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I currently use dial-up and was wondering if the designers have taken this into account? Too many times extra fluff that looks good may load fine on broadband but may take a lot longer on dial up or on mobile devices.

Hi Tim. We're working with our server platform vendor to ensure that the new website runs and loads as fast as possible. We're currently in the process of refining that as we speak. It should load as fast or faster than the current site once we are finished.

I AM STILL NEW AT THE web SO, I am basically still learning. I mostly use my cell phone, an android, but I have much to learn still.

Hi, I'd like to request that the library obtain a new book by local author Stephanie Waters: Ghosts, Legends and lore of the Rockies. I think many readers would enjoy it.

I've been having problems with the sound every time I ger on one of these computers, and today one of your librarians, after failing to fix the problem (it seems to be a diffent problem/diffent fix every time) told me all I could do is log on to a differant computer and try that. He said the library was supposed to be getting new computers soon so thats why they weren't putting much time into fixing this ongoing problem... Any idea how long it may take for the library to get these new computers? They will be much apprecheatted by all, I'm sure!

I'm asking about Penrose Library. Thank you for any information you may be able to provide, and may you have a great day!

Mr. Nevue,

We are indeed preparing to deploy new computers and Penrose is the first deployment. We are prepaing the hardware and software and making sure the units are ready for public use. While we are in the process, we do not want anyone to get the impression that we are not willing to repair the existing computers. When we get a ticket for a problem, we work to repair the item.

Please be assured that we are aware of, and have been looking at, the audio issues on the computers at Penrose.
I am sorry about the issues you are experiencing and we are working to get the new computers ready.

You would think living in a snow state there would be fewer closures due to snow related weather. I am kind of at a loss as to why the libraries close so often due to weather.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out. We are committed to the safety of our patrons and staff across El Paso County. Since access to the public is paramount, our Library facilities, mobile services, and off-site activities will remain open for normal hours, outside of scheduled closings and delays, as long as it remains safe. On occasion, however, weather conditions or other situations may require a delayed opening or closure of some or all of our Libraries. PPLD staff establish and follow procedures for all closures and delayed openings, as well as communicate such information across the service area. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out:

- Kayah Swanson, Public Relations Specialist

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