Paso County residents ages 12+.

Entries will be judged on quality of writing, use of language, plot development and resolution, believable characters, and correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place entries in each category. An award ceremony will be held in mid-August to announce the winners.

Categories & Submissions:

Click on age group for submission information.
Ages 12 - 18
Ages 19 - 24
Ages 25+

Please contact or for questions or more information.


I'm not in high school, but I'm still 18. Which category should I enter?

If you are turning 19 before August 2019, please submit to the 19-24 category. If you will be 18 in August 2019, please submit to the 12-18 category.

What are the prizes this year?

The prizes will be a gift card to a local story and a second item. The store and the second item will be a surprise!

Hello Mckenna,

Thanks for your question and for your interest in All Pikes Peak Writes! In each age category prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and along with 2 honorable mentions.
Please let us know if you have any other questions and happy writing!


This sounds like fun!

I have a story that is intended to be a children's picture book. So, my title page has the title and my name but the background is cover art I created as well. Will adding the cover art disqualify me?

Also, can we submit more than one story?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Michelle,
Thank you for your question and for your interest in All Pikes Peak Writes!

Only one story may be submitted per entrant. Multiple entries will not be accepted.

The illustration on the title page will not disqualify your entry, but for the ages 25+ category, we do ask for stories that are previously unpublished. If any of the books you have authored have already been published, they will not be accepted.
Please let me know if you have any other questions and happy writing!

Hi, is the word count for the 19-24 category 2,500 or 3,500 words?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The word count for the 19-24 category is 3,500 words - as it says on the form where you upload your story. The 2,500 number on the submissions guideline document is incorrect. It will be updated soon!

Does my writing need chapters?

No, your writing does not need to include chapters.

I have two questions, one, on the submission form it says to only place your name here, but the instructions say to include a title page and only put your name there, so I'd like to know which is correct? Second, I see the winner's are published online and in an ebook, but do I still retain the rights to my story? I may wish to publish it in the future and want to know if I legally can. Thanks!

Thanks for your questions and your interest in All Pikes Peak Writes!

Sorry for the confusion on the rules—put your name on both the title page of your story and the submission form. We will update our rules and entry form. Although we will combine the winning stories into an eBook, you will retain all rights to your story.

Happy writing!

Is there anything required for the title page?

Thanks for your question and your interest in All Pikes Peak Writes! The title page just needs to include the title of the work and the author's name.
Happy writing!

Hello! Will the title page or the title and page number in the upper corner contribute to the word count? Thank you!

Thank you for your question and your interest in All Pikes Peak Writes. The title page and its contents will not count toward the overall word count. Only the words in the story itself will be counted.

Happy writing!


The prizes for the 19-24 category will be a gift card to a local store and a second item. The store and the second item will be a surprise!

Prizes for the 12-18 category are the same as the 18-24 category - gift card and mystery item!

I have a couple of questions regarding the contest- first, do second and third place (for the 12-18 category) get prizes? Second, is fanfiction allowed, as long as it's submitted with proper credit? Thanks in advance!

I entered this competition last year, but it was only with the teens. Now that the adults are joining the competitions, will the judging be harder on the teens to fit the needs of the adults?

Thank you for your question. While the contest is open to ages 12 and up, the judging of the submissions will take place in three different categories - 12-18, 19-24, and 25+ - with separate judges and rubric. Your story will only be judged against stories within the same category. So, if you are 15 years old, you will enter the 12-18 category, and your competition will not include anyone 19 or older.

I wish that this contest began a month later. Most kids are focusing in the end of school with finals and end if the year things. Adding another thing to work on is not possible for a lot if these kids. By the time out there is only a few weeks to work on this. Why not start it as the same timeline as the summer reading program?