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Meeting/Study Rooms

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By Location

Public Use of Meeting Rooms

ImportantReserving a meeting or study room indicates you have read, understood, and will comply with this policy and with PPLD's Code of Conduct Policy.

Board Policy (pdf)

The Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) has meeting rooms available for public use. The District’s meeting rooms are designed to offer accommodations for educational, informational, cultural, and civic functions of the Colorado Springs and El Paso County community.

    Priority for meeting room spaces will be granted in the following order.
    1. Educational, informational, cultural, and civic programs sponsored or co-sponsored by PPLD and relating to its collections and services, such as lectures, exhibits, panel discussions, art and music programs, informal seminars, film presentations, etc.
    2. Meetings sponsored by the Library.
    3. Meetings of not-for-profit community groups and organizations whose aims are for educational, cultural, or civic purposes; and civic, local government and community groups.
    4. Meetings and workshops for commercial for-profit organizations.
    5. Other meetings which are appropriate to the mission of the Library.
    1. Use of the meeting rooms by outside agencies does not constitute the Library’s endorsement of viewpoints expressed by participants in programs. No advertisement or announcement implying such endorsement will be permitted.
    2. All advertisements and postings must include the disclaimer, “This event is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Pikes Peak Library District.”

    Activities taking place in the meeting rooms must not be closed to any person due to age, gender, race, religion, national origin, disabling condition, or any other legally protected category.

    The library is a public space. In accordance with our mission, we encourage all groups to use our meeting rooms. If the meeting is not advertised as being “open to the public,” groups using the meeting rooms have the right to limit attendance with the exception of legally protected categories. Library staff cannot be expected to enforce or ensure the privacy of any meeting.

    1. All organizations or groups shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Pikes Peak Library District, its officers, agents and employees from and against any and all claims, suits, actions of any kind, resulting from any negligent act, omission or error of the user which results in personal injuries or property damage arising from the user’s use of a library meeting room.
    2. The applicant and/or organization will be jointly and separately liable for any breakage, damage or theft of any Library property caused by members or guests of the group or organization. Liability includes all applicable court costs and attorney fees.
    3. The Library, its employees, and Trustees do not assume responsibility for personal injury or damage or loss of personal property during the applicant’s use of meeting room.
    1. Reservations may be made by adults (18 years or older). Reservations made with a PPLD library card are preferred. Contact information, number of attendees, organization, contact person’s name, primary phone number, email address and program description must be provided.
    2. Use of the Library’s meeting rooms is free. A cleaning and/or carpet cleaning fee may be levied if rooms are not left clean.
    3. Requests for the use of meeting rooms can be made from the Library’s website ( using the MEET option. Requests for the use of meeting rooms may also be made by contacting the Meeting Room Coordinator at (719) 884-9827, or using the CONTACT US option on the MEET site.
    4. Time limits must be adhered to. Meeting preparations and take down must be made within the overall meeting room availability timeframes.
    5. Meetings sponsored by the public will be scheduled during the hours that the Library is open for public service. Meeting sponsors and attendees will not be admitted to the facility before it is open to the public nor be allowed to remain in the facility after it is closed to public service. Meeting rooms can be reserved from the beginning of open hours to 15 minutes prior to closing.
      Remaining in meeting rooms beyond the reserved time may result in denial of future reservations.
      Fountain Library is located in the city of Fountain Municipal building and is able to offer after hours meeting space. An authorized representative of the group who is over 21 years of age must come to the Fountain Library two weeks in advance of using the meeting room to fill out the Application for After Hours Use of the Community Room. The representative will also need to arrange to come into the library and get the “use code” 48 hours in advance of using the meeting room. Staff is not present for after-hours meetings. Call the Fountain Library for more information.

