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If an item you have checked out is not returned or renewed by midnight three days after its due date, you will begin to accrue fines. If your fines exceed $10, your card will be blocked and you will not be able use it.

List of Fines:

$.10 per day, per item (limit $2 per item):
  • Books
  • Books on CD
  • CD Book Kits
  • Magazines
  • Music CDs
  • Playaways
  • Playaway Kits

$.25 per day, per item (limit $5 per item):

  • DVDs
  • Games
  • Playaway Views
$1 per day (limit $20 per item)

$5 per hour (limit $25 per item)

Lost Items

If you've lost an item, follow these steps

  • Do NOT purchase a replacement book, we do not accept them in lieu of payment. Most books we receive are pre-processed for the library with covers, labels, cataloging and any other processing completed. Books provided by patrons would not have this work done and would incur additional time and expense.
  • During your next library visit, ask staff for the cost of the item
  • Pay that amount and you're good to go. There are no other fees or fines to be paid for that item
  • If you've paid for the item and you find it later, return it within a year and we will provide a refund.

Paying Fines

You can pay fines by cash, check, or credit card.

By cash or check:

By credit card (fines exceeding $2.50 only):

  • In person at certain library locations with card readers
  • Online in the Bills portion of My Account. Click on the "Pay my bills" link and follow the instructions.


Hi there. PPLD's Circulation Manual states the following:

The Circulation Services Manager needs to be notified that a bankruptcy has been filed. Upon receiving the filing notice we suspend the patron‘s account with the collection agency, as required by law. The account will remain in suspended status until we receive paperwork verifying that the bankruptcy has been dismissed (denied) or discharged (granted). We will close the account if the bankruptcy is granted or resume collection activities if the bankruptcy is denied. However, even if the account is discharged (granted), the patron is NOT relieved of financial responsibility for items that show as LOST on their account. A discharged bankruptcy does not give the patron ownership of library materials that have not been returned.

I hope this helps. Please call 719-531-6333 x2382 for further assistance.

I had checked out four books (two on crochet, two on herbal medicine) I returned all four of them to the Penrose library, in the book drop. I have Gorton an email saying the two herbal medicine books are overdue. I went to the library, a man renewed them for me saying goes maybe theyou were on the shelf and not in the system. I'm still getting emails saying they're not returned. I don't want to pay for books I really did return. Could someone have stolen them out of the book drop, or a librarian have lost them? What can I do?

Hi there. I'm told we were able to assist you via phone. We appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention and apologize for the error.

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