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Has your library card number changed?

Please Contact OverDrive to ask them move existing holds/checkouts from your prior account number to your new account number. You will need to create an Overdrive account with the new number before making the request. You will also need to provide the old and new library card numbers in the form.

Using a Chromebook?

The OverDrive Media Console and mobile apps are not compatible with the Google Chrome (Chromebook) operating system as it is a Linux based operating system.






Your records say I downloaded "After a Fashion" by Jen Tourano. It never made it to my computer. Is it possible to return this e-book so that I may attempt to take it out again? I would appreciate your assistance.

Hi Trisha,
If the "return title" button no longer appears under a title in your Overdrive account checkouts section, there are ways to return the item that vary depending on what software was used to download it. Scroll down to the middle of this page to see instructions by device:
Overdrive support may also be able to reinstate the title for you to attempt download again: https://frontline.overdrive.com/?Lib=Pikes%20Peak%20Library%20District/
Best regards,
PPLD IT Department

I would like to modify what my likes are that tells me when something is available that I might like. Can't figure how to do that

Hi there. If you mean the 'recommended for you' list in overdrive, this is determined by your checkout history. If you mean the 'tell me when' feature in the classic catalog, please call (719) 389-8968 for assistance.

Overdrive says account not verified but when you click send email it never arrives even after 4 tries

Hi there. The patron requests for OverDrive titles have outgrown our budget. Patrons are now limited to one request every thirty days.

The Library is only able to purchase patron suggested titles that are of interest to a wider audience. The budgetary constraints require that many requested titles cannot be purchased.

The site says the account is established but I cannot access it. I have tried my PPLD card # and PIN but I cannot access my site.

When I try to log in, I get "Library server message - Privilege has expired." Card and password are good. I can log into ppld.org.

When do you expect to have copies of this book? Search indicates that this book is not yet on order.
As this is a #1 best seller, I find it odd that this book is not yet on our shelves.

"Liars, Leakers, and Liberals" is on the PPLD nonfiction order list this week and you can expect it to appear in the catalog within a few days. The title is now doing well on Amazon, but is not on the NYT or Publishers Weekly bestseller lists at this point. It has also not yet appeared in any of the professional review journals that librarians use to select upcoming titles. The ebook version of the title is already available through our ebook vendor, Overdrive.

I downloaded a few audiobooks, choosing MP3 as the download option, as this is what my device was capable of playing. They all seem to have been downloaded as Overdrive files, though. Is MP3 not actually an option or is this simply a glitch?

Hi, I tried to download my allocated five songs today but when I tried to log in I received a notification that the pin is invalid. I used the exact same pin for my library account and it worked fine. Is there a reason why it wouldn't work for Freegal? This is the first time I've had this problem. Thank you for helping me.

I find it odd that hoopla has audiobooks and yet I cannot access them through the library. Do you know of a way? Is this on purpose? If so do you know why?

Hi there. We have not enabled access to audiobooks on hoopla due to budget limitations and availability on other platforms. We have a limited budget for hoopla, as well as for all of our other resources, and we offer an extensive selection of audiobooks through Overdrive, Rbdigital, and AudioBookCloud.

How do I download an ebook without an amazon account link to my tablet?

Do we still have access to Lynda courses through the library? If so, is there a way to make an account through the library? Thanks.

Hi Patrick,

That's correct. Since more patrons are using PPLD digital resources online, we adjusted checkouts so cardholders can have 10 checkouts for a total of 14 days each; the holds limit remains at a total of 30. PPLD will continue to add copies of digital materials to our collection as our budget allows. We do plan to go back to normal as soon as the libraries resume full onsite service.


Kayah Swanson
Director of PR & Marketing

You have 10 kindle books checked out. 6 of the 10 have been returned through Amazon and we get amessage that she has reached the limit on the number she can check out. Please clear this up. Thank you

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