    6. If a reserved room is not in use 30 minutes after the meeting start time, the Library will make the room available to other groups.
    7. The applicant shall be the contact person, unless specified otherwise, and shall be the only person authorized to make changes in room arrangements.
    8. The applicant must be present at the event.
    9. The applicant agrees to abide by the Meeting Room policy. The applicant will be held responsible for the actions of the participants and their adherence to all guidelines set forth in this policy and all Library policies.
    10. All groups of persons under 18 years of age must be under the direct and constant supervision of adults.
    11. All applicants and participants must adhere to PPLD’s Code of Conduct Policy.
    12. All applicants and participants must adhere to PPLD’s Photography Policy.
    13. Reservations will be taken no more than 6 months in advance of the event.
    14. Applicants can make up to 12 reservations in a 6-month period for the Venue and East Community Meeting Room. Applicants may book one smaller meeting room once a week per location.
    15. Reservations must be made at least three business days prior to the meeting date.
    16. Permission to use the meeting rooms may be withheld from persons or groups that have damaged library property, caused a disturbance, or failed to comply with the Library’s rules and regulations. The Library reserves the right to revoke permission for use of the meeting rooms.
    17. Applicants may schedule time through the meeting room coordinator to test the equipment in the meeting room. Technical support may not be available on the day of the meeting.
    18. No person or group may assign its reservation to another person or group.
    19. Cleaning and/or damage fees will be charged to the applicant’s PPLD library account for payment. In lieu of a library card, invoices will be sent to the applicant booking the room. Cleaning and/or damage fees will be a minimum of $50.
    20. Approval of events not included here will be determined by the Library’s Executive Director, or designee, who is authorized to establish reasonable regulations governing use of the meeting rooms.
    1. Cancellations will be accepted from the original applicant only.
    2. The Library reserves the right to cancel any meeting or reservation due to unforeseen circumstances, such as building or weather-related emergency.
    3. The Library reserves the right to stop meetings that are disruptive to normal Library operations or other programming events.
    4. Cancellations should be made at least 3 business days before the reservation time. Groups that fail to cancel a reservation 3 business days in advance or groups that do not show up at the reserved time may be denied future access to Library meeting rooms.
    1. The meeting rooms may not be reserved for:
      1. Social gatherings such as receptions, showers, birthday parties, dances, or mixers unless designated rooms are reserved.
      2. Programs or gatherings which present a clear and present danger to the welfare of the participants, Library staff, patrons, or the community.
      3. Programs which would disturb Library programs, impede Library staff, endanger the Library building or interfere with the functions of the Library.
    2. Organizations may not use the name, address, or telephone number of the Library, except for notifying attendees of the location of the meeting.
    3. The PPLD logo may not be used on any advertisement or posting.
    4. Meeting or programs from community organizations may not be posted on library bulletin boards unless the location has a community events bulletin board.
    5. At Penrose Library, extended, or non-permit, parking is provided in public metered parking lots and a fee-based parking structure. At Penrose, the Library makes no special allowances for parking. Other PPLD locations have free parking.
    6. Tables and chairs may not block room access or emergency exits.
    7. Nothing may be attached to the walls, ceiling, equipment, or doors of the meeting rooms.
    8. Use of any flames is prohibited, including matches, sterno, candles, incense, etc.
    9. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building or on Library property.
    10. Use of hazardous materials, weapons or items that resemble weapons, including look-a-likes, are not permitted without prior approval.
    1. The meeting rooms are to be left as they were found. No additional furniture or equipment other than that already available in the room will be provided.
    2. The use of personal furniture, chairs, etc. must have prior approval and are only allowed in a meeting room during the reservation time.
    3. Room capacities vary. The Library will limit the capacity of each room based on current fire code requirements. See ROOM DESCRIPTIONS for specific information.
    4. Chairs or tables outside the meeting rooms require prior approval.
    5. Equipment, supplies, or personal effects cannot be stored in the Library’s facilities before or after use.
    6. Library staff does not accept delivery of materials arranged by groups holding meetings.
    7. The Library does not provide any special accommodations or amenities to groups using meeting rooms such as parking, providing carts to carry supplies or equipment, making coffee, providing office supplies or photocopies.
    8. All groups must provide their own support for preparation and reasonable clean-up.
    9. Children under the age of eight (8) must not be left unattended during meetings. SEE Safe Child Guidelines.
    10. Arts and crafts in a meeting room must be preapproved. Groups must bring suitable coverings to protect furniture and floors when crayons, glue, markers and/or any other materials are used in the room. Glitter is prohibited. A minimum $50 fee will be charged for any damage.
    11. PPLD Facilities staff sets up meetings held in the Penrose Carnegie Room, Library 21c’s Venue, and the East Library Community Meeting Room. Rooms should be left neat and clean when finished.
    1. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere in the facilities or on Library property.
    2. Light refreshments may be served (coffee, doughnuts, cookies, fruit, etc.). Simple box lunches, prepackaged food and catered food are allowed.
    3. Library staff will not sign for, accept, or acknowledge any deliveries of food or materials arranged by groups holding meetings.
    4. Open flames for cooking and grilling are not allowed. Cooking, heating or warming food is not allowed in meeting rooms.
    5. Food may not be taken out of the meeting rooms. Beverages must be covered if carried outside the meeting rooms. The direct maintenance expense for the removal of carpet stains caused by food and drinks will be charged back to the user.
    6. If cleaning is required, a minimum $50 charge will be assessed.
    7. Consumable supplies (cups, napkins, plates, flatware, serving utensils, etc.) are not provided by the Library.

Contact Information
Meeting Room Coordinator
(719) 884-9827