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Pikes Peak Brass Band

Pikes Peak Brass Band

The Pikes Peak Brass Band presents Free Summer Concerts at Library 21c on the third Thursday of each month from June through September!

Classical, jazz, rock, and traditional brass band music is what you will hear from the Pikes Peak Brass Band. The Atrium at Library 21c is the ideal venue to hear this group with its high ceilings, and dramatic views make this a fantastic place to enjoy some great music.

  • When: Thu., Aug. 16, and Sept. 20 from 7 - 8:30 p.m.
  • Where: Library 21c, 1175 Chapel Hills Dr.

Here is the lineup for the August 16 show:

The Red Shield: A quick and lighthearted march performed regularly in the Salvation Army.

Shine As The Light composed by Peter Graham: A beautiful concert work depicting a journey to the light from darkness. The composer expanding on Joy Webb's composition of "Candle of the Lord."

I'll Walk With God composed by Nicholas Brodszky and arranged by Geoff Richards: A wonderful hymn with a slow developing melody arriving at a dramatic climax.

Ampartito Roca composed by Jaime Texidor: A fast march written in the Italian style of Paso Doble. The march is light and fast with great elements of dynamics and tone change.

Capriccio Brillante composed by Herman Bellstedt and arranged for brass band as a tenor horn solo by Sandy Smith. This wonderful solo showcases the wonderful sound and color of the mysterious tenor horn that is not a usual instrument here in the United States.

Catwalk from the four movement work of Cats Tails composed by Peter Graham: A light and comical work inspired by the great jazz artists of the US. This work showcases the great elements of Jazz music with the flashy shout sections and light comical areas of the piece.

The Cossack by W. Rimmer: Traditional British concert march written in the style of contesting bands in England. The march is big and powerful along with the quiet and delicate moments showcasing the bands great ability with loud and soft dynamics.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens by John Williams and arranged by Stephen Bulla. The culmination of musical selections from the first re-installment of the Star Wars saga. The piece incorporates wonderful selections from the film that segue from one motif to the next in a climactic work.

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