Check Out PPLD's New Catalog!

Check Out PPLD's New Catalog!

Where Is It?
For the last several months, Pikes Peak Library District worked diligently to update and remodel PPLD’s online Catalog, designed with you, our patrons, in mind. We incorporated new features and re-arranged things to provide a cleaner, easier-to-use interface, which gives the catalog a modern, up-to-date look. Some features and links have moved around, so we’ve created this guide to help you navigate it.

The new Catalog went live March 8!

New Features
  • The number of holds, total copies, and available copies are readily visible.
  • The item status is clearer: checked in, checked out, on hold shelf, or being transferred between Libraries.
  • “Add Author Alert” allows patrons to sign up to receive notifications when items by their favorite authors are added to our Catalog. They only need an email address to create an account and can select their preferred format(s).
  • When searching the Catalog within one of our Libraries, that location’s items will show up on top. (When patrons search from home, locations will be listed alphabetically.)
  • Series info, as well as related titles and authors, are now more easily accessible through the Details tab.
  • Options to limit search results are now in drop down menus instead of patrons having to scroll through the myriad options.
  • Links have been pared down or moved to the bottom of the page for less visual clutter.

Additional Information


Will the updated catalog display the expiration date of items put on suspense on your hold list? One of my biggest annoyances with the current program is all you get when you put a hold item on suspense is a teeny, tiny little calendar icon that you have to hold your cursor over to get the date. That's bad enough on a proper computer but does not work at all on a tablet.

Hi Rhonda,
We would also like to see a more prominent display of hold suspension dates in "My Account" on the catalog. The updated catalog interface does not have any new options to do that and also uses the little calendar icon. I recommend using the PPLD app ( on your tablet and other mobile devices. It does list the suspension dates for holds.

to bright like looking into high beams .to much unneeded information. displays personal information (date of birth)

I can't find the Author Alert list, except by trying to add an author using the button associated with a book. I think there should be a link to the Alerts page somewhere.

Afternoon Mr. O'Donnell,

The address for Author Alerts is :

However it isn't currently listed on our website. I'll check with our Web team and ask were we might put it.

Thank you

When will be able to see a history of materials we have checked out in the past. Would be helpful to keep track.

Morning Mr. Clark,
The Library District would like to provide a way for our patrons to easily keep track of what they have read or watched. Unfortunately our current system does not provide this service. We have requested this from our vendor and will continue to pursue this request however, at this time, we have no date from the vendor.