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Community Engagement
and Outreach Office

Dee Vazquez Sabol
Community Engagement and Outreach Officer
531-6333, x1200

Sean Anglum
Community Engagement Specialist
- programs and outreach
531-6333, x1212
sanglum at ppld dot org

Travis Duncan
Community Engagement Specialist
- media and promotions
531-6333, x1202
tduncan at ppld dot org

Jeremiah Walter
Community Engagement Specialist
- information management
531-6333, x1204
jwalter at ppld dot org

Video Production Center

Dave Franklyn
Video Producer/Director
531-6333, x1173
dfranklyn at ppld dot org

Jamey Hastings
Multimedia Producer
531-6333, x1171
jahastings at ppld dot org

Danny Walter
Video Producer/Director
531-6333, x1174
dwalter at ppld dot org