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How do I renew an item I have checked-out?

Renewing an item extends its due date. You can renew an item up to two times, as long as no one else is waiting to check it out.

There are four ways to renew your items:


  1. Click on the "My Account" link in the upper toolbar
  2. Enter your library card number and PIN
  3. Click on "Checkouts"
  4. Use the checkbox to select the items you'd like to renew and click "Renew Selected Items"
  5. You will receive a confirmation if the renewal is successful, or a message if the item(s) could not be renewed

Call 719-528-3920 or 719- 531-6333 (select option 1, then option 1 again) to use our Automated Renewals service. Or call 719-531-6333 x2382 to renew your items by phone with help from staff.

You will need your library card number or the item's barcode number use these methods.

Text Message
If you are signed up to receive text messages from the Library, you can reply to the Reminder Notice text to renew items noted in the text message. Click here for more details.

In Person
Visit any Library and renew your items in person. You will either need the items or your library card to use this method.


Website...a mess

I have a book checked out that needs renewal today, December 5th. All day long in between the rest of my busy day, I have come back to the site trying to renew it once more. What's the problem? Everytime I go to my account, enter my card number and 4digit pin, this is where it stops. Down where I have my icons setup....there is always "site error on page, with ppld..etc." ??? How am I to do this without having to be fined for not rechecking it out, your website isn't cooperating.
I will not pay a fine, because of this, and now that we have all this wonderful ICY,SNOWY weather to contend with.....

a disgruntled soon to be be ex patron of the PPLD, I will go on base, and I can renew online.

Terry L. Stewart

Hi there. Were you using

Hi there. Were you using Internet Explorer? If so, try these suggestions:

You can also renew by phone:

Call 719-528-3920 or 719- 531-6333 (select option 1, then option 1 again) to use our Automated Renewals service. Or call 719-531-6333 x2382 to renew your items by phone with help from staff.

You also get a 3 day grace period for all checked out items, so if your items are due on the 5th, fines don't accrue until 3 days later.

I hope this helps, and we hope your future experiences with PPLD are pleasant ones.

Audomated phone voice needs an update

The automated phone renewal service is very helpful -- but the automated voice really needs to be updated/fixed; it is extremely hard to understand, both in volume & the pronunciation, which is terrible.

I realize this isn't something particularly easy to fix, but wanted to bring it to the library's attention, as it brings down the quality of the service a great deal. Thank you for providing the service anyway! (particularly for those few times the site isn't working)


Hi. I want renew these two books I have because I know I will not be able to finish them by the time they are due, but when I did it, it only gave me an extra three days. I tried it again and it won't let be renew it anymore..I was wondering if you could help me out with it.

Sure. Give us a call at

Sure. Give us a call at 531-6333 x1382 and we'll be happy to help.

ebook renew

How do I renew an ebook checkout that expires soon?

Hi there. Titles on

Hi there. Titles on OverDrive can’t be renewed, but if there isn’t a hold on the item, you can just check it out again. Thanks!


I have an item out that has only been checked out for the normal period of time. Usually you get to place a renewal at least once, but in this case I have tried several times but it will not renew. Why is this?

Hi there. Perhaps it has a

Hi there. Perhaps it has a hold on it from another patron? If there are holds the item will not renew. If you'd like to investigate this further, please call 389-8968 and they will assist you.

Deeper Than The Dead

Please put a search out for this book. I checked it out of East, but returned it with the other materials at Holly Branch.

Renae Marcolongo

Hi Renae, Please contact Ruth

Hi Renae,

Please contact Ruth Holley library and they will conduct a search for the missing item. Thanks!

ILL renewals

How do I renew an ILL online?

Login to your account. If it

Login to your ILL account. If it doesn't say "no renewals" and it's within 7 days before the item is due, bring up the item on your "checked out" items list and click on it. You should see "renew request" in the upper left-hand side of the screen. Click on this and you should be able to renew the item for 2 additional weeks.

renewals subject to holds

It would be more convienient if I could determine which books have holds. When I know a book has a hold i would be sure to read that book first. Usually i review my checked out book list once a week and at that time i would check for holds.

We see your point, but there

We see your point, but there is no way to do this in the software. Sorry!