Thank you for your generosity that allows us to continue our shared mission.



I'm donating today because I noticed that your parking meters are still the old fashioned coin only meters and since I've gotten to the point that I rarely have cash on me in any form, I couldn't park in your lot. I'm not complaining about this, it was just a reminder that the library is supported by the citizens of this city and not by the government as much and that my donations are important so everyone here can continue the work they do.

I'm donating because everyone in our community should have access to the resources necessary to further their learning.

Newsfinder in particular, to which Toni Miller directed me in order to find newspaper articles about the former Taylor Museum director, Mitchell A. Wilder, who later became the founding director of the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, TX.

This contribution was made towards our amazing East Volunteers. Although we could never place a value on your numerous contributions, a "Library Gives Day" donation has been made in honor of our amazing East Library Circulation Volunteers. Thank you!)

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My husband and I get all our reading materials from PPLD--books, cd books,playaways and digital. IThe library ALWAYS has what I'm searching for!

We really appreciate all the library provides and recognize the loss when we cannot come as we used to do. We are glad to donate this year. Please stay safe and healthy during this pandemic.

I am donating because my family and I are so glad of the books we have had access to all these years...and continue to have via online reading.

Thank for for supporting our community, especially during this past tough pandemic year! I can't express how much I've appreciated having a digital library selection at my fingertips. Thanks for all that you do!

I grew up in the South Bronx. If it wasn't for books, I would never have escaped my violent, dreary, depressing surroundings. The smells and adventures from a library will stay with me always.

I see many people walking to and from the library. It is important to offer access to as many people as possible and many locations.

Thank you for Overdrive...getting books on my Kindle during the pandemic saved my life. I explored new authors, favorite authors, and foreign authors.

What a great time my grand dtr (almost 3 years old). The staff was super, made us feel very welcomed and helped me sign up for her first children’s program! I can’t wait to bring her back next week! Thank you!

One of the first things I do when I move to another place is find where the library is located. The Pikes Peak Library district has been there for me and my son since his very beginning. From baby time to toddler time and every fun family event in between, the library was there for us. The library was there when we needed his online learning worksheets when the schools had to shut down. We are using the digital library now with the pandemic, but we look forward to coming back in and picking out physical books when we feel safer to do so. Thank you for being there.

Especially children and everyone needs a free public library for books, movies, computers etc. Thank goodness for librarians who have to learn so much today, and are generous with their information. I have found the research desk to be very helpful also. Thank you so much;.

Love having a fine library in my home town of Fountain and that it is directly linked to all the "big city" advantages of the Pikes Peak Library District. I use the Overdrive for my Kindle a lot and slowly learning about Libby so I can listen to a book on my phone. I wish I had a cheat sheet of instructions for that.

Several of my friends and I are ALL really MISSING the YOGA classes at Noon on Wednesdays at Library 21c. ANY chance of classes starting up again anytime soon?!?!

Hi there,
Currently, there are no plans to resume Yoga classes at Library 21c. When in-person classes return, they will be posted on the library's calendar. You may participate in our virtual yoga classes now, including chair yoga.

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