InformationAll PPLD facilities will be closed on Mon., July 4, in celebration of Independence Day.
Old Colorado City Library will be closed Sat., July 2 - Wed., July 6 while their floors are refinished.

Text Messaging at PPLD

The Pikes Peak Library District uses text messaging to send Hold, Reminder and Overdue Notices to you via your cell phone. When you receive a Reminder Notice, you can renew items from your cell phone by replying to the message.

Depending on the number of items, a Notice may span more than one text message. We abbreviate titles to save space, but they should look familiar.

Some examples of Library text messages:

  • (PPLD Pickup Notice):The band wagon, Christmas cheers, All that glitters. Pickup @ PENROSE LIBRARY within 7 days
  • (PPLD Items Due Tomorrow):1:All that glitters, 2:The band wagon, 3: Christmas cheers. To renew, type PPLD RENEW and the number of the item(s). Ex: PPLD RENEW 1,3 or PPLD RENEW ALL
  • (PPLD 4 Week Overdue Notice):All that glitters, The band wagon, Christmas cheers

Renewal information:
You can choose to renew items from the Reminder Notice by replying to the message with the text PPLD RENEW ALL or with the specific numbers next to the titles you wish to renew.

For example:

  • PPLD RENEW 1,2
  • PPLD RENEW 1,3

You will get a follow-up text letting you know whether the renewal attempt was successful.

If you would like to set up text messaging on your account, please contact your library. Our staff will be happy to assist you.


Stolen library Card

My Wallet was stolen Monday Night, and there went my DL, SS Card, EBT Card, Funds, Libray card and a few other things. Someone called and said they found my wallet and were going to return it today, but as of this typing, no luck. it will be a short while before I can get any funds. I am wondering if when I bring in some type of picture ID, and another letter from my case manager at the RJ Montgomery Center as to i am staying there so I can renew my card for another 3 months, if you would kindly just replace my old card with a new one to protect anyone from possibly taking out a great amount of books, videos and cd's.
I would appreciate this very much, and thank you so much also.

John F. Schwab

Please call 531-6333 x2382

Please call 531-6333 x2382 and they will help you with this problem. Thanks!