Library Cards

InformationLibrary cards expire every three years. To reinstate your card, please bring photo ID and proof of address to your nearest library location.

You can get your FREE library card from any Pikes Peak Library District location and use it to check out items.

Full privileges include full access to PPLD's collection of

  • Books, DVDs, magazines, video games, and more
  • eBooks, eAudios, eVideos, eMusic, and eMagazines
  • Databases, including, Mango Languages, ReferenceUSA, Regional History and Genealogy resources, and more
  • Computers, Laptops, and Hotspots
  • Makerspaces and Studio 21c

How to Get a Library Card

To be eligible for a library card

  • You must live within the Pikes Peak Library District, which is most of El Paso County, except for Security/Widefield.
  • You will also need a photo ID with your current address OR a photo ID along with documentation of your current address (lease, utility bill, etc).

Updating Your Information

To update your email, phone, or street address, please contact your local library and provide your library card number and PIN.

Other Information

For more information, including cards for out-of-district patrons (Colorado Library Cards/700 Cards), see our Library Card Policy.

Library Cards in Schools

Library card application for schools (en español)


  1. Print out the attached library card application for each student
  2. If the students are 15 or younger, the application goes home to the parent to sign OR if the student is 16 or over they can fill it out and sign it
  3. The teacher or librarian looks at each application and signs it to make sure that all the information is on the application and that it is legible (to folks who don’t read students' handwriting for a living!)
  4. Drop off the applications at a library location with "Attention: Children's Services - East Library" for grades K-5 or “Attention: Teen Services - East Library" for grades 6-12. It is helpful to have the applications in packets by class.
  5. We will enter in the applications and issue or update cards
  6. When they are ready for pick up we will transfer them to a library that is convenient for you to pick them up. OR, we could bring them when we come if we have scheduled a visit to your classroom


Is their a one dollar charge if a library card is stolen?

We do charge a dollar replacement fee for lost and stolen cards. If the theft has a police report that can be provided, we would waive the fee. This might be more typical if the card was part a larger theft, such as of a purse or wallet being stolen.

Is it possible to get a non-resident library card? You have the best selection of ebooks available and we have moved away from the area. How would I go about getting a non-resident card and is there a fee?

Hi there. Sorry, you can't renew online at this time. Please bring photo ID and proof of address to your nearest library location. Hope this helps!

how to get new liberary card application for school ...please suggestion

Hi there. I've been having trouble logging into and accessing online databases for research purposes. Whenever I try to log into my account, it tells me that the library card or PIN is incorrect. I've only had this account for a couple of weeks, however, so the issue can't be because my library card is expired. Any ideas for how to solve the problem? Thanks!

I couldn't find a fine schedule on the ppld website. I am reading a book which has been reserved and am trying to decide whether to return it or finishing it and paying the fine.

Do the library cards allow you free printing of any sort?

Hi there. Card holders get $1 toward free printing per day. B/W is $.10 per page, color is $.25 per page. Hope this helps!

I got a replacement card a few weeks back and i had audio books on hold. They are checked out but none of the checked out books are showing up.

Why can’t those of us who live in Widefield/Security get a PPLD card? Our library is great but you guys have a lot of books that our little library doesn’t. I just want to understand why. Thanks.

Hi there. Although Security and Widefield are not in Pikes Peak Library District’s taxing area, any Colorado resident may sign up for a Colorado Library Card (CLC) from PPLD. These free cards allow full borrowing privileges from our collection. Interlibrary Loans, which PPLD borrows from other library systems, are not available to CLC cardholders. Also, there are certain subscription databases that CLC cardholders can only access inside our libraries and not from home.

How do you get a temp card if you don't have an address to send mail to?

Thanks for your question.

If you do not have a permanent address, you can still get a card; you would use a temporary address.
Temporary cards are synonymous with a temporary address.

The temporary cards are for patrons who do not permanently live at an address, but do have an address. You will need a picture ID and some proof that you are living at a temporary address, which may include: a note or form from your temporary address stating that you are living there, or a piece of mail that has been mailed to you at that temporary address.

This enables us to keep the contact information up-to-date until permanent housing is established.

I was curious if you had CAC readers for military personnel to use? Thanks.

Hello, thanks for your question.

The Pikes Peak Library District does not have CAC readers for military use. We used to have them, but a combination of lack of software updates and security issues led to their discontinuation.

Hello, thanks for your question!
If a patron loses their library card, we highly suggest that you notify the library as soon as possible. This is to avoid someone else finding your card, checking out materials, and not returning them. The next step would be to come into the library to get a new library card.
If you don't think there's any chance someone else will use your card, you can go to any library location, and with a photo ID, ask for your card number.

Hello, thanks for your question.
If you do not remember your library card number, you can go into any PPLD library location and ask for your number and PIN provided you also have a picture ID.
If you have lost your library card, please inform us immediately so we can block your account to keep unauthorized individuals from using your card. You can then go into any PPLD library location with your picture ID to receive a replacement card and number.
If you have any other further questions, you can call us at 719-531-6333.
Thank you!

I have a Kanopy account, but it is no longer letting me log in because of a problem with my library card. The error reported is "exception: failed connection". My card is in good standing and is not expired as I can still log into my account here and check out items. Wondering if this is a problem with Kanopy or a problem with my card. I've heard some libraries are no longer supporting Kanopy.

In order to check on why you can longer log in to your Kanopy account, we will need more information. Please fill out the form at and, for the contact person, select the first option, General Information/Ask a Librarian. When you complete this form provide us with your name and library card number.

Am I able to obtain a 700 series card without being military? I live in Pueblo and you have the only library that offers a book i am looking to read to complete a series.

Hello, thanks for your question.
You do not need to be in the military to receive a 700 series library card. The 700 card is also for anyone residing in the state of Colorado, which would apply to you if living in Pueblo, Colorado. There are certain limitations for 700 cards, but they mostly apply to database usage and inter-library loan borrowing.

I just registered for a resident library card, the application is complete and is now telling me, "Visit one of the PPLD Libraries in the next 10 days to validate the account and we will change it to have full privileges, which include checkouts, holds, the use of extensive online databases and the use of other downloadable materials, including music and movies. Please inform the Library staff that you registered online. You will need to show a photo ID and proof of address." How can I visit the library to validate my address if the libraries are closed until further notice?

Hi there. We've changed the online library card to the following: Library card signup: Register online and start using your card immediately! If you sign up online during this time, your temporary account will be available for 90 days (instead of the usual 12-day limit), giving you immediate access to OverDrive and other digital resources from home. We'll try to get this wording changed on the application. Hope this helps!

I am trying to enroll in the online school. I don 't have or recall my card number. Can I use my grandmothers- as we are in the same household. If not can you provide me with my card number and I can reset my pin.


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