Homeschool Science Lab @ East Library

What: Homeschool Science Lab
When: 3rd Friday of every month starting in September
Where: East Library, 1-3 p.m.

Summary: Homeschooled students can use PPLD's science equipment for parent-assigned experiments, with the help of our volunteer. A parent must accompany the student.

The Homeschool Science Lab is open to all ages, and no registration is required!

Staff Contacts:
Tori Sparrow (

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RE: We will attend

Do they have any childcare available? I will bring my two five and nine year old is that okay?


Desire' Cruz

Reply for "We Will Attend"

Hey Desire',

I am Tori. I am the staff person in charge of the Homeschool Science Lab.

We do not have any child care available, but feel free to bring children of any age. We do ask that you stay with them during the program.

Hope you are able to come!