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What are the fines for overdue items?

$.10 per day, per item:
  • Books
  • Books on CD
  • CD Book Kits
  • Magazines
  • Music CDs
  • Playaways
  • Playaway Kits

Limit $2.00 per item

$.25 per day, per item:
  • DVDs
  • Games
  • Playaway Views

Limit $5.00 per item

Laptops: $5 per hour
eReaders: $5 per day

How are fines accrued?

  • Grace period: The fine is excused if the item is returned within three days of due date
  • Accrual period: If the grace period is exceeded, fines accumulate from the first day past due
  • Blocked card: If fines are higher than $10, items cannot be charged-out or renewed until paid
  • Lost/damaged items: Patrons are charged list price for the item

How do I pay my fines?

By cash or check:

  • In person at any Library. Picture ID is required if you are paying by check.

By credit card (fines exceeding $2.50 only):

  • In person at East Library. Picture ID is required.
  • By phone. Please call 719-531-6333 x1387.
  • Online. In the Bills portion of your account, click on the "Pay my bills" link and follow the instructions.


Books Already Returned

I returned several library books a couple of weeks ago. But, according to my account (which is actually my 1st grader's) I have 5 books still checked out which are due tomorrow. I don't have these books. I have checked our house and the car, which is the only two places they would be.

Items still on account

Please call us at the library location you returned them to. The staff there will search for the items to remove them from your account.

Question About Lost Books

If I were to lose a book, would I have to pay the fee, or would that mean I was simply unable to check out further books?

Lost items

If you lose an item, we bill your account for the cost of the item. If the bills on your account total more than $10, you would not be able to check more items out until the balance is below $10. If you later find the item that you've paid for, we will offer a refund for up to a year.

As a reminder, if the value of lost item(s) on your account is more than $25 and you do nothing, your account will go to the collection agency and a $10 collection fee will be added to the account.

I think I lost the book I borrowed. Can I just buy another one?

I borrowed a book from the library to use as reading material on my trip and now that i'm looking around I fear that I may have lost it. I'll triple check to make sure it's not in some hidden area that I forgot to look in. But, can I just order another new copy of the same book from like amazon to give to the library to replace that book or do i need to go in the library and pay some other sort of a fine and then the library decides what to do with the money?

Lost book

Please do NOT purchase a replacement book, we do not accept them in lieu of payment. During your next visit, ask us what the cost is, this is the amount we paid. When you pay that, we forgive overdue fines and there are no other replacement fees.

Once you pay for an item, if you find it and return it within a year, we will provide a refund.

Most books we receive are pre-processed for the library with covers, labels, cataloging and any other processing completed. Book provided by a patron would not have this work done and would incur additional time and expense.


Hi I just found on my account I still owe money when I already paid a few months ago unfortunately I have lost the receipt and have no proof.

Fines reply

If you paid at a Community Library Branch, ask to speak with the branch supervisor or manager. If you went to East, Penrose or Library 21c, ask for the Circulation Supervisor. Depending on the amount of the fines or if those folks are not available when you are there, you may fill out a patron resolution form available at any of our locations and we will review your situation.


Do you every have Amnesty days to return late items? I don't know why but if I ever have an overdue book/video I feel so shamed that I avoid the library afterwards. I know all you want is your material back, but some of us have anxiety issues and mental disorders, yet still enjoy reading books.

Fines - reply

We do not have amnesty days, however we have other ways to make it easy to resolve overdue materials. A few points to consider: The staff really doesn't care that you have fines on your account. We see it all the time and we understand life happens and that sometimes things come up or are forgotten leaving a fine on an account, so it isn't worth stressing about.

If this still concerns you, please consider returning your materials in the book return at any of our locations and staff will check them in without knowing who you are. Once that is done (please give us time to empty the return!), you can go online to PPLD.ORG and click on "My Account". By entering your account number and PIN number, you can pay any bill online via credit card. This would mean that you would not have to interact with staff regarding your fine. An alternative would be to pay with credit card at our new self-check stations at Library 21c, East Library, Penrose, Fountain, Ruth Holley or Old Colorado City. (Our other locations do have self-checks, but do not have credit card swipes for payment.)

Once the fines are paid, you can check out more materials without anyone being aware of the previous fines.

Hopefully this helps and thank you for your patronage!

Collections account

I just found out last week that I have been in collections for 6 years! Having done some digging around in the home I grew up in, I think I found the books. I would like to return them, but is it too late for that? Would I still have to pay the collections if I returned the books?

Hi there. It is best to call

Hi there. It is best to call 719-531-6333 x1382 or x2383 and speak to a clerk about your account since we want to give you the most accurate information. It’s difficult to answer questions about an account without having all of the information. Thanks!

highest fine in history

hello..I think I may have the highest fine a library has ever seen is over 1000 bucks! and very much sent to collections. This was due to moving and other problems which have occurred in the last year or so. I obviously can not pay such a large amount at one time but may be able to find some of the material ( I hope ) . .if I can find some of the missing items would my astronomical bill be lower? will I be arrested if I show up? I would like to work this out and am very sorry to be so irresponsible as to let it go this far. what could we work out?

Hi there, Don't worry, you

Hi there,

Don't worry, you won't be arrested. :-) If you can find the items and return them, your fines will be much smaller. Please contact Kathy Kyer at 531-6333 x1380 and she'll work with you.

Hi there. Please contact any

Hi there. Please contact any of our locations in order to receive the cost of the item. Thanks!

