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Summer Adventure

Have an adventure with Pikes Peak Library District this summer! Kids and teens (ages 0 - 18) can win prizes through reading and activities, and we will be hosting many free, fun events. You can track your progress online or with game cards available at all PPLD locations and through the links below.

The adventure runs June 1 - July 31.

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Game Cards

Events Calendars

Free Things to Do in Colorado Springs


How do I get my daughter into the program for summer? Her school came to the library and had a presentation and she’s really excited about it. Thank you.

Summer Adventure offers something for everyone. There are two ways to register. You can either sign up at your closest library or sign up online anytime on or after June 1. She can earn prizes through reading or doing other learning activities and we have all kinds of exciting programs going on every day of the week!

I would like to sign up you came to our school today Miami yoder elementary I would like to sign up.

I know the Reading Program just started yesterday, and I haven’t finished, but I love reading and I’ll proboally finish it before the summer is over, is there any additional reading activities besides the ones listed on the game card, or on Beanstack?

That is so awesome you are such an avid reader you'll complete it so quickly. There are a couple of different options for you to extend your Summer Adventure!

1. If you are a teen, keep Tracking to earn the Read On Badge. You can keep tracking what books you read to try and earn 5,000 points and get the Read On badge! Either keep track of your additional titles on the game card, or log in and use Beanstack directly. If you are playing the Kids Game, you can keep reading as well to win an entry in the special drawing for extra prizes!

2. Come to programs at the library! You can find the full listing of events above for both kids and teens.

3. Participate in an online reading challenge! One great one that could be feasible to complete by the end of summer is the Reading Without Walls Challenge.

4. Check out both the 'Free Events Around Colorado Springs' flyer and '100 things to do before you turn 12' list for some inspiration on other things to do!

I hope this helps you start to brainstorm ways you can extend your Summer Adventure even after you've completed all the activities!

Becca Philipsen
Teen Services Librarian

Thanks for your question. After logging in to Beanstack, you will see your currently enrolled program displayed. At the top of the screen is a blue button that says "Log Reading and Activities." From there you are able to log any books or activities completed for any reader on that account.
I hope this helps and if not please give us a call and we can walk you through it!

Do the activities have to be done after summer adventure has already started or do they still count id you did them before it started?

Great question!
You can count any reading and/or activities from June 1st-July 31st!

Please bring back the coupon cards that can be earned as prizes! Our family loved using these for daily outings in the summer and to try new things in the Springs. We really miss them. Thank you!

Thank you so much for reaching out to us about this. We very much appreciate your feedback about Summer Adventure.

Concerning the coupon sheet, with the great size of PPLD's region it is difficult to find businesses and organizations that serve our entire area. We have also found (based on participant surveys and feedback from businesses) that many of the coupons were going unused.

We do appreciate the suggestions for prizes and will take it into consideration for next year.

Thank you again for reaching out.

What are the abbreviations on the Summer Adventure calendar? Such as LI, FO, EA, etc... locations?

Thank you for your excellent question. Each library location in the Pikes Peak Library District uses the first two letters of the library's name to identify that library. In the inside of the children's Summer Adventure calendar, on the sheet with each day of June and July, you will find a key. It is at the beginning of the month for June and the end of the month for July. This will help you identify which library location goes with which two-letter abbreviation. They are as follows:
CH: Cheyenne Mountain
EA: East
FO: Fountain
HI: High Prairie
HO: Ruth Holley
LI: Library 21c
MA: Manitou Springs
MO: Monument
OL: Old Colorado City
PA: Palmer Lake
PE: Penrose
RO: Rockrimmon
SA: Sand Creek
UT: Ute Pass
Additional program locations:
AP: Antlers Park 31 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
WCC: Westside Community Center

Is there a list of super activities...the ones that are worth 200 poinys

Thank you for your question about super activities for Summer Adventure on Beanstack. The super activities worth 200 points are part of the teen program only (ages 12-18). The activities for all of the children's programs (ages 0-3, 4-7, and 8-12) are each worth 25 points. You can see the activities for each age group in Beanstack and printed on the corresponding game card. Printable versions of the game cards are available at the top of this page.

Wish you guys would still give the coupons from the reading program. My kids don’t have any motivation to read since there’s not a prize that actually interests them. Coupons gave them a little something to look forward to when they finished a book.

Thank you for writing. Since it is hard to find coupons that apply to our whole service area (most of El Paso County) and we had feedback that not many of the coupons were being used, we now provide a list of free things to do in the area. You could actually use those as additional prizes if you wanted to. We examine the program each year and will take your comments into consideration.

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