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Inclusive Internship Initiative

This opportunity provides two high schools juniors or seniors, or incoming college freshmen, from diverse populations with summer-long paid internships at Pikes Peak Library District. The interns will work at one of the 14 Pikes Peak Library District locations up to 20 hours a week developing a project with the help of a mentor. The interns will have the opportunity to engage with multiple facets of library life, from administrations to programming to user services. Interns will have opportunities to connect with one another, and learn from mentors across the country.

Minimum qualifications to apply:

  • Not have any disciplinary offenses incurred in the last year
  • Be an incoming high school junior or senior, or college freshman for the Fall 2018 term
  • Have parent/guardian approval to participate upon selection. (Required if under age 18.)
  • Please attach a letter of recommendation from a teacher or other adult (not family) who can speak to your leadership skills, ability to develop and pursue a goal, or your community involvement.
  • 2.5 GPA or higher, please provide transcript or report card.
  • Commitment to attend two funded trips: Kick-off in Washington D.C. (June 14 - 16) and Wrap-up in Chicago (Sept. or Oct.) NOTE: Student must have valid ID for travel.
  • Commitment to work paid local project hours for 10 weeks at up to 20 hours/week at assigned location (either Sand Creek or Penrose Library, respectively) at a rate of $10.20 per hour.

Important Dates:

  • Application materials due to Angela Ibrahim at on or before 5 p.m. on May 14, 2018. (See application link below.)
  • Intern will be selected prior to June 2 and will begin meeting with his/her mentor the week of June 5 to begin project development and to organize work schedule.
  • Kick-off Event in Washington, D.C.: June 2018
  • Wrap-up Event in Chicago: TBD (September/October)
  • This program is funded by the Pikes Peak Library District Foundation and offered in conjunction with the Public Library Association with the support of the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences grant.


    Hello Ms. Ibrahim, I'm interested in applying for the III program for the Sand Creek or Colorado Springs locations, but I was wondering what the dates of the mandatory trips were. I'm colorguard captain at my school, so it's important that I don't miss large rehearsals or competitions. I was also wondering if you can build your own schedule for the summer. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, thank you so much!
    -Faith Gerweck

    As of right now the dates have not been determined. According to the website info provided by the Public Library Association, the dates for Washington, D.C. will be mid June and then to Chicago in early fall. I will update the PPLD website as soon as I have more data.
    Thanks for your inquiry!

    My daughter is interested in applying. Could you tell me how long the trips are? It only gives the month, not the amount of time of the trip itself.
    Thank you for any information.
    Amy Klark.

    Hello Ms. Klark,
    The Public Library Association has not released the details for this year but I can let you know that last year, the Washington, D.C. trip was 3 days and the Chicago trip was 2 days. I am thinking this year will be about the same duration.
    Thank you and your daughter for your interest in this program!

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