PPLD has FREE hotspots available for check out. Hotspots provide wireless service to patrons that normally do not have it. With a hotspot, you can connect to the Internet anywhere that Sprint has coverage. Hotspots have unlimited data.

Click here to reserve a hotspot now.

Hotspots are available to patrons ages 12 and over who have had a PPLD library card for at least 90 days. They check out for three weeks. Overdue fines $1 per day with $20 maximum ($100 if item is lost).


Last paragraph of this states tablets are available to . . . but they really are not tablets anymore, could be confusing.

Hello, the coverage is through Sprint not Tmobile. Which is ironic because this page says that the hotspots are to "provide wireless service to areas that normally do not have it" but Sprint does not work anywhere outside of a major city.

Hi there. Good catch on the change in service. Sorry I missed it. I updated the web page. I also sent your comment to the staff member in charge of hotspot service for any input she may have regarding the change. Thanks!

Are these connected through a USB or can I use it with my Ipad?

Do these hotspots work outside of the United States?

Hi there. Our hotspots work wherever Sprint has coverage. Check with Sprint to see if there's coverage where you are going and then you can determine whether or not you can use it. Thanks!

what is the security key to "just connect to it wirelessly" ?

The password is "read1234" without the quotes and all lower case.

I wanted to set up vpn using the library hotspot, but I need a gateway ip address, and username and password
to do that. Can the library provide those and/or how does that work? Thanks.

Over the past several months, the number of hotspots available for checkout has decreased significantly. (down from 59 to 45) Are you planning to replace the ones that are lost or missing, or should I just plan on a longer wait time for my hold? Also, is there a grace period for hotspot fines, or does the $1/day begin immediately? Thanks.

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