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PIN Information

What is a PIN?

Your PIN is a numerical password that is assigned to your account when you first receive a library card.

I forgot my PIN, or never knew what it was. How can I find out what it is?

Go to the PPLD Catalog and click on "Log In" or "My Account" and use the "Forgot My PIN" link to reset your PIN. This feature only works if there is a valid email address in your PPLD account.

Call any Library Location and staff will email your PIN to the email address we have listed in your account.

In Person
Visit any Library Location with your library card and picture ID with current address.

Guess at it
Try the last four digits of your phone number, birth year, ATM PIN, or other sequence of numbers you may have asked us to use. Most of our PIN numbers are four digits long.

How do I change my PIN?

To change your PIN, do the following:

  1. Login to My Account
  2. Click on "Change PIN" and follow the instructions


Cannot login more than one card

I have tried to log in to my kids' accounts to renew books that are about to be due, but sometimes the website does not let me do that. I have logged out of one after successfully renewing books, but then I cannot log onto another account. It keeps trying to login to my husband's account and won;t let me enter a different account number. Suggestions?

Hi there. I'm guessing you

Hi there. I'm guessing you have autofill enabled in your browser. You can clear cookies (Tools/Internet Options in IE) and then you should be able to enter more than one library card and PIN. I hope this helps. If not, please let me know.

New email address?

How can I change my email address on the library's records? I need to get renewal notices at my new email account.

Hi there. You can go to

Hi there. You can go to , login in the upper right corner, Click on My Account, and click on 'Update Your Email Address and/or Phone Number'. Or just come to your library with photo id and we change it for you. Hope this helps!


My current PIN has words in it, and I'm told that won't work on the self-checkout machines. How do I get a numerical PIN? Thanks, Connie

Hi there. To change your

Hi there. To change your PIN, do the following:

1. Go to
2. Click on My Account
3. Choose the link "My PIN: Secure PPLD Account Access"
4. Follow the instructions on the form

Hope this helps!

PIN Length

Can PINs be longer than 4 numbers? If so, what is the length limit? I'm trying to ensure that my account is more secure.

Pin length

You are welcome to use a PIN up to 10 digits.
PPLD IT Department

online account

I see where I can access my online account, problem is I have never opened an account and can not see where or how I do that. I have a library card.

library card, book renewal


i have a library card, but have been checking out books using my license, so i don't know the number. i would like to renew the two books on my account.

can you help?


Dan Scherling

Hi Dan. You can call us at

Hi Dan. You can call us at 531-6333 x2382 and we can help you renew your items. Thanks!

Hi there. When you click on

Hi there. When you click on "My Account" in the upper navbar of this website, you will be prompted to enter your library card number and PIN. Your library card number is on the back of your library card and either starts with a '4' or a '7'. Your PIN is a number assigned to your account that you established when you got the card (although occasionally this is randomly assigned). If you don't know your PIN, follow the instructions listed in the following URL:


I forgot my liebrary card

I forgot my liebrary card number you guies should
put A-“for got liebrary card or pin"

Hi there,We do have a

Hi there,

We do have a 'Forgot Your PIN' link on the My Account sign in page. It goes to this page. You can then fill out our PIN Reminder form here:

Hope this helps! Sorry we don't have anything for forgotten library card numbers. You'll actually need to come into the Library with photo ID to get your library card number.

Oh thanks a lot cfranklyn, i

Oh thanks a lot cfranklyn, i was looking everywhere for that link you give us
I's to bad that you haven't got anything for for gotten numbers, but hey the library isn't that far anyway.
Thanks, Jane