I lost my book due to moving.

I lost my book due to moving. what will I pay?

Blocked user

I had about $20 in fines and I payed all but $1.20 of it online, I then went to place a hold but it says "user blocked". Do I need to wait for the transaction to go through? or am I blocked for another reason?

Hi there. I'm not sure.

Hi there. I'm not sure. Give us a call at 719-389-8968 and we'll get you straightened out.

My sister paid for a $8 fine

My sister paid for a $8 fine in person with cash.
Several days later when we checked the account it said she had not paid it.
Unfortunately we did not get a recipe so we don't have proof we paid it.
What should she do?

Hi there. Come to any of our

Hi there. Come to any of our locations and speak with a manager and they'll take care of it.

Lost video game

Hi there my son checked out a video game and now can not find it I was wondering how I Could go about paying for the video game and will we still have our library privledges?

Hi there. You may pay for

Hi there. You may pay for the item online. However, we would need more information on the item. Please contact any of our locations in order to receive the cost of the item.

owed booked

If I owe a book can I still go to the library to use the computer?

Hi there. Yes, you can. But

Hi there. Yes, you can. But return the book please! :-)

I found it!

I found the DVD I was charged for ($30) will I still be charged another type of fee or still be unable to use my librarycard when I turn it in?

Hi there. It depends on when

Hi there. It depends on when the item was due. I recommend calling the library at 531-6333 x 2383 or 1382 so that a clerk can review your account with you.

overdue fines

hi there. in 2006 i let a friend check out season three of a t.v. show. a movie and a cd. long story short he moved and took these items with him. i cannot afford to pay for these items,they have ben in collections since then, and i would really like to get back my library privleges, woould the library be willing to make out a payement arrangement with me. thank you

Hi there. You may visit any

Hi there. You may visit any of our locations to set up a payment plan. Generally we request a minimum of $20 to start the payment plan. Thanks!

If my library fines are sent

If my library fines are sent to collections can i still pay the fine at the library they where checked out at?

Hi there. There are several

Hi there. There are several options to pay your fines. You may go to My Account on our website and enter your card#/pin number. Under the fines section you will see an option to pay your fine using your credit card. You may also call 531-6333 x1382 and pay by phone or pay in person at any of our library locations.

Library Express

Can you return books to Library Express locations?

Hi there. Yes, you can!

Hi there. Yes, you can!

ebook fines

Do you get fined for not returning an ebook?Because I've been trying to return it but it won't let me.

Hi there. Good news, eBooks

Hi there. Good news, eBooks don't accrue fines! I think it just returns automatically when the lending period is up.

grace periods

Is the prace period for Rapid View the same as regular items? 3days?

Hi there. Yep.

Hi there. Yep.

Overdue material

Hello. I turned in two videorecordings on Thursday, March 14, which was within the 3-day grace period. I placed them in the outdoor return bins at Penrose Library around 3:30 PM, but now my account lists them as overdue with fines attached. How may I resolve this issue? Thank you!--Joyce Riddle

Hi there. Give us a call at

Hi there. Give us a call at 719-531-6333 x2382 and we'll be happy to look into it.

Incorrect fine on my account

I show a $0.40 fine on my account for
"A Confederacy of Dunces" sound recording. I checked out this book
CD and did not care for it within the first week of listening to it
and definitely turned it in well before the due date. I would like
it if you could please remove this fine from my record.


Shawn Day

Hi there. Please call us at

Hi there. Please call us at 719-531-6333 x1382 and we'll work with you to settle the fine. Thanks!


I returned casting crowns but my cache say's I didn't.

Hi there. Please call us at

Hi there. Please call us at 531-6333 x1382 and we'll look into it.

Paying fines online

Hi! I'm trying to pay my fine online. There is a start date section on the payment page. What exactly is that?? It won't let my payment go thru and I've no idea what is meant by start date. Thanks

Hi there, We aren't able to

Hi there,

We aren't able to recreate a "Start Date" on the online payment site. Hmmm, perhaps you could give us a call at 719-531-6333 x1382 and we'll walk through it with you? Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Lost book, no contest

We've lost a book and I want to just pay the fine, but the fine online is a $2 fine. Meanwhile I'm getting letters saying that if they have to send it to the collections area of the library then I will get charged $10 more. I just want to PAY for the book, not have to pay an extra $10. What do I do?

Hi there. Please call

Hi there. Please call 719-531-6333 and ask for Circulation Services and we will assist you with paying for the item. Thanks.

Damaged Items

If a book is damaged how do you determined the amount owed, if its the listing price is that mean what the item is new? If the damage is small is it a small fee or the same as list price? If I get charged full list price even if turned in do I still owe book or do I keep the book since I was charged fully? Just wondering since its not clear on here what would happen if a book was damaged.

Re: Damaged items

I was scrolling through this list of questions about fines. "Anonymous" asked about the algorithm for damaged items ... but (as best I can tell) ... her/his questions was never answered.

Hey! Stuff falls through the cracks! I'm very interested in the answer!

Hi there, sorry we didn't

Hi there, sorry we didn't respond. I've contacted our circulation manager and hope to hear from her soon. I'll let you know what I find. Thanks!

Hi there. I heard from the

Hi there. I heard from the circulation manager. If an item is damaged and cannot be circulated then we charge for the list price for a new item. The patron may keep the item if they like. If the damage is small and can be fixed then the patron would be charged according to the extent of the damage. We do not accept replacement items for lost or damaged items. Thanks!