InformationAll PPLD facilities will be closed on Mon., July 4, in celebration of Independence Day.
Old Colorado City Library will be closed Sat., July 2 - Wed., July 6 while their floors are refinished.

Why Libraries? Just Look at these Numbers!

We sometimes get asked 'Why should I support libraries?' Well, take a look at these statistics:

2013: PPLD in Review

  • 8.9 million circulation (items checked out and returned)
  • 3.6 million visits to our physical locations
  • 4.2 million sessions
  • 145,000 wireless sessions
  • 874,000 PC sessions
  • 9,500 programs offered
  • 563,000 reference questions

Whew! We're working harder than ever for you!

Want more information? Here's our Annual Report!


Why are you mis-advertising

Why are you mis-advertising ObamaCare as 'The Affordable Care Act' .... ? It is nothing but the biggest tax increase in history! And you are supporting that sham?? Shameful!

Hi there. The title of the

Hi there. The title of the Act is actually the "Affordable Care Act". That's what it's called. We are neither supporting or opposing it, as we are a public library and maintain neutrality in all matters. We are simply providing resources regarding the Act so the public can educate themselves about it and form their own opinions. Hope this helps!